Stingray Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Stingray Dream Symbol – Stingray visits your dreams to let you know you are emotionally free of all bonds and ties. You have released all old emotional baggage and are ready to start anew. Stingray warns to avoid reacting to things with the old emotional pain. It does not serve you well. Take a step back before acting.

stingray dreamRemember that old hurts are in the past. Act by living in the present. Stingray reminds this is a time you are coping with everything with emotional ease. Do not get caught up in others’ dramas. You have all you need to achieve your goals. You have the wisdom and skills. Everything is ready for you to start moving forward. There is nothing to fear. Stop hesitating. Have faith in yourself and follow your heart. You can never fail when you do.

Dreaming of being attacked by stingray is a sign you suppress your feelings and emotions. Do you do this? Do they build up and build up until you feel like exploding? This is a clear sign you need to let any repressed emotions go before they overwhelm you. She also brings messages that you are on the right path and to not let others distract you from your goals. Avoid others’ dramas and stay steady on course towards your dreams.

When Stingray crosses your Path

Stingray crosses your path to remind you that you have an innate ability to camouflage yourself in any situation. You act with grace throughout life so others do not see you coming.

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  1. in my dream my family packed themselves i believe with friends into 2 vans and we left with barely enough room for me and we arived at an area where we had a picnic with green grass around us and a little bit of flowing water near us and a small wooded aread in front of us the dream seemed positive before i seen a skull roll into the flowing water nearby but the family seemed to ignore it untill it rolled tward me defying the gravity of the land and when it was by me i seen it was attached to a bone that had a big curve and everyone ran back the same way but i got scared and took the first way away i seen breaking through this bush that didnt have many leaves but was a little hard to push through as i broke free these silver rays were on land beneath my feet looking so tiny running like bugs down this hill twards more water scaring me for a second time i slipped down the hill a bit and for a 3rd time got scared when i seen holes and shovels and struggled to get on the other side of the wooded area i moved as fast as i could and grabbed onto a tree with branches breaking but almost swiftly i got back to my family and the two vans and woke myself up.

  2. I had a dream of a stingray in my living room inside a holelike pool, then I caught it and put it I an aquarium, but immediately the holelike pool disappear. Please what does that mean.

  3. Jordan Taylor on

    My dream from last night was surreal! I had went back in time approximately 30 years, in an old back lane where I once played as a kid, I was playingband a ‘flying’ stingray/ Mandalay gracefully swooped down in front of me and lay belly flat desperate for water (seemingly obvious in the dream) the colour was a dark red which was very unusual and mythical, when I tried to get close to help the stingray it panicked and flew further up the lane and landed in a puddle in an attempt to absorb the water from the ground before flying up on to a shed roof, I then climbed a ladder to get close to the stingray as I felt a strong connection. Once I confronted the stingray, without even realising, the stingray had morphed in to my 3 year old boy (but back when he was around 1/2 years old playing in an abundance of water splashing and having fun, at this point my heart was bursting with love and attachment. Unfortunately that is as much as I can remember, I tried desperately to get back to sleep to continue the dream, I just hope I can have more dreams like this as it has had a big impact on my mood and feelings today, sad but also a strong sense of love was had. I hope someone can direct and give meaning to this dream. Thank you all

  4. Lawrence of Philippines on

    i had a dream of stingrays moving up in the falls. They swim from bottom to top and they are look so beautiful and im amazed. what is the meaning of my dream?

  5. Lawrence of Philippines on

    i had a dream of stingrays moving up in the falls thay swim from bottom and top then that looks so beautiful and im amazed. what ia the meaning of my dream?

  6. I dreamt about a situation where the person I like is trying to save someone who is almost attacked by a stingray but he ended up got attacked by the stingray and I never saw him again? what does that mean? I woke up crying at 4am in the morning

  7. Dude check this out.

    I had a dream that interpreted 2 different sides of my life.

    I was on a beach and I was walking on the sand, there was like a party on the beach.

    There was a bunch of country folk (my bf is country and sometimes I feel left out because I’m a city girl) just going crazy playing off the wall games, yelling, laughing, screaming, drinking beer.

    Then I got to what seemed like the peer, then I saw my friend, someone I growing close to in real life, so I tried to walk towards here then all of a sudden I saw a stingray in the sand.

