Soldier Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Soldier Dream Symbol – When you dream of soldiers it can be a message about self-discipline or there may be something missing from your life. It can symbolize your inner battles between your head and your intuition. It can also be a warning that being too predictable and disciplined can make for a boring life. This is time to take positive action.

Soldiers go to war to fight for the rights of the people. They face fear and hate. This can symbolize a fear of change? You need to use change to your advantage. You cannot avoid it. Seeing soldiers parading can be a sign of happy times ahead. There could be some positive surprises that cross your path. A woman dreaming of a soldier is a sign you will soon embark on exciting sexual adventures. Expect to meet someone new and exciting.

Soldier Dream Interpretations

When there are soldiers in a dream it can be a sign you worry about something that may bring unhappiness sometime soon. Many soldiers can be a reminder you need to persevere about something. Is there something currently frustrating you? Seeing soldiers guarding can mean there is something you wait for in vain. It may be time to move on. A single soldier on guard brings news that your luck will soon change. This could be positive or negative. Being chased by soldiers can mean you are stressed by the negative things happening in your life. Take time out to enjoy the beauty of life. This will help you rejuvenate. And, you may even find the answers you need.

A single soldier on guard brings news that your luck will soon change. This could be positive or negative. Being chased by soldiers can mean you are stressed by the negative things happening in your life. Take time out to enjoy the beauty of life. This will help you rejuvenate. And, you may even find the answers you need.

When soldiers visit a dream, it can mean you need to pay closer attention to what is happening in your life. Have you been going through life oblivious to what is happening around you? This could mean you may soon lose your job and have other negative changes that affect your life. Pay attention and you will adapt your life to the new situation. You can get things back on track again.

Seeing a soldier in dress uniform can mean you will soon have a love affair or receive an invitation to an important event. A man with this dream can mean you are lacking in self-confidence. You need to believe in yourself. Soldiers on the march is an omen there are negative changes on the way. You need to be open to these for they may help you stand up to your enemies. This could relate to your job and problems with people in authority.

Dreaming of soldiers at war can mean there will soon be a violent confrontation of some sort in your life. This could mean there is an argument, confrontation, or separation of some kind. These can be highly emotional times. Wounded soldiers can warn there are those close to you who purposely create trouble for you. Hold your counsel close for some time if you are not sure who this is. A brave soldier is a sign of all your dreams of come true. Get ready for abundance and prosperity to bless your life.

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  1. Mine was somewhat strange,
    I was a Union Soldier, marching in column nearby a cannon, a cannonball hit the cassion and the dream ended with me on the ground, with a torn off leg from the oncoming shrapnel.
    It seemed rather realistic,

  2. There was a soldier up ahead so I dropped to the ground and laid face down and pretended I was dead as he went around checking on the bodies laying around me on the ground and was using the end of his rifle to see which ones were still alive and I could sense he was going to shoot them if they were. As I lay there trying not to move my body was twitching a little and I was hoping that he didn’t notice and come to shoot me. As he got closer I began being fearful that he was going to shoot me but my dream changed just before he got to me.

  3. I love this, I had a dream which was made mentioned here and the meaning of the dream was what the writer wrote because it happened just the the same way. Thank you


    In my dream, I saw some soldiers. I was sitting in d middle, a soldier was sitting in my left n right hand sides. Suddenly, I saw an army vehicle that stopped some meters away in d direction I was facing. Then the soldier sitting on my right hand told d soldier that came out from d vehicle carrying a kind of a big machine gun of about 100m long that he cannot shoot me. Then d soldier walked to me n pointed d gun at my head. D gun was actually touching my forehead.
    I was very confident in that dream that I concluded in my mind that he can’t shoot. I wasn’t afraid at all. D soldier didn’t pull d trigger. So, I used my left hand to hit d gun. To my amazement, d heavy gun flew with a big force over a distance of about 700m n landed on d ground. D soldier that was pointing d gun at me quietly went to pick his gun without saying a word to me. Then, I woke up.
    What could this dream mean?

    • I love this, I had a dream which was made mentioned here and the meaning of the dream was what the writer wrote because it happened just the the same way. Thank you

  5. I have always dreamed of soldiers or police! Yesterday I dreamed that I was missing my way and in the process I met soldiers on guard and the directed me how to get to my destination. This night, I dream that we were being asked to join army compulsorily, so I was protesting the decision when a lady came to me trying to force me. So I beat her up and she left and came back with a bullet without gun and was pointing at me. I was shouting back to sender when I woke up. But I always dream of soldiers, and don’t know why.

  6. A dream of soldier and police man moving from place to place to see that people abide by requlations concerning lockdown

  7. I had a dream that I was I US Marine we were at a crashed helicopter in a city or town that looks to be a Midde eastern look.Then we got the pilot we went into a hotel or apartment building That looks modern then we saw someone running then we started chasing the person. We got into a room and it was kid we checked our equipment and then we left. We would then be in a helicopter it would fly into my home town. Witch some parts of it were flooded I think we were to help the civilians.

