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Taste Dream Symbol – Having a bad taste in your mouth in a dream can warn you have been behaving badly. This can be either physically, how you see things, or how you are feeling. It can also mean you should give someone or something another chance. Have you Taste Dream Meaning and Interpretationsbeen quick to make

Have you been quick to make judgments lately? Having a good taste in your mouth can mean there will soon be relieved from the tough times. Soon you will have rewards come your way.

Eating something that tastes delicious is a sign there will be many nice things that happen in your waking reality. Your friends and family will support you in everything you do. Tasting something new that does not look good can be a symbol of death in your life. You may have a life filled with misery and poverty in the future if you do not wake up and take positive action.

Eating something that smells bad can mean your reputation is on the line. Have friends been gossiping about you behind your back? Dreaming of eating something bitter is about how you deal with the bitter things in your waking life. Do you tend to bury and ignore them? Having a swollen, hard tongue is a sign of the tough times to come. Be careful you do not become bitter. You can turn this around by listening to your intuition.

Holding something soft in your mouth can mean you will have times in your life when things come easy no matter what you do. Do not spend too much time analyzing them. Enjoy them for what they are. You deserve all the good things that come your way.

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  1. Omg!! You described it on point!! I had this dream for over 11 YEARS!!! Haven’t had it in about 2 years now, but I have never been able to find answers or the right platform.

  2. I’m having this dream every single night, I’m just curious that tasting something while dreaming is a bad or good sign. Well this is only my 2rd night at the moment, but I’m still curious about it.

    Night 1 : I’m in a store where there are school supplies in my surroundings, I’ve stumbled upon a friend of mine…. She was asking me a favor to blow the tip of the ballpen, but instead of blowing I did it reversed. And I tasted MINT at that time.

    Night 2: I was said to be an assassin and said I have a mission to kill someone. When I was going to the person’s house it welcomed me and offered me strawberries I did tasted it and it really taste like an actual strawberry taste

    This was only the 2nd night… I don’t really know what awaits me…

  3. I have had a dream, I think bad & it always involves a horrible thick something, not sure if it’s food but I’m literally scraping it off my tongue & upper mouth. And it makes me sick both in my dream & when I first wake up. And I usually try to wake myself up from this dream. Its gross, confusing & I never remember what the dream was about, except for this.??

    • Omg!! You described it on point!! I had this dream for over 11 YEARS!!! Haven’t had it in about 2 years now, but I have never been able to find answers or the right platform.

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