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Telekinesis – Telekinesis is the ability to draw things to you by using only your mind. It comes from the Greek words ‘tele’ meaning “far off” and ‘kinesis’ meaning to move. In general, this might suggest an ability to move objects anywhere by using only your mind. However, it is accepted that true cases of telekinesis involve a more magnet like effect on objects around you.

If you dream that you are able to exhibit telekinetic abilities it means that your mind and intellect are your strongest features. If you dream that someone else is able to perform these abilities it means that they are your hero or you highly admire them.

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. i just had it last night ,in my dream i dreamt that i was being bullied infront of entire class , the bullys were in a group but one espeically went harsh on me . Also, noone stood up for me . I remeber screaming as i tired to push one of my bully from me , tht guy just flew across the classroom and the second guy i broke his neck , it was a terrifying dream , it felt so real like the power felt so real too.

  2. Ever since I was 4 years old I had nightmares. In these nightmares, I would have super powers that we similar to Superman. But my powers were not alien origin, i dreamt that the powers were given to me by God; to protect the world and my family. As I got older my powers got weaker. In my dreams I am able to defeat the evil that I face. But through out the years I have been defeat by the evil where I sacrifice my self for my family or the world. But lately in my dreams I am running, protecting random people and my family with my weaken powers. Having my family go head while I make my last stand then I wake.

  3. I had a dream where my friends where trying to do telekinesis and they kept asking me to do it n i kept saying no! Then just to shut them up i did it and i was lefting it up not just moving it!!! Ive been seeing alot of telekinesis videos and how to do it..that might be why i probably dreamed that!!! But i would like too know anyone else opinion Have a blessed day

  4. I had dreams like some of these where i could do telekinesis yet after time I could actually move small objects while awake. Needless to say I am now a magician .

  5. I have this recurring dream where I am able to levitate and move household items by using hand gestures, occasionally I can just think it to move as well. Its a bit sloppy and not always controllable, but it gets better with each dream.
    It is so frustrating when I try and emulate these skills in my awakened state and find it impossible.
    I continue to try in my waking times to develop this skill because I feel it is a message as well as a metaphor of my latent abilities.

    • I have the same thing happen to me! I almost feel like I can when I wake up and even in my dream I try and remember exactly how It feels and I how I move my hand to be able to do it when i wake up but I can’t. I started out just being able to push objects slightly. Then last night actually relight candles that had gone out and bring heavier objects directly to me without too much fuss as it had been in previous dreams. I definitely understand your frustration.

  6. I had a dream where I was alone in the kitchen and I felt a presence but there was no one there. I knew instantly that it was a ghost and I am terrified of ghosts. I calmed down for some reason and told the ghost that it could continue staying here. The ghost began stacking plates and I could tell that it was very happy. I asked the ghost if they could help me move things without touching them in the same way they did. I stretched my hands out at the plates and to my surprise I was able to move them. I moved over to my fridge and somehow managed to drop a glass jar on the floor. I stretched out my hands to the floor and began to sweep the glass without touching it. I was elated at my new telekinesis abilities! However my mum came into the kitchen and I panicked so I got a dustpan and brush and began to sweep normally. She was angry at me for spending so much time in the kitchen and she asked me what I had been doing. I didn’t know if I could tell her but eventually I resolved to show her so that she would be less angry if me. I went over to some boiled eggs and attempted to lift them. I lifted them barely as my belief that I could do it fell. She was not very impressed and then she left. The scene quickly changed and I was enrolled into a school for people with telekinesis abilities. When I was the first student I could control things very well and singing helped me focus well on my abilities. However, when new students began to enroll they were singing over me and telling me to be quiet. My ability diminished to zero and I moved farther from the other students to be away from their name-calling and rudeness. I had brought my twin sister with me but now she had turned into my best friend and everyone was picking on her for not having any abilities. It made me angry and upset how entitled they were just for having abilities and I really wanted to show them what I could do, considering that before I came here I had better telekinesis abilities than all of them. The students had speant their time using telekinesis powers to make paintings. The quality and amount of colours the paintings had, the higher level the student was. I had no painting yet but I knew that my ability was very high when I was not distracted. I woke up before I had the chance to prove myself however.

