Snow Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Snow Dream Symbol –  The old saying ‘snowed under’ means you have so much to do or concentrate on you do not know where to start. Everything may seem to be of equal importance. You may even feel totally overwhelmed. Maybe you are uptight about what is going on and you need to chill out to see the big picture. You need to prioritize. You may even be afraid of losing something close to your heart. Falling snow is a magical sight and brings new perspective.

snow-dreamsSnow in a dream can also mean you will win or inherit a large sum of money sometime soon. This is what you wish for and the universe will deliver. Dreaming of a snowstorm or blizzard indicates you will meet someone new who becomes your lover. If you are already in a committed relationship, this can mean your relationship is wonderful and you are living in blissful happiness.

Dreaming of fresh, clean snow symbolizes new beginnings and insight. Something is coming to an end in your life. Be open to new possibilities. Snow symbolizes things are about to take shape as it is solidified water. It can be a message about suppressed feelings. Have you closed yourself off to the world? It can be that you need to unthaw a little to move forward.

Allow the sun to melt away your problems. However, dirty snow indicates depression and anxiety over many parts of your life. Walking clumsily through the snow is a sign there are relationships and situations around you that you may mistrust. You may be unsure of your involvement, or of the people pushing you take part. It can also mean you fear making the wrong choices.

A man dreaming of snow can relate to a fear of growing older. This may be in relation to his sexuality. Melting snow refers to the softening of a cold, frigid heart. Snow is a warning that if you remain this way it will lead to being lonely in old age. Having a snow fight means happiness and joy. But sinking knee deep into the snow can represent your feelings of love for someone have disappeared.

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  1. I dreamed that me and my girl friend was walking on the road with full of snow . Heavy snow falling we can’t even see the road ahead then snow storm comes and took my friend who banished with storm. I felt very scared It feels like the end of the world. I found shelter in someone’s house where other people was taking shelter too. We are all scared but felt safe. I felt sad because I lost my friend then I woke up.

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