Study Shows That People Often Have Vivid Dreams Before Death


end of lifeOver the years there have been many reports that people often experience vivid and extraordinary dreams in the final weeks before their death. While there have been many accounts of vivid dreams before death, there has been little research on the topic of pre-death dreams.

A recent study that was performed by Associate Professor James P. Donnelly, showed that end of life dreams and visions are an intrinsic part of the dying process (terminal/old age). In the study, researchers interviewed 66 patients who were receiving end-of-life care and ask them to describe their dreams in the last few weeks of their lives.

What Did Most People Dream About Before Dying?

Most of the patients reported dreaming about family members and friends who had passed away. The dreamers indicated feeling comforted by these dreams and at peace.

The study noted that most medical professionals discard vivid dreams that patients experience as “delusions or hallucinations, they are treated as problems to be controlled.”

This study showed that most of the patients experienced dreams that were comforting, realistic, and very meaningful to the dreaming.The dreams helped the dying patients cope with their situation and accept their uncertain future.

The researchers noted that there is an important distinction between someone who is hallucinating and delirious vs. someone having a vivid dream. People who are delirious lose their connection with reality and their ability to communicate with others rationally. These people need to be treated medically.

While on the other hand dreamers who are having end of life dreams are very aware of reality and can communicate rationally. They should not be treated the same as a delirious patient.

This study is extremely interesting because it highlights the importance of our dreams helping us deal with the fact that they are dying.

***Please note: The study was done on end-of-life patients. If you experience a dream about dying, death or a loved one who has passed away, it does not mean that you will die soon.

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