Starfish Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Starfish Dream Symbol – Starfish visits to remind that not everything is black and white. There are many shades of gray too. Not every right or wrong is easily categorized as yes or no, or black or white. There are a lot of contributing factors that need to be accounted for when making decisions.

Or, if you are going to make a judgement. You need to learn to give and take for a well-balanced life. Fighting everything to get your own way will not serve you will. It will also hurt those that care about you. Learn to compromise to get good outcomes for all.

Starfish dreamThis amazing creature of the sea can come with messages to use your intuition more. Your intuition is the universe speaking to you through your heart. Be still. Sit in meditation. Tune into to your heart and soul. Learn to feel without analyzing your feelings with your head. Let your intuition guide your actions.

Starfish may be a sign that you have been through a time of turmoil you are now just healing from. Or she can bring messages that it is a time to make a choice from your many options. You are regenerating and evolving into who you want to be. Starfish is a guiding star to remind you of your uniqueness. This is a sign you travel safely through troubled waters.

When you dream of a dying starfish, this can mean you have lost contact with something. You have lost connections with someone or something you cared deeply for. It may even be you have disconnected from your intuition and your heart. How have you been treating others? Have you been a warm, loving friend? Or have you been selfish and demanding?

When Starfish crosses your Path

Starfish crosses your path to remind to trust in your gut instincts. They will never steer you wrong in your unique way of doing things in the world. Keeping following your inner voice and your instincts.

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  1. I dreamt that I had a miscarriage ( I am pregnant and in my first trimester now) and what came out of my body was a purplish red starfish. It was jelly like and had many arms and was wriggling around in my hand as I looked at it.

  2. Thank you for this dream interpretation. In my dream, it was kinda scary for me, i was dreaming i am standing between trees, and everything was in water, half of my body was in water, just like in flood times, but weather was calm. suddenly a boy appeared front of me and i said him “get lost” and he said “no way” and from water he took starfish and trew that on my head. i was trying to take it off, but i felt nothing works and then i woke up. i believe it’s related to choice, right now i’m in position where i have to make a choice, all this time i was avoiding it.

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