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Spy Dream Symbol – Dreaming of meeting a spy can mean you have concerns about your privacy. Is there someone or a situation that you lack trust in? Do you feel as if someone is spying on you? Maybe there is someone close only being a friend so they can betray you. It can also mean your worries are stressing you out in your waking life. You may need to let things run their course without worrying too much.

Seeing a spy in a long brown coat is a sign that others may not understand what you mean. You may need to explain yourself better. Or, have you been failing to communicate? Being followed by a spy is a warning to be wary of depression creeping up on you. Are you feeling sad and blue? Be careful you do not end up depressed.

Seeing Russian spies can mean you suspect others of hiding something from you. Do you have a feeling that someone close knows something they do not want you to know? Dreaming of being a spy is a good sign. Being a member of a secret service organization can mean there are things in your waking life that need investigating. Is here something you need to know?

Being caught by a spy can mean there is someone who is trying to get you to do things their way. Alternatively, someone could be trying to steal your work and pass it off as theirs. You may need to stand up for yourself. Seeing yourself as a spy means that you will do something that makes others grateful to you. Others may see you as a leader.

Seeing spies being interrogated is a warning you need to have plans in place to help you avoid a negative situation or person. Dreaming of a computer spy is a sign you are worried about your own privacy. Are you worried about the safety of your information online? Dreaming of spying on a computer can mean there are those close to you who want to try and control you. Be wary. This is not a time where you can afford to trust even those closest to you.

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  1. Anonymous- H on

    I had a dream that I was at my grandmothers house. I was talking to my friends about a sleepover that could happen. I said we could spend the night at a hotel. But then. There were these spies dressed from shirt to shoes in black. And my grandmother and grandfather weren’t effected by these people all scattered around the house. But I was being chased and trying to be captured by them. My aunt lives in that house too and at the beginning she wasn’t effected. There are a lot more details like leaving my phone at the gate and I was trying to get past this dude but he walked up and started spinning so I ran past. But long story short. I ran past and ran to the car parked on the side of the street. I locked the doors. My aunt came shortly after and the spies were following. A few spies opened the trunk for some reason and one spy put his fingers in the door to try to open it. We started driving and he couldn’t hold on anymore. We were on the way to my house and I got a text from my friend saying “cool”. And that’s the end.

  2. Your Comment
    I dreamed a word saying I am Gods spy. I cannot get the meaning of this dream. I am a christian.

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