Spirit Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Spirit Dream Symbol – Dreaming of spirits from beyond is a sign of your fear of dying. These may be the spirits of dead family members or friends. They may visit with important messages you need to hear to help you in real life. These message are from the universe to help you through some issues you are trying to resolve.

spirit dreaming

spirit dreaming

Spirits often visit in difficult, stressful times. They may come to comfort or alert you to something you cannot see. If you fail to heed their message, they will continue to haunt your dreams until you understand their meaning. Talking to spirits you do not know can mean someone lies to you. Talking to the spirit of someone you know is a sign of great fortune on the way.

Dreaming of evil spirits can indicate depression or loss of some kind. Maybe you are hiding a secret? It also means there are tough challenges on the way. These will be difficult obstacles if you want to continue your current path. It may be a warning you need to change direction or find a better way to achieve your goals. If you dream of someone as evil, this can represent parts of yourself not on public display. What do you hide from the world?

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  1. I was looking for an answer about my dreams. It was a dream of hugging MY spirit and setting her free. I dont remember how it was to happen I know inside me or instinct that I have the reason thats why the spirit created. When i met her today about for so long , its felt like she’s been lonely that i never remember her at once and felt like she was looking for me crying, agony and lonely. I dont know but I hug her in my dreams and setting her free. and some papers appeared in my hand then our chained strethen. What does it mean. Im a girl by the way.

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