Stages of Life Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Growing up

When you dream of growing this can mean that you want to return to a time in your life where you had less responsibilities and expectations placed on you. It could be that your waking life has become so complicated that you need to simplify things.

You may dream of the different phases of your life. This can symbolize the things you need to do to build a strong, healthy future. It can also remind you of the traits you could use more of in your present life.


Dreaming of adolescence is a sign your sexuality and your perception of the world is opening up. This is a time of self-discovery as well as discovering the world. This dream can come at a time when you need to face difficult relationships and your sexuality. This may indicate you need to find independence from someone or something causing negativity in your life.

Young Adulthood

Dreaming of being a young adult signifies that there are worldly opportunities about to cross your path. This may be a reminder you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to achieve. Do not waste time being afraid.

Middle Years

Dreaming of the middle years indicates your achievements and the maturing process. This is a time where you are a master of your destiny. You have full control to create your own world and to achieve your dreams. Do not be afraid to chase your dreams.

Old age

Dreaming of being extremely old can reflect your feelings of death. It can also remind you to use the wisdom that your experience in life has taught you. You know the answers. Listen to your intuition.

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