Snake Dreams – What Snake Dreams Really Mean


“Last night I had a dream about a snake!” Snake dreams are one of the most common dreams that are reported among dreamers. The meaning of snake dreams will depend on your culture, background, and your own life experiences.

To interpret a dream about a snake, it is important that you take your own background and personal experiences into consideration. You need to ask yourself how the dream made you feel during and when you awoke from the dream. Did the dream have a negative or positive meaning?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes?

In Kundalini yoga, the snake is the energy center coiled at the base of your spine. This is the seat of creativity and emotions. Snake dreams are therefore often connected to your creativity and the instinctual part of your being.

The snake is often the inner you – the deepest part of your humanity. In snake dreams, you may gain insight into your deepest desires, the motivations that inspire your actions, and the creative muse that you should follow. The path that the snake takes is often the direction your subconscious wants you to go.

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Snake visits your dreams when you need to shed the old emotions and old habits to move forward. You need to do this to let new opportunities in. Nothing new can penetrate the old skin until you completely let it go.
Snake brings messages of huge changes in your life.

Ensure you know exactly what you need and want to take you towards your dreams. This is a time when the universe manifests anything you ask for so you need to make sure you ask for the right things. Remember the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for”? Keep this in mind at this time. Snake brings positive messages there is nothing to fear in these changes. You can make them work for you.

A visit from a snake reminds you to discard the old habits of the past. You can do this by staying connected to the natural elements. Feel the earth’s vibrations. Hear the wind rustle through the trees. Feel the sun’s warmth on your skin. When you stay connected to the elements it keeps you centered and focused on what you need to do. Now walk your truth.

Dreaming of a snakeskin may mean your health is protected. There is nothing to worry about. Just keep up your good health regime. Seeing a headless snake could mean you are refusing to acknowledge something dangerous around you. It is a warning you could be caught unawares in a dangerous situation. Is there something or someone you underestimate? Is there someone you fear? Open your eyes. Follow your intuition to avoid a dangerous situation.

Dreaming of a snake may awaken your fear of the unknown striking at any time. What or who is there to fear? Why fear the unknown? The fear is usually worse than the reality. This may even be a fear of your sexuality. You may fear intimacy and commitment when others get close to you. A snake may even refer to someone who is callous and cold. They are ruthless, calculating, and manipulative, and you may not be seeing this. You may be under threat without even knowing it. You need to look deeper at those you trust and see who it can be. Trust your gut instincts.

A snake bite brings reminders of hidden fears. They often haunt you, surfacing when you are ready to move forward. Snake is alerting you to this so you can avoid self-sabotage.

When Snake crosses your Path

Snake crosses your path to remind you of spiritual unity. She comes to reawaken your consciousness after disconnection with the world around you.

Snake Dream Meanings – Common Interpretations

Snakes are often seen as being harmful and dangerous, not only because they may be poisonous, but because Western religious myths label the snake as the cause of the fall of man. Because the images we learn as children sink deeply into our subconscious, the snake may also represent to a Westerner a danger, a person who cannot be trusted, or the fear of betrayal.

If you see a poisonous snake in your dream it can indicate feelings or contamination. Sometimes these dreams may indicate your fears of failing in your goals or losing something that you love. It can also indicate that there is someone is who ruining you.

Possible Temptations in Your Life – Because the snake played such an important Biblical role in tempting Eve to take a bite of the forbidden fruit, the snake is often associated with making the morally wrong choice or a situation that is difficult to resist.

You may have a temptation to do something that you know is morally wrong. This could be anything to do with your work or personal relationships. Your dream may be telling you that you need to take a hard look at the decisions you make because they will affect those around you.

Being Bitten by a Snake – If you dream that you are bitten by a snake it can indicate that you may have succumbed to a negative influence in your life or have feelings of being a failure. It may also indicate that you have suffered some loss of some kind in your life.

Even though the snake in mysticism is intimately connected with the subconscious and the creative side, a snake symbol that indicates danger and betrayal may also be a completely legitimate Western dream, especially for those from an Abrahamic faith, as it reflects a symbol imbibed from childhood.

Pay attention to the circumstances and especially the emotions surrounding the symbol of the snake, especially if you were raised in an Abrahamic faith, as it may symbolize either the creative urge or a lurking danger. However, when analyzing your dream, do not be quick to assume that the snake is evil.Snake Dreams Symbol

Regardless of your religious background, snake dreams are incredibly powerful and revealing about interior aspects of yourself. Even in yoga traditions, the Kundalini snake can be dangerous if uncontrolled. It is important to understand the snake and to examine what it is about in your own dream, rather than to simply translate it as a dream symbol.

