Smell Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Smell Dream Symbol – Smell is the most sensitive of our senses. It can provoke strong images and associations, and provoke memories – positive and negative. The smell in a dream can be about your intuition. It is a message from your subconscious – you need to listen. Dreaming of smells you recognize from childhood indicates you are open and sensitive to the world around you.

Pleasant smells in a dream is a sign of satisfaction and harmony in your life. You have achieved much success and good friends and family who support you as well as financial independence. You will have pleasant things happen in your life. Nasty smells can bring warnings of untrustworthy people who position themselves close to you. Be careful about who you trust with your feelings and secrets. It can also mean there is something lacking in your relationship. Have you grown apart? Do you no longer enjoy each other’s company?

Seeing strong smelling perfume being sprayed on someone can mean you have some loyal people in your support system. Losing your sense of smell can warn you to have enemies out to get you. Smelling the sweet perfume of flowers can mean new love will soon cross your path. Be open to new experiences in your world.

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  1. My mum has recently passed and my dream was of her bringing me very heavily ( but beautiful) scented flowers
    I don’t recall much other than mum and the beautiful scent of the flowers
    I have never had an olfactory dream before : ever

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