Tailor Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Tailor Dream Symbol – Dreams, where a tailor is featured, can mean there are things in your life that need repairing. It is a sign you need to plan things in life with preciseness for them to work out. Do you have doubts that something may not turn out as you expect? Try seeking support from those close to you. Ask their advice. Listen to their wisdom. Remember, the universe delivers what is uppermost in your mind whether those thoughts as negative or positive.

Seeing a tailor measuring you to make you new clothes can mean you often relax once you can see the goals you want to reach. Seeing an old-fashioned tailor is a sign you may soon get that promotion at work or you will see your social status rise. This is something you have worked long and hard for. Tailors custom make clothes and make alterations. This dream can mean if these has been a mistake you may have to patch it up. You may need to repair a relationship with someone before you cause further damage. Spend some quality time with those you love.

A tailor can remind there is no excitement in your life. Is every day the same as the last? Has your life become boring? Do you need some excitement in your life? Maybe you need someone to help push you in the right direction. Is this a time where you are not sure what you seek or the right direction to take in your waking life?

Take note of what the tailor is making for a clue to help you move forward. When you are the tailor, this can warn about your self-image and how others see you. It may be a time when you need to think more deeply before reacting. Do you tend to overreact at times?

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  1. Esther moffat on

    I dreamt of how a tailor sew my dress and later Put in on her and I admire it cos it was so beautiful, I like it

  2. In my dream tailor praise my friend clothes and admire to suit prefectly then i gave my clothes to tailor bt tailor not interested to stitch my clothes

    • In my dream a tailor was making a very beautiful and lovely dress for me but had not finished when I woke up

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