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Talking Dream Symbol – Dreaming of talking relates to how you communicate with others and how you express yourself. When you talk to others in a dream it can be difficult if you are talking about the tough things in your life. Hearing people talking in a foreign language can mean you have trouble understanding what others are trying to tell you. You may need to find better ways to communicate with each other.

Hearing clearly what is said in a dream can mean this is a direct message from the universe. You need to listen for there is valuable wisdom being passed on to you. Dreaming of talking to a dead person indicates there are parts of your life where you need to be cautious. Take notice of what is being said to give you a better understanding of the meaning of this dream. It may give you a clue about what parts of your life need serious work.

When you dream of having trouble talking with others this can signify trouble expressing yourself in your waking life. It is also a sign you are worried about how you are communicating with people I your life. Or, you may be stressed about the way others communicate with you. Do you feel they lack respect? Are you showing respect in the way that you communicate? You may need to reassess your own expectations.

Recalling what you talked about in your dream is important. It will have a direct impact on whatever is bothering you in your waking reality. This dream can give you the solution to what is bothering you. Hearing others talking can indicate there are parts of your life that need improving. This can be a reminder that to get ahead in life, you need to have no fear when you express your thoughts and ideas. Hearing others talking can mean this is a time of healing.

Struggling to speak or stammering is a sign of repressed anger. It may be buried deep within your soul. You may not even express these feelings out loud but others know the truth for it shows. You may live your life in a constant state of anxiety. Are you lacking self-confidence? Seeing someone else struggling to speak indicates there are issues at work. You may need to improve the way you interact with your work colleagues. This also symbolizes you are seeking inner peace.

Hearing people talking loudly means you need to get rid of the negative feelings in your life. Face up to them so you can move on. This will bring you the peace you need. Talking nonsense can represent the frustrations you feel in your waking life. This may be a time where you need to just let them go. Hearing the speech of an influential person can mean someone close to you is talking down to you. You may need to remind them how their behavior affects you.

When you hear others talking to you loudly in a dream this can mean someone is accusing you of causing trouble in your real life. This may be a ploy to set you up. To make you look incompetent or to get a reaction from you. Do not fall for this ploy, for you will find yourself in serious trouble if you do. Dreaming of talking to a relative brings messages there may be obstacles soon crossing your path. This can be about your health or the health of your relatives.

Hearing Voices

Hearing voices in a dream are messages from your subconscious. This is a time where you will reconcile with those you have had differences with in the past, if the voices you hear are calm and happy. Hearing high-pitched, angry voices can mean there is trouble on the way that may bring disappointment. It can also mean you need to speak your mind. This may mean your business will suffer temporary problems.

When you hear voices crying or arguing in a dream this can mean you take your anger out on a friend. This will inflict eternal damage to your friendship. Hearing the voice of God is a sign you walk through life with integrity. You have high standards and you live by them most of the time. You will earn the respect of people you admire.

A mother hearing the voice of her child brings warnings of sadness, grief, and self-doubt. This will be a testing time that will require all your perseverance to get through. Distressed voices signify your own bad luck or the misfortune of someone close to you.

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  1. I had a dream last night that I was in the car having a deep conversation with my celebrity crush, Ian Somerhalder. But the catch was, the conversation was about my real life “crush” (we’ll call him Mango), though this dream leads me to believe that it’s more than that. Anyway, Ian and I are in a car and he is driving. He asks me about the person that I love and he is asking questions about my feelings for him. As I start talking about Mango, my feelings for Ian immediately got put on the back-burner. I was talking about him like I was deeply in love with him. I also got the feeling that Ian wasn’t really there and I was just imagining it. But this dream cleared up a few things for me.
    Literally yesterday, I had been conflicted with sorting out the difference between when I just feel obsessed with someone like a typical celebrity crush, and when I love someone and feel more than just a physical or sexual attraction to them. My feelings for Mango are a lot stronger, and I can feel love when we look at each other, but I was still having a hard time because I wanted to confirm these feelings first. And I tried to do this by comparing my feelings for mango with my feelings about Ian, but I was still conflicted because I’m an over-thinker lol. But having this dream might have helped because the irony of me talking about mango with Ian allowed me to tell the difference. I always fantasized about Ian and all of that stuff, but all of that disappeared when I was talking about mango. My feelings for mango were the only ones that felt real in that moment. Is this a sign from my subconscious that he may be the one, or is my mind just confused and playing tricks on me for entertainment’s sake?