    I pointed at the sand and said look the stingray watched up on the beach… but then… it started moving under the sand, like I couldn’t see it fully but I saw it’s body shape with some parts sticking out of the sand, as I tried to step over him his tail whipped at me, it didn’t get me but tried to.

    Keep in mind, I know not a damn thing about stingrays except they sting you and you pee on yourself to make it feel better.

    So out of curiosity I looked up how a stingray attacks… it whips its tail.

    I was mind blown.

    I’m still trying to figure out this dream and what it meant

  8. I had a dream that i was in my pool. There were many large,friendly stingrays that swam with me. They would brush past me when i swam by two stingrays would always swim with each other, never leaving one’s side. Anyway, I found a baby stingray and i love him. After finding the baby, i found that one of our stingrays has died, who apparently wore a football jersey and hat.

  9. Wow, so interesting to read this and it makes so much sense to me. Been having some issues with my partner of four years, I told him something that I never have in our relationship. And feel so much better about it, we’re becoming stronger.
    My dream, I was sat on the rocks by the sea on a clear and sunny day. Clear blue sea. A small group of stingrays emerged from the sea and flew by me. I know they can’t fly haha. But it was nice and peaceful.

  10. I had a dream I was swimming in the ocean at night with two other girlfriends. The water and everything around us was pitch black except a little light from the moon. We were about chest deep when something began to swim between us. Although it was pitch black we could tell it was a stingray by the way it felt. We couldn’t see it but I remember us all thinking how cute this moment was and how beautiful the creature was. Then it started to wrap itself around my body and take me out to where I couldn’t touch. I didn’t feel scared at first though I was even giggling then I was bouncing on my tiptoes and yelling to my friends to help but it was too dark to see me. I eventually drowned because the stingray took me out too far.

  11. I dreamt that my son and I were in a nice looking cave and there is water where my son dive in and there were a lot of stingrays swimming so I jumped in to the water too and started swimming when a little stingray came my way and touched me I was scared at first but I noticed that it didn’t harm me and swimming with it was so much fun .

  12. Kit Richards on

    I dreamt I was walking along the beach when I started to notice a bunch of people running and acting scared, so naturally I went to investigate and found a large stingray with 3 knives sticking out of it, it was injured badly, but it was still alive. For some reason I volunteered to take it back to my place to fix it, and they let me have it. I proceeded to help it and bring it back to health. Still not quite sure what that means, any suggestions?

  13. I was at the Amazon with a tree house over the water and I was hanging in a hammock with my husband over the river and I was looking down and can see shadows of stingrays and I fell in the water and there were hundreds it was a beautiful sight in the water

  14. A weird intuitive feeling embraces me at a moment’s notice, and I feel reluctant to accept it. Immediately, I feel eager and more than ready to ward it away and petrify it. I wait for a minute and ask the intuition, ” What is this about?” , fear of insecurity and abandonment succumbs me all over again reminding me if the hardships I had overcome on my own in the past years. It has been so much and for so long that I have been warring. I FELT LIKE I COULD DIE!!! BEING REMINDED… , of something so outrageous, I wondered, What could I have done wrong? ..(Please God HELP!) WITH all the endurance I have in me, I am so not prepared to face the devastation alone or again. I had faced such an I tangible and irreconcilable treachery in my life. One so hard, I can’t ever find it in my heart to forgive. Not just yet, and it’s not like I am looking for any answers. Goodness sake. I WOULD RATHER, just let it go and never worry about it again. …this time.. ? …?……IT REALLY IS THAT VILE. SO much so, that I tremble inside with just a meer memory….It, to me, was like, ..I got murdered and lived to tell the tale.
    So, funny how the universe can sense this. That night, I fell asleep suddenly, it was like a beautiful but every feeling, I was somehow underwater and seeing all this junk everywhere like a boat parts, and pollution. I Thought to myself “YUCK!” And the water was merely too. AS I continue on, I look up and to my left, and I see this humongous silver with Brown rusty spots Stingray. There was someone hanging on to him catching a ride. The Stingray was gliding through the water smoothly and gracefully. Our eyes met, and it was as if it knew me from somewhere and everything around us froze, He gave me this stern look and just looked at me like he had something to tell me or like me he knew what it meant for me to see him in my dream. Almost as if out of concern, He looks around, and back at me, ensuring that I would soon receive the intention of our coincidental run into each other. He continued to swim on and the person hung on as glided through the ocean. I remember, thinking to myself , at that moment, ” HOW WEIRD!?” IT Was as if he knew he would ‘ve running into me soon when he looked at me and also almost as If we had known each other in some other lifetime.
    Two days later, finally I decide to look up the interpretation of the dream to face whatever I needed to.
    Now, to my surprise, it was just as it was meant to…perfectly gathered and times precisely to tell me that I am ready to move on with my life and start a new. To tell me, that it is alright for me to just leave the past where it belongs and never have to worry about it again. And that me not finding it in my heart to forgive would eventually be forgiven when the time is right.
    It’s really weird because I really am on that emotional warpath cluelessly. NOW with a little bit of assurance from the universe herself and also some provided insight, I can breathe knowing that it will be alright. I AM ALWAYS SO EAGER TO SLAM WHATEVER COMES MY WAY STRAIGHT TO HELLL WITHOUT EVEN A MOMENT’S PRAYER.
    And to Our father, who art in heaven, let your will be done on earth as it is also in heaven. Thu Kingdom come, Thy will be done.. as am I with this chapter in my life…in the name of your son, out life saviour, CHRIST JESUS AMEN

