Tea and Lemonade Dream Meanings and Interpretations


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Lemonade Dream Symbol – Dreaming of drinking lemonade is a sign you need to cool off. Maybe you have been drawn into someone’s drama or an argument. It is a warning it is getting too heated. You may need to take a step back. Lemonade can also mean you make the best out of a difficult situation. You may need to change your perception about something in your life. Is there something you struggle to accept?

Tea Dream Symbol – Drinking tea represents sharing friendship between people. Seeing a teapot can mean your emotions may be in turmoil. You may also dream of pouring tea from a pot and sitting down to share a cup of tea with someone. This represents the sharing of your heart. The sharing of wisdom through mutual communication. It indicates unity.

tea-dreamsDreaming of teacups is a reminder to listen to your subconscious, which comes in the form of your intuition or gut instincts. There are messages there to help you move on and improve your future. Have faith in what you believe.

Tea can also represent a connection with all that is spiritual. A teapot in this context can be a warning not to pour your heart out to others unless they are most trusted. Brewing tea indicates you will regret being indiscreet or you could have regrets around something you have not done yet. You may want to reconsider your choices or decisions.

When you drink tea with friends and family this represents your enjoyment of social occasions in the near future. Seeing tea leaves left behind in your cup is a sign there is trouble brewing in your romantic relationships. Spilling tea indicates there may be some confusion around your life at home.

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