  2. I had a dream yesterday morning. It was a short one. All I remember is this. I was being talked to by a cow skull. Then later on talked to by a goat skull. They both had feminine voices. The cow skull didn’t move. But at one point the goat skull pointed their head upwards. (Or is it upward?) The goat skull was either saying how they missed their friend or was asking how their friend was doing? I don’t remember anything else pretty much. Other than we were outside I believe.

  3. Hi, I dreamt of two women who were talking about me at my back I didn’t see them just heard voices. It was during the time I had an operation I was sleeping alone on the bed, I shaked a little out of fear of hearing the voices. The voices were familiar and they said words concerning my healing like giving me hopes I’ll heal fast. One of them hold my head then after that they disappear and suddenly I was able to wake up. Please help what could it be?

  4. Hi i dreamt that me and my partner and his mum were in a shop with our boys but i only remember seeing my partner carrying one of them, We were waiting for a sausage sizzle.

    I some how lost them and so i called my partner to see where he was. I said where are you? His reply “we left”. My thought while he said it was ( why didnt you try call me to see where i was) Me “ok”

    Then he said “your my sloppy seconds”

    Me ( silent) i didnt say anything then i woke up.

    I find my self always wakung up when something bad happens about my partner.

    • I dreamed of someone I know calling me but when I look at him he just sit down and put his head down and kept quite

    • I had a dream that I was in a dark house and my mother was there. She didn’t say anything to me so I disregarded her, I went to what looked like a living room (I was in a vintage styled house) and I stood in the middle of the room. My cousin came out of a room from a dark hallway and paused and looked at me. He told me something along the lines of ‘what are you doing here? This is for the relatives that are sick’ then I tried opening a door but I woke up before I could.

  5. The whole week i was dreaming different dreams for three nights
    first dream: dreaming about my sister who passed away long time ago her hand was shaking as if it was twicking .
    The following day i was dreaming about my neighbour who was shoot and dies but was playing with a child my neighbough tells me that she was tired she wanted to come back home.

    Then i was dreaming about my colleague who passed on in a car accident laughing but was ignoring me and then she hugged someone not me .

    • Hi, I dreamt of two women who were talking about me at my back I didn’t see them just heard voices. It was during the time I had an operation I was sleeping alone on the bed, I shaked a little out of fear of hearing the voices. The voices were familiar and they said words concerning my healing like giving me hopes I’ll heal fast. One of them hold my head then after that they disappear and suddenly I was able to wake up. Please help what could it be?

  6. I recently had a dream where I work up to my house empty and only me and my dog in it. I was scared so opened my wooden front door but the gate wouldn’t open. But in the distance I saw a small black figure but I couldn’t figure out what it is in the end I had a bad feeling I closed the door and walked away fast back to my bed room while I covered my ears. I was so freaked out I to me myself ‘this is a dream multiple times. only to end up hearing a middle aged woman’s voice who I’ve never heare of I’m my life laugh an evil laugh at me and Tell me ‘how did you know so far I think that’s the scariest dream I’ve ever had.

  7. I just had a dream where I was telling some people my dream and on lady said, “What do you think it all means?” I replied, “I have no idea”. I thought this was amusing to dream about a dream.

  8. Simon Pradhan on

    I dreamt that I was texting my girlfriend long long messages and her reply was like oh okay. She had kept our picture as her Instagram profile picture and my name as her Instagram name but she changed it all and her new posts were like new me and stuffs. It was like she wanted to break up but couldn’t say it out. Please help. I really love her and don’t want to let us go so easily

  9. Hi . What’s does it mean when in my dream last night I was rambling not talking as we normally do just sounds not words not even a lanauge . I am in the middle of a messy divorse. He wont talk to me. Btw 37 yrs married he walked out last sept out the blue.
    He was J. My dream too. It scared me when I woke up. I wasn’t sure if it was for real too. I was really breathing deeply but fast too. If it’s any help had t mons deep sleep. J wear a fit bit watch.
    I have never had a dream like it too. Still remember most of it. It was a bit like a nightmare. Any ideas please.

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