Tarantula Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Tarantula Dream Symbol – Tarantula comes for a visit to let you know you need to be patient. There are not always instant results in everything you do. Although you think there is no progress, things are happening behind the scenes. Do not try to push them too hard.

If you do, you could undo all your hard work and eventually fail at this endeavor. Take a step back and let things manifest in their own time. You have done everything possible to manifest a positive outcome. Have faith that everything will work out in perfect timing.

Tarantula dreamsThis spider can also bring messages that the positive changes that your heart desires will not be coming for the moment. There is something more you must do. Maybe you are not walking your talk. Or, being authentic. Maybe you are even walking away from something difficult in your past. Are you falling into old habits?

There may be someone working against you in secret. You need to discover who. Who could this be? You may even have to consider this further before the outcomes you desire manifest. Trust your instincts to work this through so you can move on.

When the tarantula has stripes this indicates that not everything is as it seems in reality. You need to see with a new perspective to see the real truth. Look beneath the surface to find new understanding. Who around you can you not trust? Look deeper into the motives of those who vie for your attention. You need deeper understanding at this time to continue moving forward.

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When Tarantula crosses your Path

Tarantula crosses your path when you have the gift of perfect timing. You are creative and always know exactly when to strike to get what you want. People admire you for you walk your talk.

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  1. Hi. I dreamt that my family were in a kitchen slicing biltong (a South African traditional cured dried meat) I, my mum+dad who are both deceased, my sister and my daughter were having fun doing this.

    I emptied a container of sliced biltong and a huge black tarantula jumped out from under the biltong onto me. It climbed it’s way up my clothing and came to rest on the side of my head. It just stayed there… I didn’t feel threatened or anything… I just shook/shivered uncontrolably as was just a tad freaked out bcos I am scared (but also fascinated) of spiders. The shaking woke me up….

    Very random dream … I’m curious what it means

  2. I dreamed that there was this little girl who came in my class with some other little girls and I think we were having maybe an end of the year party anyways, her hair color was aqua blue. So I started to touch her hair because I just love little kids so much and her hair looked adorable, but I think there was something about her hair that I think like made tarantulas, im not sure exactly. But then there were these 2 girls running around the classroom because one of them was trynna throw the tarantula at the other girl so the other girl started running away and the girl with the tarantula was trynna throw it her. I was close to them so I tried to move away from them since I didn’t want to get the tarantula thrown at me. But eventually the girl with it, threw the tarantula at me, it was by my hair and my armpit on the right side. I somehow like shaked it off with my hand and when I had it on me, it didn’t bite me or anything. And when I shaked it off that’s when I woke up from this dream. So I was just wondering what could this dream possibly mean?

  3. Last night I dreamed that two tarantulas were crawling after me at breakneck speed and if I slowed down or faltered for more than a moment, they would bite me. I even tried hopping up on furniture and they would follow me up without a problem. Nothing would slow them down. I have no idea.

    In my dream I thought they were big wolf spiders, but when I did a Google image search for them, definitely tarantula. I wonder why the word wolf was with me when I woke up?

  4. Dreamed that I had taken in a cute cuddly black tarantula(when I’m afraid of spiders in real life) working with some strangers somewhere and it would crawl allover me and cuddle against me (I think we could even communicate with eachother not sure it’s a little hazy) anyways Someone watched it for me and ended up dropping it in the water somewhere and it was getting washed down some very shallow river or fountain of pools(I was wading around in the shallow water looking for it everywhere and found it still alive) and was very happy and so was the spider. then at some point it had grown wings or something but one of the wings were broken and I was trying to repair it and I think I ended up fixing it. I remember it being very indestructible in my dream like no matter how many ppl handled it or dropped it and being in the water forever it wouldn’t die. Iv also had a dream a few years back where I was at a gathering and noticed a big black spider looking at me through some very tall grass and I went chasing after it trying to find it kind of like Alice in wonderland chasing after the rabbit.

  5. Hi !
    I had a dream the I was in my house in cz there was a lady in the 12 floor of the building she wanted me to go out and get something for her husband like a delivery so I went and picked it up I have no memory of going on that quest I had no idea it was a turantuler next thing I remember I was wanting to go to the bottom floor to go out but I found myself going to the 12 floor (with an elevator) I was very confused and the memory popped in my head “oh yeah I forgot I have to deliver this to the lady and her husband I’m in front of her door knocking but no ones answering I check to see what in the bag it’s a terantuler I hate turantulers so it was very scary I saw that it’s legs were poking out the plastic bag big enough and long enough to touch my hand that was holding the bag I was sweating and wishing that the lady would answer so I didn’t need to hold the. Bag anymore NOTE:I was very still and silent didn’t try to move when I found it there was a tarantuler in there

  6. I deep fried two in a cast iron skillet I guess I was preparing to eat them before I could my mother tried eating ?? Random dream

  7. What about dreaming of lots of tarantula skulls? Someone else in the dreams kills a child-tall, knee-high tarantula…

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