  15. Emily Hodges on

    I was at a swim with stingrays event. Not sure that really exists.. I was scared but my mom and my dad were next to me and they were both urging me to swim with the stingrays , I did and they were very smooth against my skin and didn’t hurt me

    Maybe I need to get rid of the old emotional baggage of my parents getting divorced 5 years ago

  16. I dreamt that i was enjoying a day at the seaside with my friends , then i saw something very strange in the water, it was very beautiful . It was a stingray which was changing color from pink to blue instantly ..
    And i didnt get stung ..
    I was just admiring ..


  17. My dream consisted of going into my back yard to catch dinner. I had an ocean in my backyard. I sat out some traps and caught a stingray. I lost it the first time and finally caught it. After I had a good hold on it I took it into the kitchen and got a Fillet knife and started to clean the stingray and then some other things happened that I can not remember that well I was talking to someone or something. But then I woke up

  18. In my dream there was a beautiful house and an amazing back yard with a huge pool. It started with me getting out of the pool and going inside, and the second I got inside I saw around seven stingrays in the pool swimming in a circle. I then went upstairs to set down my towel and phone but there was an argument going on in my room with two friends, so i snuck back downstairs through the backyard in a different way to the backyard without scaring them away. A few friends followed me and they swam away once they heard us but we still saw them. We ended up getting in the pool and (all the stingray I saw were grey) I aske, “Where did They all come from?” And the second I finished asking that one simple question a beautiful blue manta ray swam directly in front of me, almost touching me.

  19. I had a of a bunch of sea creatures swimmging around a very shallow clear inlet coming away from the ocean inbetween two beautiful beach house. As I looked down I watched this string ray swim past me and as it got near the edge of the water I could see it had little feet, like birds feet. It stopped swimming and started walking almost in a dance. I was in amazement telling my friends to look at the string rays feet and I laughed. I was thinking wow how neat this stringray can swim and walk and probably walk out of water when it . I remember feeling very happy.

  20. In my dream I was sitting on this lady patio and off the concrete of the patio was the ocean. She asked if I wanted to see something and threw some type of food out and this beautiful light blue stingray came up to eat it. Other sea creatures was feeding also but I was amazed at the light blue stingray.

  21. I was half inside the beach and this beautiful small yellowish stingray starts swimming near me, it seemed harmless and lovely, It gets too close and I suddenly feel frightened she has only one eye and looks in a threatening way and stings me near my waist. I got scared and felt it was poisonous and I woke up.

  22. I was swimming in water when I saw a black baby stingray swimming my path. I reached out and gently pet it’s spine and fins. The second time it crosses my path, I looked at it’s eyes with pure love from my end. At that same moment, the stingray looked as thought floating or flying up into the air with only it’s stinger still in the water so that it could look at me level in the eyes and said “love you too”.

  23. My dream was about sting rays coming in through the bathroom window to grey into the bath water, they also came through the kitchen window to get to the water in the sink. It was raining outside and they were everywhere….

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