Squirrel Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Squirrel Dream Symbol – To dream about a squirrel can indicate a hoarding aspect of your personality. You may be collecting hurt feelings or things that you have no need for. The dream may be indicating it is time to start letting things go and move on with your life.

Squirrels can also indicate that you have a windfall of abundance coming your way. You may have been working hard on a project and you will be rewarded for that hard work and effort you have been putting in.

Squirrel dreamAlternatively, squirrels can indicate you are involved in a business project or relationship that is going nowhere. There might be no light at the end of the tunnel and you should consider looking at other options.

Squirrels can also represent resourcefulness and the ability to find a way to make something out of nothing. You may be able to find goodness in places that may be difficult to find them.

Alternative Interpretations

Squirrel visits your dreams to bring more fun into your life. It is a time where you need to take life a little less seriously. You have been all work and no play, and squirrel reminds that for balance you need to play as well. This helps you rejuvenate and work with more success. Squirrel also rings messages of practicalities. She squirrels away food so there is enough for the long winter months.

This can be a message to you to keep up with home repairs and domestic matters so all is in order. Is your paperwork in order? Are your bills paid? Is everything in place to take care of your retirement years? It is a time to ensure you have made all the provisions you can for your future.

Squirrel also visits when it is time to unload all the unnecessary people and things in your life. Get rid of your worries. Stop stressing about things you have no control over. If you need to, remove them from your life.
Dreaming of squirrel gathering nuts to hoard for the future can mean there is good fortune coming your way. The squirrel gathers her food and drops much of what she gathers on the way back to her store. She ‘sows the seeds’ of life wherever she goes.

This can symbolize that you need to do the same. Feeding squirrel can mean you have plenty in abundance and you have opened your heart to share your bounty with others. It can also mean that you get great comfort from hard work and helping others.

Negatively, the squirrel can mean you are in a loveless relationship, or your business is failing, or your current job is just not what you need. Her message is that you are pursuing things that will never succeed. Is this you? Is there something in your life this can refer to? It can also mean you are hoarding. There is something you cannot let go of. Are you at risk of being classified as a hoarder? Get help if you are. It is time to clear out all the extra stuff so you can truly embrace your life, family, and friends.

These little creatures have no problem making their voices heard when socializing with others. This is a reminder to communicate well with others in social environments. Avoid rude public behavior.

When Squirrel crosses your Path

Squirrel crosses your path to remind you of your resourcefulness. There is nothing that can stand in your way as you are always prepared for the worst. You have an innate ability to balance your life well between work and play.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Is there are an attribute of the squirrel that is similar to your own personality?
  • Did the squirrel represent an aspect of yourself or someone you know?
  • Was there a message that was trying to be communicated to you?

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  1. What does it mean when a yellow and green boa fall out of a water hose in a ball and as it unwrtaps it turns into a angry gray squirrel?

  2. I dreamed of someone throwing a squirrel to me, can’t recall very well if it was alive or dead but the moment he threw it to me i jumped. Couldn’t interpret the meaning of such a dream but was scared and woke up.

  3. So many dreams but I will talk about the squirrel first.
    Ok somewhere in the dream I found my self in a sort of garden and suddenly a squirrel cross my path. It seems to be following me until I noticed it then we began the ‘catch me if u can race’ I almost got it Cox my hand touched it but I couldn’t grab it.
    I think this time it freaked out and really run off or sort of another dream chipped in where I was at war with rebels.

    If you can explain chasing squirrel in a dream…

    TN: I wasn’t chasing it to kill it. I love squirrels and even want to pet them. But I also like freedom so to me it’s as if I want to tame them… So I let them go when I see them in our backyard

  4. i dreamed that a squirrel found dead on the ground, i slowly went near the squirrel and looked at it on top view..all of the sudden it came alive and gave me a flower and ran off.i felt like the squirrel was acting dead.

  5. I had a dream i was running home from school most likely and squirrels were just DIVING out of the trees around me. Flying squirrels were FALLING squirrels last night

  6. I dreamt that I took a bite of a squirrel taco. The tortilla was its hide, fur and all. It was cold so I put it in the microwave to heat it up. I took another bite of it, but didn’t care to finish it. Must have been the fur!

  7. Dreamt dead squirrel was thrown out of a bag of grains and l tried to shake and it came to live.l took the squirrel and l notice she is very weak.l kept somewhere and late came to check but was trying to use the teeth on my hands.l had intention to sale but l didn’t before l woke up.

