Sky Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Sky Dream Symbol РTo Dream of looking up in the sky can indicate that you are searching for something in your life. Looking at the sky with authority can also indicate that you are going to reach new levels in highs in your personal life. You might be on the pass to achieving something you never realized was possible.

sky-dreamsDreaming of the sky represents what is on your mind. What you think. It can also be a place where you can fantasize about your dreams. A bright, blue, sunny sky brings limitless peace and joy, and a sense of wellbeing.

You will be feeling light, happy, and gay. This is also a sign that good things will come your way. A dark, ominous sky may be a sign of the pressure you feel and your constant worry in reality. The magic of the sky presents you with endless opportunities and possibilities for achieving your dreams.

Stars sprinkling a night sky in a dream can mean you will be lucky. You will profit financially from your achievements. A cloudy sky can mean there are tough times coming. There may be new worries, grief, or sadness you need to overcome. Have patience and things will turn out alright.

Flying through the sky in a dream, symbolizes your empowerment and the honor others give you for your achievements. A red sky brings happiness soon. And, a blue sky, indicates your life will soon fill with love and laughter.

An overcast, cloudy sky bring warnings of emotional turmoil ahead. It can also mean you may carry feelings of guilt or a deep secret that becomes a great burden. You may become depressed. Seeing the sky in a dream is a reminder there is always potential to turn things around.

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  1. I dreamt of a bright blue sky in the daytime and whilst I was looking up there was holes forming in the sky eventually the hols stopped growing but they was huge and inside those holes was the night sky…. so it was daytime and nighttime at the same time!!

  2. Hi Stephen
    I have had 2 dreams very similar within a week . First one i was looking up at 2 small aeroplanes flying up as if in an acrobatic movement but the one plane could not pull out of it and came down to crash it seemed on my house but then landed on otherside of th wall in neighbours garden .huge crator left .two people were fetched by paramedics on one gurney but still alive .
    Second dream looking up into sky saw weird object like a satellite dish witg 2 cylinders either side .they fell down close to my house one at a time just missing me

  3. Garland Grace on

    since I was a child I have had dreams of seeing “symbols” in the night sky. in the dreams someone say “look up” and then the normal sky of stars start form a “message” of symbols I have never seen. in the dream I seem to understand the message but when I wake up I can’t remember what they mean. I have had these dreams often growing up and another one last night.

  4. My dream was of standing in my backyard and seeing things fall from the sky. When I looked up I could make out that they looked like human forms. There were mannequins falling from the sky. As one of them got closer I stepped out of the way and with a thud it landed in my herb garden. There were two more falling now. One was headed towards what seemed to be the middle of my backyard and there was another one that seemed to be aimed for landing in my neighbors yard. It seemed that every time I looked up at the partly overcast sky new mannequin would start to fall. I stood one of the mannequins up and it seemed to. It was made out of a flexible plastic. The face was flat and pushed in and its arms had popped off somewhere.

  5. I dreamt, I was walking along the road in daylight. Then suddenly it turns to night, then the stars started to fall from the sky. I fell to my knees and started to pray, while everyone else was running around scared. When all the stars fell from the dark sky, it then turns back to daylight. When I looked up the sky was bluish grey with with writings I couldn’t understand.

  6. Miss Anonymous on

    I had a dream where I think I was in a car or just standing and all of a sudden the sky turned dark red with black clouds and I think I saw numbers. I remember seeing black lighting and then two figures that were hard to see in they sky I think they were fighting and I remember shaking in fear. Nothing had happened really bad in my life the past few days before my dream. I’m scared about today because my dream was last night.

  7. i dreamt of my parents when they were young and dating. they looked the same in my dream as the picture i have of them irl, so they’re smiling in my dream. they were in the parking lot of a movie theater we frequent. (their dates mostly consisted of going to the movies). i remember looking to the sky- it was a cloudy light gray, like he kinds of clouds that produce snow. then appeared these old time-y looking airplanes. they parachute dropped gift bags for everyone. (assuming there were others in the parking lot but i didn’t see them).

  8. I dreamed I saw three s shaped rainbow /then their was writing in the sky and symbols written in black

  9. Ruwan Fernando on

    Hi Dear Stephen,

    Kindly interpret the dream I had few days back.
    ” saw a bright blue sky and array of black dots like fungus some are slightly big. stars were really bright.”

    I would be really appreciate.



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