Swan Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Swan Dream Symbol – Dreaming of swan symbolizes purity, beauty, wealth, dignity, and grace. All qualities within you. This can be a message that something or someone you were not interested in holds more interest now. Is there someone or something like that in your life right now? This is a huge reminder to look deeper before making judgements. Avoid taking things at face value at this time. Walk your path with grace to show the world your inner beauty. Shine for the world to see.

swan dreamSwan may also bring messages of your spirituality opening up. You will see with new eyes, hear with new ears, and speak a new language foreign to you. Your whole perception of life and everything will change. You know what you know without knowing why. Trust this.

This is your intuition and the universe guiding you by sending messages through your heart. Honor what you know. Have faith in your abilities. Move forward with courage knowing you know exactly where you are going. Although there may be challenges along the way, use perseverance to you push through.

When you see swan floating on the water, she fills your life with positive messages of luck, happiness, and success. Wellbeing and good health is on the way. While feeding a swan in your dreams foretells of success in romance. A black swan brings messages of problems between the one you love and possible separation. While a white swan brings wealth and beauty to your life.

When Swan crosses your Path

Swan crosses your path to remind that you have the ability to accept all changes in your life with grace and love. You can see into the future and know how to live life in balance.

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  1. Saumya Srivastava on

    I saw white swans coming to my home we fed them my whole family was doing the same thing but the swans were not flotation they just came inside my house from somewhere in the midnight all of a sudden.
    But someone had called my on my phone in my dream and that uncle told me that swans coming inside your home is a very bad sigh and you guys just stay together and do no leave anyone alone at any cost but then I got to know that one of my sister she is alone at terrace then I immediate rushed to the terrace n was keep calling out her name and then finally reached to the terrace she was standing alone crying under the heavy rain n I was telling her sticking together is the only way to come out from this problem though my sister wasn’t ready to come along I was also crying to make her understand but she was forcing me to go back then i suddenly realised that I left my mom alone In a rush because no one knew this fact accept me that we all have to stay together otherwise something bad will happen to the person who is alone… so I was stuck in a very bad situation that I cudnt leave my sister also at that Time and on the other hand my mum was alone downstairs..hence my dream broke n I woke up out of fear and felt so restless please tell me what does it mean?

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