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Stranger Dream Symbol – When you dream of a stranger it can mean you are feeling emotional but do not really know why. It can also symbolize regretting not accepting something as the truth while you could. This type of dream can also remind you there is something you need to consider. This is urgent. For if you ignore this, it can prevent you from achieving success.

Strangers in a dream reflect the people you come across on a daily basis and how you interact with them. They are featured in dreams to help you face how you really feel about the people in your life and your surroundings. Take notice of how you interact with strangers in your dream to get a deeper insight into its meaning.

Dreaming of a stranger can represent how you feel about something or someone, or characteristics that need work in yourself. An angry stranger can symbolize your frustration at a lost opportunity you missed because you failed to follow through on something. A stranger counseling you can be good advice relating to a problem in your waking life. Take notice of the advice, for it may help you.

A dirty stranger can mean someone close to you will put obstacles in your path. Dreaming of a stranger killing you warns that someone you know will stab you in the back. Who could this be? Seeing a stranger with indistinguishable features, wearing dark clothing, can warn of a decline in your health. You may need to schedule an appointment with your doctor for a checkup.

Strangers can represent your deepest fears. These can even be locked in your subconscious. When you dream of a stranger ask yourself what you fear. What are your deepest fears? They can also symbolize major areas of your life such as career, relationships, health, and financial matters. Consider what areas of your life could use improvement.

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  1. Hi! For the past few nights I’ve been dreaming about strangers. In the dream they live across the street from me, and they are very nice! What doesn’t make sense is that they are very wealthy. So living across the street from me doesn’t really make sense. They take me in as there own, and share advice with me. I am very emotional and depressed lately. I’m not sure what to think of these dreams. Please, any advice would help.

  2. I keep having these nightmares and two strangers are almost always in them. one of them is always in them and he tends to kill and hurt people I love which causes me to freak out and be sad. There’s another stranger that sometimes shows up and he saves me he makes me feel safe we also have a relationship. The one who’s bad I can see his face I remember what it looks like the guy who saves me I can’t see his face or if I do I can never remember. I have no clue what either means

  3. I was in a room with this stranger, i kiss him and i smile at him and look forward.
    When i look forward there are two other strangers, a girl and a boy. They seemed to be talking to each other. The girl’s hair was totally bald on the back of her head. Me and my stranger notice that and smile at each other. However those other two dont take notice of us.

  4. I dreamed about a stranger twice.

    In the first dream, he approached me
    Showing he was interested in me,
    But I pushed him away.

    The next night I dreamt about him again.
    This time things appeared different.

    I was walking from somewhere going home,
    Everywhere I pass people laugh at me.
    I felt like I was disabled but I couldn’t figure how.
    When I reached the the vegetable fence it saw a group of guys playing soccer and other sports.
    I tried to pass faster seeing How they were all laughing at me.
    Suddenly he appeared out of the crowd and stop me by holding my hand.
    He was still showing interest in me just like before.
    He didn’t seem to care about the crowd nor my disability.
    He asked for my introduction and then
    He introduced himself then his sister.
    He was smile so brightly that I as well started to
    Fall for him. I said good bye to him and
    Started going home.
    When I enter the alley going to my apartment,
    I saw a black panther.
    In my dreams I knew that that panther has
    Always been there and it’s tamed by its owner
    (Whom I don’t know) But this time it seemed like it was aiming at me. It came at me faster! But I managed to doge it.
    I tho I won but as I turn around, it grabbed me and started eating me. I screamed for help but
    No one came.

  5. I dreamt I was in an unknown city with my wife and son. I looked up and they were gone. I was all alone amongst crowds of people. I could see my wife in a shop ahead of me. She was dressed as normal. I looked at my black hoodie with my favorite bands logo on it. I saw a green haired girl with a band logo on her black hoodie. I commented that I liked her hoodie and she grabbed me by mine and pulled me along with her and her indistinguishable friends

    • Evaline Aryiel on

      It means you too ignorant on matters concerning relationship. There is part in your relationship that need to be looked into

  6. I had a dream that i walked into a shop and saw a stranger calling me i went to him and he was writing something on a book and marking some verses when i was about to leave he handed me over that book i kept that book in my bag and went outside i dont know who that man was! I never saw him in my life…

  7. I had a dream that there were exchange students from diff. country in my school. And there is this boy that caught my attention, he is like 16-17 years old I think. He is blond, tall and he is really sweet. And then there’s this scene where we are seatmates and he showed me the picture of his two siblings and then I just smiled at him. Then another scene where we are seatmates again and we saw that the picture he showed me is like cutted and he was kinda mad or he’s just sad. And I know that this girl (bully) did this. So I confront her and she just rolled her eyes on me and said that its not her who cutted the picture. So I said that I have a video of her cutting the image but I just told her that because I want her to say sorry to my friend. She started crying and saying sorry to me and told me its really her fault. I walked outside and told him what I did to the bully and he just hugged me. Then there is this scene where Im crying and hugged him because they are like going back into their country so I just ask him about his name or any social media accounts. And he told me his name it starts in letter M and I forgot it now. But I just called him moose in my dream because I can’t pronounce his name and I forget it easily. And then he kissed me on my cheeks and that is the end of my dream. I wanna know if he is a real human.

