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Telepathy – Telepathy is the ability to understand what someone is feeling from a distance. In ancient Greece it was felt that true empathy could only be experienced if you were in physical contact with someone. However, some very special individuals exhibited the ability to truly feel what others were feeling from a distance. These people were considered to be very holy. This ability is common among identical twins.

A few people throughout history had such a developed ability for the “emotions shared at a distance” that they could actually claim to hear the thoughts of other people. Since thoughts are rarely real words and are more often emotional impressions about events that are happening around you, these people were seen as powerful wizards when they exhibited these powers. Today, popular culture proclaims that telepathy is the ability to speak by using only your mind.

This would be an awesome ability to have. However, no such ability has been produced to scientific knowledge in the history of mankind. Ancient stories are devoid of any mention of a power like this as well. If you dream about being telepathic in the correct sense it means that you are a very self-aware individual. If you dream that you are able to speak to people via your mind it means that you were a superhero in your dream and should see Superhero. 

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    I honestly must say that I think that sometimes then I tell myself my hearing might be good from substances
    Or maybe the substances are creating a false reality??’s kinda lose isn’t it easier to not have to deal with that mental privacy
    Brings a SHIT-TON of stress..think about it

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