    • Wow absolutely wow this is my recurring dream I have had for years started with a ghost of a woman I was scared of till I realise we can communicate and she moves things for me in a telekinesis way. My dreams are
      A coming together of dreams over 18 years. From dreaming of telekinesis and dreaming of this ghost in separate dreams it’s took me ages in my dreams to get over the fear of the female ghost and to realise she’s chose me for some reason. The dreams are so real more stronger than any other dreams

    • Also regards the school I too was taken away by 2 men who I assume was Russian to a school/lab I remember the train journey and the family I lodged with who had no money and the baby slept in a draw in a chest turned into a cot. The men it turned out wanted me to try and use my telekinesis to split atoms

  7. I dreamed a lot of times that I have the ability to move things by telekinesis… And every time I wake up, my head is like too heavy and feels like my brain memorized all words and topics of a million books in just one day. I don’t know why… It was like I was sleeping but when I wake up, my brain is like overused about something… So I think that every time I dreamt that I do some telekinesis activities, the hundred percent of my brain was really used but that was only when I was sleeping. One time, when I dreamt about closing all the doors and lock them using my telekinesis and overheating a car by transferring my energy onto the machine of that car, I feel that my focus is really concentrated for what I am doing. I am pushing myself too hard to do those tasks and it felt like all my arteries are coming out around my head. But when I wake up, I forgot that I was not in a dream anymore, my head aches that time. I tried to find my phone beside my bed but I found it at the top of my cabinet but instead of taking it by my hand, I just raised my hand and tried to use telekinesis (that was the time that I thought I was still dreaming) . Then after a second, I don’t know if that was really moved or I was just sleepy that time, then I suddenly sit and realized that I was not in a dream anymore… I’m not sure until now. It’s weird.

  8. I had a dream of it once, it took place at the 3rd floor in the house and there where people or burglars that went in and they said “3 2 1” then out of the blue i just use telekenisis to push the guy to the floor not physically, and then i just told my aunt (in the dream) “Auntie look what i can do” and they just act like its normal, I’ve already had 2 dreams about Telekenisis and i would want another one because i admire have to move stuff with my mind,

  9. I have always been a vivid dreamer, sometimes remembering multiple dreams in a night in close detail. But my most reoccurring dream is that I can move objects with my mind. They are always extremely real feeling. And I am always practicing my powers to control them. For example setting at my kitchen table, I will get the hand towel to float almost all the way to me and then it drops. Things of that nature, I always suceed at least once in moving something exactly where I wanted it. But the dream always lingers with me all day. As funny as it sounds the entire next day I feel like it’s a possibility. Lol. I have no idea what the dream means, have dreamt about for years. Any ideas?

  10. Genuine Genisis on

    To begin with my dream was very tremendous due to my sensations within the dream 🙂 . Heheheehehe. I was happy, feeling victorious, like i could have done anything and additionally my power was inevitable. I feel my dedication reach it’s ultimate. Oooh….and it took place in granny’s front yard, a place filled with grass and bushes likewise the jungle….It’s quite amazing for sight. ^_^ 🙂 😀 .