Snake Dream Symbols

The following are some other symbols that a snake may represent in your dream. To understand which of these your dream represents, or if it represents a combination of them, uses the surrounding symbols and the emotions present in your dream, as well as your intuition to determine the meaning of your snake dream.

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Phallic symbol: According to Freudian dream analysis, the snake is a phallic symbol, and as such it represents male energy or your sexuality. Your snake dreams may be giving you insight into your own sexuality, or else they may represent the aggressive, goal-focused male energy that is often described as the root of business success.

Even if you are a woman, this aggressive, somewhat ruthless energy is often necessary for achieving your goals, and the snake in your dream may give you insight into how to do this more effectively. As a symbol of sexuality, your snake dreams may be indicated to you a need to become more comfortable with this part of yourself, especially if you dream of a poisonous snake or otherwise feel fear about the snake in your dream.

Wild side/Instincts: A snake, of course, is a wild animal which man may tame and make accustomed to his touch, but which will never ultimately be the sort of companion to a man than a dog or a cat is. Dreaming about a snake may, therefore, represent the wild and untamed side of you; the passions that may go against cultural and societal expectations. As such, the snake may be an intimidating and uncomfortable symbol because it may reveal desires in you that you would not admit to in your polite waking life.

Spiritual nature: As the root of the Kundalini, the snake is a symbol of your spiritual nature, which can also be an uncomfortable facet of yourself to confront, especially if you have become accustomed to living life on the surface, becoming distracted by day-to-day needs and stresses and failing to examine your deep spiritual needs or desires.

Following the snake can teach you a lot about yourself, especially in the aspects which you have heretofore not addressed or confronted. Though the snake may seem sinister, it has a lot to teach about your innermost self; in fact, for many of us, truly confronting our innermost self is itself a sinister and sometimes frightening experience.

Spirit guide: In many traditions, a person will have an animal act as a spirit guide, appearing in dreams, daydreams, and visions at times of decision or change, or when the person is struggling and in need of guidance. If your spirit guide is a snake, you are a very lucky person, because this means that you are a deeply spiritual individual and profoundly in tune with your spiritual, instinctive, and creative sides.

Healing: Snakes are a symbol of healing, from the Biblical event of Moses placing a serpent for the Hebrews to look at to cure them, to the staff of Asclepius, the Greek healer, with its signature serpents entwined about it. In fact, the symbol of the medical field itself, the staff with two serpents, is a reference to the practice of Asclepius and the symbolic healing power of snakes.

While you might think of snakes as being connected to venom, illness, and death, they are also a powerful symbol of health and healing. The practice of Asclepius was intimately connected with dreams, as dreams were supposed to be a place to receive insights about the causes of your afflictions so that they could be cured, and cures themselves were supposed to happen in dreams at Asclepieion dream temples.

If you are dreaming of a snake, therefore, it may be pointing you to the remedy you need or telling you about the ailment that is making you ill, causing your life to stagnate, or bringing unhappiness into your life.

Ancient beliefs: In Irish Christian myth, St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland, which has long been considered a metaphor for the banishment of the druids in the wake of Christianity. A snake in your dream may be a symbol of ancient, forgotten wisdom that has been suppressed by more modern views and beliefs.

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Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Is there anything that has been bothering you in your waking life that you have been putting off?
  • Are there any temptations in your life that you have been fighting off?
  • Was your dream sexual in nature? Do you think it corresponds with the Freudian belief that the snake is a phallic symbol?
  • Is there are a wild or untamed side of you that is expressing itself in your dream?
  • Was the snake a spirit animal that is trying to guide you on your journey in life?
  • Does your snake dream represent an underlying fear that you have in your waking life that is expressing itself in your dream?
  • Are you feeling more drawn to become more spiritual in your waking life?

Common Snake Dream Scenarios

  • Being cornered or attacked by a snake
  • Being swallowed by a snake
  • Having a snake jump out at you while you are walking along a path
  • Seeing a friend or family member bitten by a snake
  • Having a snake wrap itself around you
  • Snaking sneaking around in the grass
  • Seeing a snake eat another animal or snake
  • A snake that is coiled up
  • A snack that lashes out at you with its fangs

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  1. In my dream some one is attacked/bitten and my mom patting and taking care of the small black snake (she is just calming the snake ). Am just shocked and panic on that spot and screaming “Mom what ‘s on your hand”
    something is assaulted the black snake . I couldn’t see that .

  2. I dreamt of a green snake that gave me a gift box, small and wrapped with a bow. It then went into the box, there was a bright light and it vanished.

