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Smell Dream Symbol – Smell is the most sensitive of our senses. It can provoke strong images and associations, and provoke memories – positive and negative. The smell in a dream can be about your intuition. It is a message from your subconscious – you need to listen. Dreaming of smells you recognize from childhood indicates you are open and sensitive to the world around you.

Pleasant smells in a dream is a sign of satisfaction and harmony in your life. You have achieved much success and good friends and family who support you as well as financial independence. You will have pleasant things happen in your life. Nasty smells can bring warnings of untrustworthy people who position themselves close to you. Be careful about who you trust with your feelings and secrets. It can also mean there is something lacking in your relationship. Have you grown apart? Do you no longer enjoy each other’s company?

Seeing strong smelling perfume being sprayed on someone can mean you have some loyal people in your support system. Losing your sense of smell can warn you to have enemies out to get you. Smelling the sweet perfume of flowers can mean new love will soon cross your path. Be open to new experiences in your world.

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  1. i had a strange dream. someone brought me to somewhere like prison to show me what might a murder smell. it was the most disgusting smell ever which even after a week or so i still remember that smell. i wonder what is behind that dream. what does it mean, maybe i meant to recognize a murderer?

  2. leigh watson on

    I had a dream I smelled like a tramp such a strong smell had bath before I went bed sheets are fresh on the bed the bedroom window is closed and scented candle been on all day this place is clean thank god I’m not the only one that does this

  3. Douglas Wheeler on

    I had a dream that I was walking on the road in front of my house in the distant past. Long flowers were clumped by the sides of the road. Long like cattails but the flower was white and maybe 12 inches long by 6 inches wide. The centers were yellow with purple surrounding the yellow. The flowers layed over as if a strong wind or rain had knocked them down. The flowers had such a strong smell of honey that I kept trying to pick them up off the ground so nothing would hurt them. Feeling perplexed. Lol

  4. Celia Cristina Ribeiro on

    It was about 5am when I dreamt that my kitchen a strong smell of flowers took over; could not see them but sense they where multiples and different kinds because the smell was mixed ! I could see in my imagination one white flower which I could not identify and a large yellow flower nearly the size of sunflower
    The episode last only few seconds but left good impression

  5. I have always been very attracted to the natural scents of men in my life. Lately I have been dreaming of one from my past. And I can smell him in my dream. I am aware that I am dreaming, so I try to cherish the brief moments of that interaction with him during dream. So that when I awake I feel comfort instead of heartache.

  6. I remember a part of my dream. just this part. and I didn’t really liked it. I was on my way somewhere. I was just waiting for a bus to arrive. then an unfamiliar face just popped up out of nowhere and walked towards me and tried smelling me and suddenly smile. after that, I woke up trying my very best to even just sketch or remember that person’s face. but it’s not someone I know. creepy part is it smiled after smelling me. it was not a normal smile. it’s a smile after killing a person. now, it’s something I can’t get out of my mind. that part was way to clear. not to exaggerate things but I thought it was real not a dream.

  7. In my dream, I heard people talking and I see lots of different faces but I could recognize some of them. After asking an old man with a scar on his face where my classroom is (which THEY answered) I goes back to my “FRIENDS” and seat beside one guy and I could smell his perfume. It has a pleasant smell. It seems like it stayed in my nose for a while. It’s not too strong nor too weak….

    Hope someone reply please. I don’t know what to do, it’s creepy…

  8. I have often very vivivd dreams, sometimes I can smell in my dreams one of my most recurring is as I’m walking on a sidewalk I start smelling burning garbage, and that frightens me as I know I’m approaching a haunted house that I never want to go in,but somehow i always do… once inside the smell becomes a stench that exasperates and frightens me.
    Last night I dreamd that I was in bed sleeping and that the sound of my kids crying (I believe) woke me up, I went to a huge living room and it was full of wolves devouring the furniture then all of the sudden the wolves were accompanied by hamsters and other creatures, it smelled a lot like animal pee all over, I did make it to my kids room and got them it was very weird looking room old and European looking. (I am from Mexico)

  9. My mum has recently passed and my dream was of her bringing me very heavily ( but beautiful) scented flowers
    I don’t recall much other than mum and the beautiful scent of the flowers
    I have never had an olfactory dream before : ever

    • I also had this dream, my mum passed away 6 weeks ago and I dreamt of myself asleep in my room and I could smell my mum.

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