Tasmanian Devil Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Tasmanian Devil Dream Symbol – Tasmanian devil comes to remind that you are the only one who can choose to change your life. Whatever negativity that is in your life is of no one else’s doing other than your own. Stop playing the blame game. That will get you nowhere and you are really only lying to yourself. This is not a time to procrastinate or hesitate. It is a time of action. Aggressive action towards making your dreams reality is what you need.

Tasmanian tiger can also be telling you it is time to be brutally honest with yourself. Do you lie to yourself? Do you know the truth and ignore it? Do you self-sabotage and then blame the world for it? Take some time to look deep within to see why you sabotage your happiness and your dreams. What irrational fears do you have?

Tasmanian Devil DreamsTasmanian devil lets you know you have the ability to overcome anything, including obstacles that may or may not be there. What anxieties do you have in your life? What are you not dealing with? Tasmanian devil may signify this.

You need to take a look at yourself and what you are doing to stop you achieving what you want out of life. Once you know, you can take action to move on. The universe is full of abundance, often in unexpected ways. You just have to find your connection to it.

When Tasmanian Devil crosses your Path

When Tasmania devil crosses your path it is a stark reminder you are a loud, proud individual with confidence in your own empowerment. You have no problem being yourself and, at times, are too brutally honest. You always stand your ground and, when forced into a corner, come out fighting.

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  1. I dreamt that I had woken up & went outside where it was cold & there was a little bit of snow & I was waiting 4 my kids 2 get ready 4 school even though it was already late 2 take them 2 school so I tried 2 go back in the house but my ballerina sandal fell & lost it I quickly went inside cause I was cold as soon as I put on other shoes I went outside 2 find my sandal There were grass hills & I looked down a grass hill & there was a puddle of water it kinda like a lake there on the edge of the water stood my sandal I grabbed it & looked at my right shoulder & there stood a 9 foot tall Tasmanian tiger & I looked at my left side shoulder & there stood 2 men talking & another Tasmanian walked right behind me & stand next 2 the other Tasmanian where they stood standing in front of a house next 2 my home but I heard the men talking about whose turn was gonna feed them without the neighbors finding out I slowly walked where the Tasmanians stood close 2 my back door of my house where the doors were glass door & went in quickly with the curtains already shut I called out my daughter 2 come & see how Tasmanians looked like she said there were huge & not 2 send them 2 school but 2 get us out of there because she was too scared so that’s what we did & then I woke up. In reality in my life my husband got deported I had 2 give up my home because I couldn’t fix our 2 apartment’s or I didn’t had the money 2 pay some one 2 fix like a leaky roof & me & my 2 kid’s boy & girl r staying with my husband’s sisters place but now we’re on the verge of being out of her place because her boyfriend’s parent’s r coming 2 visit from out of town & were have 2 look elsewhere even though my 2 brothers & sister live out of the state in Texas & my mom is visiting family in Mexico so me & my kids r on our own & my dad remarried a woman with a family so is like their more like his family than we were who do have his blood. SO DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT MY DREAM REALLY MEANS OR IS IT REALLY WHAT IT MEANS IN THE DREAM INTERPRETED THAT I NEED 2 TOUGHEN UP. ANYONE??

  2. Summary of my dream. We were inside this huge grocery store and something or someone kept destroying everything and all the food. We all ran around the store to find out who was doing it. I eventually came to this little boy maybe 8yo and I said so you are the Tasmanian devil we have been looking for. I asked him to take my hand and let me help him. The store was already destroyed so when we walked and he pointed at something I would open it and let him have some. I remember I kept saying Tasmanian devil a lot! The boy at one time had a conversation with me and I was talking about how he was loved and didn’t need to do these things. He asked how do I know? Where’s the proof? While we were sitting eating ice cream with some other kids, I’m an 28yo adult, a man walked over and said to the boy, oh my gosh that this was you? What can I do to show you I love you? I said, well he would like to be adopted instead of fostered. The man said done. And then I went on to have another dream. SN: I’m single and have been almost forever, I don’t really want children, but I have been thinking about fostering, but I have reservations of growing attachment and the child being taken back to someone else. Also, I’ve been in the process of quitting my job to open an in home daycare, which could possibly expand.

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