  11. Hello there, I have recently been i guess you could call more “awakened” on some level, but I’ll get to that later, I wanted to just I guess share a similar feeling as the person who dreams of telekanesis in the manner of feeling fear when you use telekanesis in our dreams, see I had been currently looking up telekanesis a couple years ago, but only after I was getting dreams where I was moving objects with my hands, not my mind, but it was kind of like both, I woke up this very day August.12,2015, having had a dream of telekanesis abilities, I was in a room I do not recognize, a bed is in this room and I was making a book open and turning pages and then making this book move towards me or levitating it merely with my hand, each time when I would have something move, which was everytime I thought about it and waved my hand, I would say thank you after each time, but in this dream, I felt some fear, in all my other dreams of using telekanesis abilities I did not have fear, but I remembered that when I started looking into telekanesis after the dreams I’ve had prior, trying to further educate myself about this topic, which did include dream interpretation I ran across a video speaking of our third eye awakening, it said that you could hear a sound, (cannon) going off in your head, but its a loud sound, that will and can startle you, it also spoke of the possibilities to opening a door for other spirits, such as seeing the dead, or experiencing some kind of anomoly, after you have awaken a part of your psyche even opening yourself further more into other possibilities of different sorts. I tried experimenting for a little before bed, using a straw and what no, so eventually I went to bed and as I was about to fall into a deep like state, I don’t know if you’d call this rim sleep, but something startled me awake, it was a loud BOOM!, i sat up and was like, huh….I thought something like a tree just fell on top of something, or something happened outside, i sat up looking around, my boyfriend still asleep. I went back to sleep and brushed it off, I did wake up thinking about it the next day, so now as I had this dream today and I sensed fear while doing telekanesis, I felt like a presence was there, I remeber being in my dream and feeling this thought in my head of someones there with me or even possibly doing it instead of me, or someone was watching as I was doing this, it was a very uneasy feeling I wasn’t extremely terrified, I think even in my dream I was questioning wether or not Iwas letting that feeling take over andwas merely over reacting, but it was a different feeling, it felt like something or someonewas there just watching me. I did have my dog posyden and my bf daughters dog Zeelia in my dream, I remembered feeling this uneasy feeling and instantly was calling for my dog Posyden, as I went to get up to go find him I saw Zeelia at the foot of the bed, Posyden which I call Po Po for short was in this other room laying down, but I could see him and he sat his head up and was getting up to come in when my dream ended. I remember calling for posyden, because i felt like he’d protect me for what ever reason, he is our gaurd dog out of the three dogs we do have, anywho I think about the fact that none of my dreams had fear in it until i watched that video, i was quiet cautious about telekenesis because i wondered on what level could it effect a person or the ones around them kind of thing, what do you do to practice telekenesis and what not, see in my very first dream, i was moving stones they were in the air and i was moving them around, they were all different shapes and sizes but i had a certin amount of stones and they were floating infront of me and I was moving them into different positions. Another situation in my dream was when I was in my house and I was playing with an object like paper or something, I was just sitting there in our frontroom on the couch and was wondering if I could move stuff and at first it scared me, seeing it move when I made my hand move it so I put my hand down quickly, i then was able to get it to float, yet again i got scared a little and dropped my hand, so there fore it dropped,I kept doing this for what seemed like minutes playing with this ability having fun, it was like an on/off switch, i kept playing with it till finally I felt more “ok” with it and was now excited, so excited i made diffrenet objects float and i stood up walking to my boyfriends and I bedroom, saying LOOK, BABY!, as i was walking into our bedroom making these objects float in the air, I was so elated to show him I could do it. Now this is where me saying I was awakened and I’d get to that later, when I was in my early twentys, for my birthday I wanted to see a psychic, see where i come from this kind of topic wasnt really open for discussion, so it wasn’t till I moved out and got with my boyfriend that I could even begin to explore these ideas or curiosity, research and reading for me online wasn’t really sitting well with me, because I’m like how can you even tell what’s true or not especially if you haven’t the foggiest idea to be able to know if it’s true or not, so I did go with this instinct in me, like walking into a book store or any store and this item just is almost calling your name, or waving its hands going “Look at me!”. When I saw this psychic I discovered that I was an impath of some sort, which honestly would explain the weird things that was going on in my life, but I noticed that when I moved to this place with my boyfriend, something inside me changed, something maybe about my enviroment was different then here where I am now, we live close to the Redwoods in California and my boyfriend took me there, we had a picnic and took some awesome pictures, but I had an experience there, but prior to that I had one while I was given my boyfriend a massage in our house, my hand felt like it was radiating energy, I remember feeling his energy under my hands, and I started playing with that, it was like how two magnets would feel in your hands as you bring them closer and closer, just a little more faint, i asked him how does this feel to you and he said, like your lightly touching me, and I responded but I’m not and he was like yeah right and what not so i just let it go, when we went to the red woods I was by a tree i decided to speed up along the trail ahead of my boyfriend so that I could experiment in peace, without feeling weird or having to deal with other people who are possibly along the trail some where seeing me and thinking I was crazy, because I was standing infront of a redwood tree and i placed my hand away from it and instantly I could feel something going on im my palms a rotating circular motion was going on here, different from the energy I felt from my boyfriend, I then smiled and turned around and started walking down the path and placed my hands atmy sides and began to see if I could feel the energy from the plant life at a lower level as I walked, I could feel this cirular motion yet again but this time the plants were much lower therefore my radius of feeling energy was now a bit further away from the first couple of times of being closer to the object or person. I saw a psychic on my birthday, which my boyfriend was present for, see my boyfriends open minded just it was such a new experience for me that I guess I felt shy or embarassed to do anything of the sort in front of him. I saw a psychic in hopes of helping me to understand what’s going on with me, am I really just losing it, but the other half of me knows I wasn’t imagening anything that has happend to me throught my life time since I’ve been here, I have felt like I’m suppose to be able to do something with my hands, and in my dream I instantly know how to make things move, I also try to rationalize on the possibilites that it could merely mean ai need to make changes in my life and since all my dreams are me doing the moving of objects, well the maybe I feel like I need to gain control of my life or maybe, I really do have an ability to do something with my hands, and maybe since im moving things in my dreams I’m calling it telekenesis, but maybe it could be symbolizing movement in my life, in my one dream with moving the stones of different sizes in the air, maybe the different size stones are different obstacles and maybe me moving them into different places was tryin to show me to organize my priorities in my life, and like many obstacles theres many ways around, over,under, or even running into the obstacle lol (hit the ground running kind of thing) that could be going on, symbolism is very interesting though and the iriony in OUR subconscious minds is that it supposably is speaking in a coded symbolized form that you should be able to understand, but some how we are more stumped then enlightened, and when we repeat that dream over and over it drives us to curiosity and then our minds eventually are expanded to new knowledge and now I think we just added more coded messages and meaning into our life, i did not have fear of telekanesis until I watched the video telling me I could invite people or beings into my life that could possibly make my life very uncomfortable or weird or even hurt the ones I love or just other people period, I wouldn’t be able to live ith the thought of bringing such possibilities into my loved ones life as well as others, since I do not know how far things could ever go when experimenting or opening your mind to things we haven’t seen or been i toduced to yet in a personal kind of way and once this happens it does change your out look on so many different possibilitys or it should to some extent, unless you rather live in denile your whole life, either way things go on in this world with or without your consent, and I just am eager to learn if others can understand my curiosity of knowing what’s going on and if any one else has had this experience, but I mainly came looking for what it means to have telekanesis dreams and then I found the comment made about having fear of telekanesis and ironically I just had this dream and woke up and found this site, ironiclly I was like huh….when i seen someone else had a dream where they feared the unknown world of spirits and what not and usully because it was made to be a fearful situation or topic, so if someones telling you something evil will try and come through if you practice or have the ability to manipulate things, then your more likely to symbolize something bad to that word or the definition of what you were told it meant. I will admit though i too liked the feeling of being able to control elements, I was trying to do what I felt in the redwoods in water as I was taking a bath, you get this weird thought before and after you have dreams of telekenesis that you should be able to do something, I wake up with the interest of trying to make something move, I have had a little progress but I keep shutting it out in fear of harming people or bringing messed up things possibly into my life or others, so I guess im wondering if anyone who does practice telekanesis, if you have had anything weird or bad happen?. Oh and I was wondering if telekanesis effects you personally( head aches, bloody noses), anything of the sort, I’m sorry if I bored or annoyed you with such a long story, hope to get a response soon and will be fascinated to see what others have to say, have an awesome day!, thank you for your time , till next time.