  8. I had a dream about new neighbors moving in. i met a cute boy and we started dating the day we met. then my mom catches me with him. he some finds out and moves away but i end up still texting and staying in contact. somehow he went to my school. at the end i am forced to breakup with him but we still like each other. he doesn’t want to date because he doesn’t want us to get separated forever but we still crush on each other. ( he was someone i never seen) what could this mean please help.

    • Tokunbo Edun on

      I had a dream about a gang of boys who just came into my house and went to various places in my house to steal invaluable stuff or just hang around my house. We chased them out and they left. Part 2- they came another time with a gun and we accosted them outside. I kept shouting out 911 they got furious and shot
      My Mum 2x. I applied pressure to the spot and rushed her to the hospital, we got a dr who removed the bullet while removing the 2nd bullet I woke up.

  9. I’m going into highschool next year and I had a dream that I met this boy who I quickly became friends woth and I really liked him and I felt like he was going ask my to semi formal, then our other friend were bugging to see who he would ask and I was there and I he pointed at me… and o said yes of course! He was so cute and had an amazing personality from what I rember… please please please get back to me on what this could mean. I hope that this dream comes true!!

  10. Arianna Gaga-a on

    Please help me to understand this. I have dreamt of a stranger in front of a building (or my kindergarten school I think) and she said something like: I look like a goddess holding a beheaded head and throwing it, then an eagle appeared to get me but it didn’t happened. There was something next that should have happened but I have woken up. I also remembered that I was wearing something like the Greeks could have worned

  11. Sheila Iita on

    I dream of a stranger girl who gave me black pams to wear at a wedding, while I forgot my white pams

  12. I dream stranger who wants to along with me but not drinking he left me and i go my own place by transport

  13. I dreamed of a stranger she was a girl and it felt like i have known her before like if she used to be my BFF. She had kind if white hair and 2 baby blue clips in her hair. And then some couple minutes later she said that its time for her to go and i started CRYING and i was saying please dont leave me again and then she said dont worry everything will be Alright. And she left and i was CRYING SO MUCH. Then I woke up

    • Saveen Khan on

      Crying in a dream means that you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed in real life. Hope this helps 🙂

  14. Why I always saw on my dreams a stranger guy,once a year I always dream him for about 11 years.He appear in my dream he helping comfort me. I remember first time I dream him I was on a heavy rain, he bring me to his home and give me cloth, after a year I dream him again I was sick and he visit me in d hospital and hold me while saying I’m already healed and he need to go back to his country and promise he will come back to me again, then after a year again some armed person come inside our home and he arrived and shot that armed person, tthen now I dream him I was on the ship and the ship is sinking then I saw myself together with him we are along the seashore I’m laying in the sand while he is sitting beside me

    • A stranger who I first mistook for a friend, came and wrapped his hand around my waist as if we were together and told me that he’d been looking for me all morning while I was on the phone. He was completely masked, and then he slowly removed his masks and that’s when I came to know that he’s not my friend.

  15. I have these recurring dreams of two people, I’m not sure who they are but I basically dream about their life.

  16. I was dreaming of this negro Spanish girl, when I first met her she was very angry at me and started throwing things are at me, then my brother came settle the anger she had……..afterwards I sit and was talking to her, getting to know her better…….she smiled, laugh and we had fun……when i was leaving she give me her FB profile name, I had forgotten it, and that was it.

    • I hada dream of my dog playing with a stranger’s dog and my dog kept running away. The stranger pointed at training techniques up in the ceiling and i told him they didn’t work. I woke up fearful, although the stranger seemed to be a friend in my dream. Also, at one point, myself, the stranger, and my dog were in the back of a car. My dog is a white shih tzu. Any ideas?

  17. Cheana Irby on

    I dreamed I was jogging down a main street and a stranger came up to help me tighten my backpack to my back making it easier to job. Then we stopped to eat blueberries from a beautiful tree that was in a box. I felt so much better afterwards. In real life I don’t job and I’m usually the one helping others so this dream was a little strange to me.

  18. I had a dream about a dark stranger in a dark warehouse or a parking garage, it changed back and forth. He was looming over me and in the background the song Solsbury Hill was playing.

  19. How about dreaming someone who i dont know,but in my dreams were like a lovers?what could be the meaning of that?

    • I dreamt of being approached a lady while i was travelling. The lady happened to be from a shop that i visited in my dream. In the shop, i saw her elder brother by her side. All i could remember while in the shop was we exchanged greetings and bye bye. She asked me for my number too.
      When i wondered why this is so, i woke up.
      She is shorter than average, tanned skin, skinny, big eyes and a lively spirit

      • I think I was used to have a dream or maybe a real thing (cause I was lost memory about the past) of a man introduced by my mom and we date for a few days then he died from a gunshot (he’s a police). After a few years (I guess) I dreamt of his little brother as a stranger and I told him that I knew his brother who was used to be my boyfriend. And it’s end.

        • Maybe it’s a real thing, cause I still got the ring that I received from him after he died passed by his father.

  20. I am dreaming of a stranger that i thought him regarding my work and he listen to me well that as if he sincerely praises and believe what i told him

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