The Ultimate Guide to Teeth Dreams


“I dreamed about losing my teeth!” Dreaming of teeth, and particularly of losing your teeth, is a common recurring dream.  In fact, dreaming that your teeth are falling out is one of the most common dreams reported to some dream researchers.  The dream could involve the dreamer’s own teeth falling out, or the teeth of someone they can see.

In the dream the teeth can fall out in different ways.  They can crumble into small pieces and fall into the dreamer’s hands, or they can fall out one by one while the dreamer is frozen in shock.  It may be that they don’t fall out at all, but rot or grow crooked.

There is no one accepted reason why someone may dream of losing all their teeth, but there are several common theories.  As with other such dreams, dreams of loss of teeth is merely symbolism.  The symbols may mean something entirely different for you than they do for your neighbor or friend.

Pulling Teeth

One of the most common teeth dreams that people have is pulling teeth dreams. Depending on the context of the dreams and the background of the dreamer, having your teeth pulled out will have different meanings.

Pulling teeth can indicate that you might be facing a radical change in your life. It can also indicate that you have a difficult time ahead of you.

Losing Your Teeth Has Different Meanings

“The Meaning of teeth dreams is relative to the dreamers own life experiences.

Teeth DreamsPresages of Death

In come cultures in places such as Greece, Hispaniola, and Bosnia, if you dream your teeth are falling out or that your watching someone else lose their teeth, you’re receiving a notice that someone in your family will die, usually within a week.  Some say that if there is no pain involved in the dream that the death will be someone outside the family; but if there is pain, it will be a family member.  There are many cultures that have passed down this belief for generations.

Thought this is a popular belief for quite a few cultures, it doesn’t hold true for everyone.  In fact, dream researchers report that thousands of people have had teeth dreams that didn’t foretell of death.


When you lose your teeth you’re losing your ability to survive without struggle.  Such a dream may be an indication of the presence of disease within yourself or someone you love.

Loss of Power

Teeth represent strength and force.  They allow us to rip and tear, bite and chew.  A loss of teeth can signalize a loss of power in your life.  This might be due to feeling powerless at work or if something is happening to you that you feel powerless to stop.  It may be as simple as feeling that no one understands what you’re trying to say.


Anxiety Over Appearance

Menopausal women frequently have dreams in which they are losing their teeth.  This can be an indication of a fear of becoming unattractive because of the changes brought by menopause.

These dreams have also tormented people who are feeling or seeing the affects of aging on their bodies.  A couple of grey hairs or a new wrinkle can signal the beginning of the deterioration of looks and physical ability, and bring on a nightmare in which the dreamer loses his teeth.

Fears of rejection can cause one to dream of losing their teeth.  Being unattractive to the opposite sex, being unable to perform sexually, or being perceived as unattractively old or weak might bring on a dream of teeth loss.


In Chinese lore, when someone loses their teeth in a dream they are being warned that lies are being spoken.

Spiritual Warnings

The Bible mentions teeth in Psalm 58:6 when King David prays for God to destroy his enemies.  He asks God to “Break their teeth in their mouth.”   Teeth are needed to chew food, they represent power.  To break someone’s teeth would be to reduce their power, reduce their ability to survive.  So losing your teeth in a dream could relate to a loss of power.

In Ezekiel 30:24 it says:  “And I will strengthen the arms of the king of Babylon, and put my sword in his hand:  but I will break Pharaoh’s arms, and he shall groan before him with the groanings of a deadly wounded [man].”  Teeth are bones and in this instance we see the breaking of bones as the weakening of power.

Some spiritual leaders counsel that dreams of the loss of teeth mean that there is a loss of faith.  The dreamer is being warned that they are placing their faith in someone or something other than God.

Another spiritual interpretation involves a dream with falling teeth and loss of blood.  This indicates a demonic attack on the dreamer’s soul, possibly brought on by a lack of faith in God.

Looking a Fool

Dreams of teeth loss can also be interpreted as fears of being seen as foolish.  Losing your teeth while in a crowd may indicate that you’re afraid of being embarrassed in front of others.  Perhaps you’ll be giving a talk in front of a crowd and you’re nervous about how you’ll be received.  You might dream that your teeth are falling out in front of a crowd as a manifestation of these fears.  When you’ve given that talk and your worries are behind you, the dream should fade.

If you’re in front of just one other person when you lose your teeth, take a look at the person in your dream.  They may be an accurate or symbolic representation of someone you want to impress but are afraid you’ll instead embarrass yourself and look the fool when you next meet.


Remember the Tooth Fairy?  That tale may have imprinted itself in your psyche and the loss of teeth in your dream may be related to money.


If your career is not satisfying for you and you’re feeling stuck doing something you really don’t enjoy, you may have dreams of losing your teeth.