  3. Hello, last night I had a dream that keeps running through my head and I don’t fully understand what it means.
    In the dream I am at this strange home with my two year old daughter and a lady I’ve never met before. She warns us that we are surrounded by snakes. I look around and I can see small yellow and black snakes coming in the house. So I look out side and it’s night
    but I can see the snakes all over the yard. I see a car but it’s on the other side of the yard. I tell the lady “I think I can make it to the car to get is out of here.” She said “it’s not a good idea because the snakes are highly poisonous.” So I look around the house again and there are more snakes inside. I look at my baby girl and told the lady “I have to do something to get us out of here before she gets hurt.” So I go outside and try to run for the car to bring it near the door. But the snakes start attacking and I can feel them biting my legs. It feels like little needles stabbing me. I couldn’t reach the car. So I turn back and now all the snakes are chasing me trying to get into the house I close the door without many getting In but now they are coming in from under the door. I look at my legs and I have huge sores on them full of puss. The lady sits me down and puts some sort of medicine on the wounds. It make them heal right before my eyes. I get up and look around for my daughter. She’s in the bathroom trying to turn on the sink. I see a snake coming for her so I pick her up and the snake bits her on her arm. I rush to the lady to help her. she looks really worried and said “I’ve never had to heal a child so young. It might not work. If she is strong she will live.” All of a sudden it’s the next day. My daughter is by my side and her wound is Heald but she’s week. Snakes are still everywhere but there isn’t as many as last night. So I book it to the car. I’m able to get everyone one in safely and as I’m driving down the road next to a cliff edge and I can see the snakes jumping trying to get onto the car. And I wake up.

    If anyone has any idea of what the meaning of this dream could be about. It would be really helpful. I’ve never had a dream like this before and I have a hard time remembering my dreams unless they mean something. Thank you so much

    • Olufunmilayo Dasaolu on

      This is a demonic attack. If you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ, you need him now. You need to pray because whatever you believe in is going to fail. You need to come to the Lord.

  4. There was no colors in the dream but I know there was a tree full of snakes and I wasn’t underneath but in close proximity to it I actually saw one of the snakes jump from the tree I was not afraid I was just grossed out sorta like yuck that’s it

  5. I dream regularly about snakes. Most of the times I am very close to them or I handle them directly. Now I dreamed that I was feeding a snake that was on my property. It waswas a very pretty snake and dark . Not huge. Any ideaschance what it can mean when you take care of snakes? Feeding them. Relocating them or petting them?
    F.27 from Germany

  6. I had a dream I told my son to keep a small thin snake from enter our house. Upon entering our home I found a much bigger one. Any thoughts?

    • Olufunmilayo Dasaolu on

      Any little sin you allow now is going to cost you heavily later. Be careful what you let onto your life.

    • I dreamt a huge black snake it was following me I kept call her mother and I was petting her after an she transformed into a white dog what does that mean

  7. When I was 9, me and my family moved to a new house. I remember one night around that time, I had a dream where I was walking around my old street, in front of my old house, with my mum, and around us where snake skins on or burried under the concrete. When I told my mum about the dream, she told me that it means that all bad things are left behind us, in that house.

  8. As a very young child I had recurring and frightening dreams about snakes for many years, it is one of my very first memories, they started when I was only 2 years old. It is strange since I can barely remember anything from when I was that young, but those dreams remain crystal clear in my memory. The dreams didn’t cease until I was about 6 or 7. The most recurring dream I had was that there was a snake on top of this children sized closet/drawer that I had in my room when I was a kid, and the snake would lash out at me with its fangs from there. And i also had other strange dreams surrounding that closet, I used to dream about the same boy coming out of the closet every once in a while. The boy resembled someone I knew, he was the son of a friend of my mother”s, but in my dreams he always wore the same strange clothes and Harry Potter glasses (this was in the early 90’s before Harry Potter was known), with a cream coloured turtleneck longsleeve and strange black suspender pants with a black hat that resembles what chimney men used to wear in the older days, if that makes any sense. Sometimes he would be like prince charming and other times he would come out of the closet with a shotgun aimed at me and my mother, hunting to kill us. Needless to say those dreams where he was a cold blooded killer turned into nightmares. If someone has any thoughts on the snake dreams or of anything I described, please let me know since I feel that there is something unresolved here.