  8. So i saw a squirrel, liked it, moved on, then i find another and then i find out that there are hundreds of squirrels around me, and then one starts pooping and then its like raining shit from above where tje squirrels are and i can’t cover or save myself from it, i hide under things but poop still gets me, im not disgusted but it just keeps coming and all i wanma do is get some cover i run into the washroom and close the door and still no result, i still get hit with raining shit….this was my dream.

  9. I dream today that i got up early in the morning ealk to my livong room ibthough. O see mice but when i look really good and close i see a baby a sguirril tail wad fat and i said in the dream omg thete are 2. Baby sgurril walking in my living romm and one was stop in front of me and the other close to my feet they stud there with a fat tail i woke up out of the dteam at 4 am could not sleep any longer

  10. I dreamed I was driving my car and my oldest son was in the back seat. I felt the squirrel was in the car. I opened the door to let them out and I saw the squirrel sitting upright very quietly next to my son. The demeanor of the squirrel was very still, poised, and sneaky. When I opened the door they both got out of the car.

  11. I had three squirrels that were looking for food, and I could actually pet them and hugged them and they had no problem with that. Also I think they tried to say something bit I couldn’t hear them so it’s important?

  12. I had a dream that a squirell hang onto my hand until black blood came out but it didnt feel like it did on purpose its like he needed company

  13. My dream was about a bunch of fat squirrels. They were all over the house and in trees. None of them mess with me but everywhere I turned was a fat squirrel. Not sure if this means im a hoarder and its getting out of control. Obtw…this weekend I started getting rid of crap☺

  14. My dream had a small squirrel in my apartment, ran from my room to the bathroom, I caught it with a laundry basket but then my son opened it up and the squirrel ran away. Found it and threw it outside over my balcony.

  15. Mine is a little disturbing. All I can remember is that a man brought me into a room to show me a squirrel, and I was very happy to see the squirrel, but then he started – btw it’s like really gross – skinning the squirrel alive? So in the dream, I tried to run away, but something was holding me there.
    I suppose it has the same meaning, but just with more urgency? Or it may mean that whatever I’ve been holding onto has already failed.

  16. Dreamed a squirrel that just kept moving and moving in front of me almost like it was stuck before my eyes it sat there for a long time. I was scarred of it my mom finally came across and threw it out the window. When she threw it out the window I literally felt the animals heartbeat in my hand.

  17. I dreamed a magical BLUE squirrel was under my bed. It was rlly shiny and just looking at me staying super calm.

    • Koven Matia on

      Interesting. I’m here because I had a dream of a magical multi-colored squirrel (had blue, red, orange, and yellow colors), it looked so beautiful. Anyway, I was walking or running through some wooded area, and it flew from one of the trees at me. I let it land in my hand, then I started petting its head with one finger and it seemed really pleased and happy then all of a sudden I was overcome with a feeling of joy and happiness myself. I felt almost ecstatic, it was really wonderful, but super odd. I’m really curious what it meant.

  18. Breanna Willis on

    I dreamed that i helped a squirrel give birth to a baby squirrel. What does this mean I am very confused

  19. Amit thobhani on

    Firstly I saw an injured squirrel then took it tout a vet, vet said you have to keep this squirrel at home your place so it can be taken care of, after when the squirrel was all fine I went to the same place from where I had that squirrel but when I started leaving that place the squirrel started running behind me for some time it was going on and going but after that I stopped there to see what is next but that squirrel ran away and after sometime that squirrel came up with around 150 more squirrels towards me and then I just opened the door of my car and all were all hopped into my car in no time and all those squirrels where In my home and we’re very happy…I don’t know what it means…please tell me it indicates.thank you

  20. I deamt a mother squirrel and a tiny baby squirrel walked on the floor in front of me. I leaned down and collected the baby squirrel, I put the baby squirrel in a zip-lock bag. I hurried to get water and cat food to put in the ziplock for the baby squirrel, then I awoke…

  21. My dream last night was of a squirrel that cracked open a nut and only took a little bit of the food within. And left the rest for me.

    The second thing it did was pooped… as if to remind me to let all the shit in my life pass when it is meant to pass. Instead of holding onto the negative energy and making myself sick.

  22. I was dreaming I felt worried in my dream and then a squirrel came into my room for some reason I looked around the room and there were squirrel nuts all over the place the squirrel picked up a nut and just sat there and looked me in the face I do love squirrel when I see them outside but I felt scared and shouted out in my dream that there was a squirrel and then my phone rang I felt startled as I came out of my dream to answer the phone I can still visualise the squirrel just looking at.me ???

  23. I dreamed that a squirrel got inside last night. I opened the door to shew it out and seven more ran in. They all rushed in at once.

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