    • I have those recurring dreams of having telekinesis, like if I could influence the movement of objects around me by using my hands and focus.
      I am kind of skeptical on psychic abilities though, I mean I am a pretty open minded person and even tried moving objects myself (with lighter objects I even had the crazy feeling I was successful, but in the end I preferred blaming it on the wind) but I can’t shake the thought that it might all be in our heads, our minds are perfectly able to fabricate portions of reality without real input, if we really want something to be true, maybe to fulfill a need, to fill a void in our lives, we might create a secondary reality in order to achieve that.
      Or not, maybe there is an harder to reach reality, a third eye, a spiritual world, I wouldn’t know, and even of we made this reality ourselves? Should we deny it or embrace it maybe? What harm could it do?
      Maybe we fear such powers such experiences because we now those are derailing from reality, maybe we known that if we let them take over we might run wild, lose control, harm our lives and the lives of those we love.

      • Jawwad Rafiq on

        I am also seeing this dream again and again . I am 25 years old. I have been dreaming for 15 years.
        I move objects through my mind and my hands and my gestures. Many times i ignored. But tonight i again saw this dream of moving objects. The feelings was hundred percent real. I dont know what does it mean ?
        what should i do ? should i practice in real? I am searched on google , and i got that, it is called Telekinesis .

    • I think you are right in that you are messing with spirits that don’t have your best interest in mind. Your sense that someone is there watching is true. We are surrounded by spirits but they are both angelic and demonic. Satan was the most beautiful crafty and subtle angel before the fall from grace. He will seduce you into seemingly innocuous experimentation that will open you up to the demonic realm. That is why the Bible and your upbringing teaches you that it is a sin to visit psychics, witches and spiritists because they experiment with the dark side. The reason why you are drawn to the supernatural is because you are spirit housed in a body. When this body dies your spirit will live on. The Lord wants you to join your spirit with His and he will show you the righteous side of the spiritual realm and give you power over the darkness and fear that the demonic realm brings. Perfect love casts out all fear for fear has torment. He who fears has not been made perfect in love.

  12. I have always had reoccuring dreams that I had teleconnectic powers. Sometimes I am happy and awed by the power, but more often I fear it. When I fear it, it is because I like the telekenisis itself and revel in making it expand and get stronger with use, but by using it I draw the attention of malicious spirits and open a doorway of communication with them. When the dream goes this way, I have some kind of scary interaction with a spirit and then do the jump awake with a fast heartbeat thing. When it is a positive dream, I wake up and realize I dont really have that power and feel dissapointed. The dreams have been much more frequent lately. Two totally different themes (one in a positive direction, one in a negative) and I know they mean something, but have no idea what.

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