Follow your gut feeling when interpreting your dreams.  These are popularly accepted meanings, but in the end, you should rely only on yourself and what your own subconscious is trying to tell you.

By paying close attention to your dreams and what they mean to you, personally, you are taking charge of your own life.  Your attention to matters your subconscious mind brings to your attention can help you to stop small fires before they become infernos.

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  1. i have had my teeth removed and I now have a beautiful new smile. Last night I dreamed my teeth were growing back in all jaggy . I’m not sure what that means

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  3. I’ve been a marijuana user for almost 2 years and I also got hooked on Oxy and hydrocodone. Right now I am in an outpatient drug program and trying to end my addiction. The other night I had a dream that i was at someones house and that i picked up some weed and a bottle of Oxy. I popped an Oxy at the dark house and then went home. When I got home I opened up the bottle and saw that it wasn’t Oxy in the bottle, it was teeth. I have no idea what the fuck that dream means and I’m extremely confused.

  4. I dreamed that there were people fighting, people being pushed down the stairs and there was blood everywhere. I just came out of a room (where i discussed a class schedule with someone) and as I walked I watched all of the chaos happen. Soon after walking a few steps my teeth felt funny (light like they were going to fall out). I began to walk around and I walked halfway down some stairs that I saw in the distance and then walk back up just hearing yelling and screaming and seeing more fighting. Eventually I knew something was wrong and one bottom tooth felt loose and then all of my teeth begin to fall out in different colors into my hands (when my teeth feel out I felt no pain and did not see any blood). I saw a man wearing a white shirt with colorful words (written on his shirt) but I couldn’t make out what it said. I motioned toward the man and said to him “my teeth are falling out !” And then he asked “were you fighting? My teeth are falling out too. I’m trying to stop all of the fighting.” I said to him “no I was not fighting.” He then told me to sit against the wall and not to move and I guess in my sleep I was pressing my tongue against my teeth (in real life) and my teeth felt like they were there (in my mouth) which woke me up from the dream. what could this dream mean?

  5. In my dream i didn’t loss my teeth but my little cousin did and i witness it in my dream. would these interpretations pertain to my dream as well?

  6. I dream that my teeth was been taking out there was a lot of blood but I took my teeth and put it back what does this mean ??

  7. I had a drwam I was all dressed up going to dinner when I was there talking and I had to excuse myself cause my mouth is the bathroom mirror I look at the tooth which is in the wrong place(back tooth is in front of mouth) I see that im gonna have to pull it so I start doing that and when I finally pull thd tooth out blood is spurting out of my mouth. I wake up also these people in the dream like me and one family member is there she knows my favorite color is green and points out how im wearing red its also my birthday in the dream.

  8. Trish Lee Gulledge on

    I had a nightmare that i watched someone else’s teeth be pulled out one at a time and out put back in as punishment, its freaking me out and i feel like it means something

  9. I had a dream last night I pulled a front tooth out that was small and hanging by a nerve, there was no pain. I cut the nerve with a pair of scissors and spat out some blood. I rinsed my mouth with some cold water and spat it out in to the hand basin and in the water I spat out was blood. I did this several times and that was the end of the dream. What could the dream mean please?

  10. Oh! I always lose someone when I dream about my teeth and as today I dreamed that I lost my teeth not all of them just 3 of them!!!that’s so weird!!! And the teeth are so big and ugly :( oh wish not losing anyone .-.

  11. ok so last night I had a dream that I pulled my left front tooth with no pain it was so vivid and clear I actually thought I did it idk what it means I ask everyone and they’re like something bad is going to happen

  12. I keep on dreaming losing teeth. one time I see that one of my teeth are falling. and the othere time I see that my teeth one by one become loose and start falling and I see that many broken and fallen teeth (with roots) are coming out of my mouth. and one time I dreamed that my theet with my hard palate fall of my mouth and I was looking for glue to fix it!!!

  13. I had a dream that my tooth fell out and I tried to put it back in.
    I asked my father he said it means death or loss of some one. Short time after my grandmother died.

    • I believe that,my dad was here earlier for dinner and he mentioned that he lost two teeth but there was no pain.
      Just a few minutes ago we found out that his relative had died suddenly and was at Bankstown hospital.

  14. I had a dream where I was watching a tv commercial with someone losing there teeth after they rotted. It was really weird.

  15. I had a dream last night that me and my husband’s sister (whom I hardly see) where trading out our teeth with eachother. I have looked everywhere on the internet to find what it means, but i cant find anything! It’s so freaky!

  16. i had an odd dream last night and all i can remember from it is that i had false teeth and took them out for the first time and it tasted horrible like something was rotting, any interpretations of what that might mean?

  17. My boyfriend woke up and told me that he had a weird dream that we got into a fight and broke up. However, as we were breaking up he hit me and broke all my teeth. What could it mean if someone is breaking your teeth.

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