Snail Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Snail Dream Symbol – You may dream of snails when your life is progressing slowly. It is a sign you need to persevere to develop further. Snails represent your sensitivity. You may feel vulnerable and enjoy solitude at this time. Snails remind of patience. Of exercising self-control. You need to open up more to the world though you have been hurt. It takes planning and trust. Act with caution.

snail-dreamsSeeing snails can mean you are too sensitive. This is not a time to make instant decisions. Do not rush into making changes or you may get hurt again. There is no rush. Remember, sometimes it is necessary to slow the pace down in order to see with clarity. If you act with a clear mind, with your sights set on the future, you can avoid difficult situations.

Crushing a snail is a sign you are over being patient. You are sick of it. You want things to start moving again. Beware. Pushing things may result in a disaster. If you crushed the snail on purpose, this means rushing things will disadvantage you. Standing on a snail can indicate some mean people will enter your life. Removing a snail from its shell means there is someone you want to remove from your life.

Eating snails is a sign your patience is wearing thin with family dramas and issues. Looking at a snail before eating it is a sign of procrastination. Are you neglecting something important in your life?

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  1. Pat Ehiogie on

    I had a dream where snails were all gathered in a place, like a shallow hole on the ground. Small small snails, then one very big one that started eating the small snails. I was walking by with a friend, and my friend stopped to pick the snail, I told her to drop it, and seeing that the snail was small, she dropped it and we walked away. That was how I woke up. Pls I need interpretation.

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