Swastikas Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Swastikas Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a swastika can represent feeling out of control in some part of your life. Or, it could represent, your abuse of power and influence in some way. You may have to face up to people who know what you have done. This is a negative symbol that reminds that now is the time to face up to your mistakes with courage. There is no point hiding away for they will eventually catch up with you. Be transparent about your mistakes and make amends. Fearlessly move forward.

Swastikas symbolize the negativity in your waking life. It may also be a time where others turn to you for help and advice, which adds more pressure. You may find yourself competing with the very people you are helping. This can cause much tension. You may have to make some decisions and move on.

Dreaming of the swastika in connection with WWII represents your self-doubt. Do your constantly question your perception of the world and others’ motives? This can be because everyone is busy talking and not listening to each other. This may cause much conflict. You may need to find better ways to communicate to build trust with others.

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