  8. I had a dream that I was being chased by two Amazon men down the stairs in an underground place.Soon I saw a room with two cells.The one in front of me has a lot of armed soldiers in their uniform,and the one on my left is an old bedroom with an old bed in it.I ran towards the bedroom,locked the cell and started breathing like a dog.I could even feel my heartbeat for a second then the Amazon men started calling the soldiers out and they were all coming for me.Thankfully I was inside the cell but they started throwing their armes at me and started pouring lava at me but when I was starting to jump outside the window I recognized my friend’s voice.She asked me what the hell I was doing then I went back inside,didn’t see the soldiers anymore and there was no traces of them.Anywhere.But one thing was strange is that in the underground place,it was the past but when I stared at the window,there was a very developed city with lots of very tall buildings but I was inside a million-years bedroom…then I woke up.

  9. shikshya adhikari on

    i had a dream of a soldier came into my roof at the middle of night, clicking my photos as evidence. and he said i am standing between border of two counties.
    please reply.

    • I had a dream that there were several soldiers formed in a line marching going House to house stomping marching extremely loud armed and very scary looking and serious looking

  10. Maroveke Aubvie on

    I had this strange dream where i was in the military. It looked like we were in the US Army and we were about to head out to Israel but our flight was delayed until midnight when we received a message from our superiors to gather and have a briefing before we fly out. So we gathered in this room a bunch of us numbering over 15 and this lady started giving us the details of our mission. After some time she called four of us and we marched to the front. Upon standing in attention she gave the other three guys medals and i was given sort of a rolled paper and she saif i wad the leader of the four of us. The title had Leut in it. We marched back to our seats and she again went to the other guy who was in a one man gang and she said he was supposed to use code 07 not 01. From the room i could see our plane and i woke up. Please note that i have never been in the military neither do i know any of thier codes. I am also not a US citizen so its kinda strange i was in their army

  11. In my dream i was home with my older brother, we are outside when we notice some people who was dressed as a soldier coming. They have a guns with them i feel scared i called my brother and went inside, i lock the door, they are surrounding the house. We went to the bathroom then we duck cover and hold. They knocked and knocked then in no time they manage to open the door. They found us in the bathroom they’re gun is in our head, before they shoot us i was awake. I continue to sleep then i continue my dream again. I found myself running, they’re still chasing me. I can’t see my brother, i continue running when i reach a community who was having a dance party, just a minute it’s gonna start. Then when it’s time for the dance, Nover(who was my classmate) held my hand then Jobert(my crush for almost 5 years) came holding my other hand also want to dance then i woke up again.

  12. Lesley Charlton on

    Hi I had a strange dream I walked in to a house on the table were loads of glass ornaments glasses I walked around the table met an old lady she said I’m going to buy some ornaments for you. Picking up the ornaments on the shelf they were soldiers each one painted black bits gold on them. Would like to know the meaning of this.

  13. I saw one soldier pursuing me till
    I enteredd CAC church compound,and I woke up, what does that mean?

  14. Amani Jackson on

    I have dreamt joined soldiers but mother were unhappy cause of that!!!!! i was also in dressing uniform of soldiers

  15. In my dream I saw many soldiers floating down from heaven, heavily armored and looking fearless, it was so clear I could see the shine on their armor. One of the giant soldiers was so close to the ground that if I jumped high enough, I would be able to grab onto him, I tried severally while he was descending but I couldn’t reach his right leg, excitedly I asked someone beside me, if she can see them too and she said no. I was surprised and I looked up and the first one was so close to the ground, then I blinked and they all disappeared. I was shocked cos I was waiting for them to reach the ground to interact with them. I became confused and worried. Pls can u help me interpret this dream. This is the third time am having this dream in some many years. I need answers

  16. steven odiobara on

    In my dream I’m the commander of the like 8 to 10 soldiers and I use my power to regain all my family lost. I even saw my late grand mom in the dream and she told me all what they took from us by force. So I used my soldier commander power to regain all lost and torture some stubborn youth in the dream.

    • Gavin Swope on

      Dreamed of being chased by these twisted people looking disturbingly terrifying and also i was trying to get to the rest of my family and we got out of the building still running away from the murderous monsters and there was tons of army soldiers sitting criss-cross without moving looking straight.

  17. hagiel nieto on

    I dreamed of flood from the roof rushing water down and I’m trying to save myself,,I saw handsome foreign soldiers in my dreams helping me out on the situation and I saw large poop also on my dreams for several times in that same dream

    • I saw myself coming out of a prison,as I was walking along the street I saw soldiers standing along the road and tried to escape them along the line I looked my wallet. Please what does it represent?

  18. Hi, in my dream i was with a large number of people, some people started making some trouble and out of nowhere troops of soldiers appeared warning no one to move, i didn’t to their command and i managed to escape from the building, when i came out i noticed that the building was inside a barracks, and it looked like the soldiers were on the lookout for me, still i managed to escape the barracks through a backdoor. I got to the main town and noticed the presence of the military around, i then proceeded to act very normal to escape their notice, when i left the area with the military presence, i found my self walking through a very long building, with a backpack and some money, after sometime i noticed i wasn’t wearing the backpack again and some money was missing, i started going back to search for my lost items, i saw various bags that looked like mine but I didn’t take them, as I was about getting worried i noticed that the money was still in my pocket, going some further distance i still picked some more money from the floor, i then proceeded with my journey.

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