Swearing (Cussing) Dream Meaning and Interpretation


Swearing (Cussing) Dream Symbol – Dreaming of swearing refers to the stress and worry in your everyday waking life. These types of dreams bring important messages you should not ignore. A man swearing in your dream is a sign financial matters will be negatively affected for a short time.

Hearing a woman swear can warn that someone you are seeing casually could turn into an embarrassing situation if you are not careful. This may result in you trying to end the relationship. But, you will need to be tactful.

This type of dream can mean this is an unhappy time in your waking life. There may be repressed emotions bursting to come out. You need to face these to deal with these once and for all. Are you being honest with yourself? Dreaming of swearing is reminding you of your direction in life. It may be asking whether you are being true to your life’s path. This is a reminder you need to be completely honest with yourself if you want to move forward.

Dreaming of others swearing at you can be upsetting. A child swearing may represent a younger version of you. This can be sending you a message that your inner child is not happy. What are you going to do about this? Your life may need more spontaneity to bring you back alive. It can also indicate you have outgrown your own goals. You may need to reassess these to make sure they are relevant to your future.

Seeing someone swearing at work indicates there are major life changes on the way. It can warn there is trouble brewing at work. You may be retrenched or even sacked, and be faced with the prospect of having to find another job. This can be the chance for a new start.

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