  9. I dreamt of a large anaconda coming out of a grassy ditch, rushing towards and following my father (who died 10 yrs ago) closely behind, ready to attack. I was trying to warn him but he was so cool, calm, and collected not really paying attention to the snake. He was knocking at a door, they opened the door and handed him a paper bag and he returned towards me. I hate snakes and am terrified by them so I was fearing for his life and mine. The snake proceeded to swiftly shatter the door causing chaos and then going off into a field. I was in awe and stoked asking my dad if he’d seen the snake and how he was able to be so cool and not get bitten or attacked. He was like, “I know it’s there but why worry, if I would have worried or not it wouldn’t have mattered, either way, if it was going to attack me it would have done so either way.” I couldn’t believe it, and was just so excited to share what I had seen. I kept telling everyone I would see in my dream (sisters, nephews, family friends, even my mother (who died 13 yrs ago) and my current partner) all who couldn’t believe me, being that my father was a great story teller and truth twister while he was living. The dream was so realistic, when I woke up I wanted to go ask my dad if it had been true, but that’s when reality sunk in and I remembered he was deceased and it was all a dream.

    • I dreamt that I had been sleeping and woke to find spiders of various shapes sizes and colours in different spots around the room. A large gold one above the bed had spun had a large web but one strand was attached to me. There were so many spiders (yet no one else was overwhelmed or seemed to care) I attempted to kill some but instead left. I began to drive away when the road ahead of me had large cobra snakes(size of cars) positioned in a line across for each other and hippos opposite them creating a pattern of hippo and cobra that I needed to navigate through. I drove through recognizing how confident and proud I was of making my way through them. Then I woke.

  10. I had a dream,I was sitting on top of a big snake. I am Zulu by the way . When I asked around I was told that I am in line to initiate into a traditional healer ( sangoma). It is believed the a snake in your dreams especially the one that is not fighting you or that is good to you represents your ancestors. However if it’s negative to you, it means there is an enemy out to get you. Thought I should add this. Thanks

  11. I had a dream that a venomous snake was wrapped around the base of my spine under the skin. I got the impression that the snake liked me and wanted to be with me in this dream.

  12. I had a dream last night about a baby pink snake, it looks cute, friendly and naive looks. Were going on the trip then we passed by group of snake, one of the snake wrap me but never hurt me nor attack. Whenever we go the baby pink snake never leave me.

  13. I had a dream last night that a headless rattlesnake coiled around my legs. And it was trying to bite me but had no head. Anyone know what this means?

  14. I had a dream last night where I was a teenager again living with my mother & she just purchased a house that was infested with snakes. They were popping out of the furniture & everything. Nobody seemed to have an issue but me with them. I’m normally not afraid of them but with the amount of them & them bursting out of the furniture had me scared.

  15. I had a dream that someone a man was asking me if I wanted to or If Ive ever see an anaconda? I felt apprehensive , I responded “only in my dreams ” which was weird bc I was dreaming, but as a little girl I use to have a reoccurring nightmare of being in a body of water and an anaconda coming for me while I tryed to out swim it, the reason I say this is bc when the man asked me that I remembered that dream and that’s why I responded the way the way I did by saying ” only in my dreams have I seen one” I know it’s weird but hey that’s why I ask maybe someone can shed some light. Please and thank you ‘

  16. One month ago I had a Snake attack dream. Before attacking I saw i image of our close neighbour and then snake came attacking me. Got scared and woke up.What does that mean?

  17. One month ago I had a Snake bite dream. Before attacking I saw i image of our close neighbour and then snake came attacking me. Got scared and woke up.What does that mean?

  18. Daniel Baffoe on

    I had a dream and in the dream, was having some time with my family and my father called a neighbor to visit him with snakes. He brought the snake everybody seems to be cool with it but i was afraid and i started screaming till i woke up

  19. So last night I had a very interesting dream or nightmare depending on whoever interprets it. Well what i mainly remember was that i was seemingly the last man on earth and I was holding a infant in my arms inside a vast glass walled pedestal. Outside the pedestal the world was flooded. At the top of this glass building I was brought forward by an unknown force to a small aquarium where inside there were vast amount of insects and a large black snake that spoke words that were not coherent to me. This unknown force compelled me to hold the infant one hand and a glass container with many more insects and a baby alligator or crocodile. Some how the dream implied that I had to offer the baby to the snake. I do not remember placing the infant into aquarium, but it was implied that I did. After “doing so” I knew that my time had come, i excepting that, but at the same time I looked for an escape so that I would not drown.
    I was interesting in how others could interpret this dream that I had?

  20. I have been having this same dream for a few nights now, i have a pet snake and i have been dreaming that she splits herself in half and then one half eats the over. Can you help me on this

  21. leave me a message on ig jelenny_27 and i want to know what may my dream mean if i dreamed with a dead women that got into my soul and i couldn’t wake up from it but in the dream i started prying and saying many prayer to prevent the woman to control my soul once i woke up i could remember the dream clearly even the look the dead woman gave me but she never spoke to me…?

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