Skunk Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Skunk Dream Symbol – Skunk teaches lessons of passive defensiveness. She thinks nothing of threatening to release her stinking odor to anyone that threatens her. There is nothing personal in the threat. It is simply a message to back off.

This is a strong message to do no harm to others, regardless of their actions towards you. She shows how to defend yourself without causing further conflict or harm. Skunk’s passive behavior allows her to live life free of the cares of the world. This is attractive to others. And her life is carefree as any predator is mindful of her spray.

Skunk dreamWhen skunk visits your dreams it can be to push you to have more confidence. You know you have the ability to meet any challenge that crosses your path in a calm, loving, peaceful way. This earns the respect of all who cross your path and this helps you on your way. It is time to walk your talk.

Skunk can also visit to let you know you have the ability to rise above a wrong to make it right. You kick up a stink about an injustice. Stand your ground with confidence to see it through to the end. You like to see wrongs righted.
Dreaming of skunk can mean you have been pushing people away. You may or may not be aware of this. You may not be expressing your true self and be on the edge of losing your temper. You are holding back expressing your true feelings about someone or a situation. Is this you? What is making you feel this way?

Skunk holds her ground. Fearing nothing. She shows you how to use tact and diplomacy to remove yourself from awkward situations. She also shows you how to center yourself when completely stressed out. It is important to act from a calm, centered place.

When Skunk crosses your Path

Skunk crosses your path to remind you of your passive nature. You avoid others’ dramas and prefer to stay out of others’ problems. Skunk may be asking you to be more assertive at this time.

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  1. The other night I dreamt of a panda. Last night I dreamt of a skunk. The skunk was in a stance kind of like a possum being very still. My cell phone was right by it and I wanted to get my cell phone but I didn’t want to get sprayed. My old dog happened to be there with another dog and I told him to SIC EM! And my dog and the other dog grabbed the skunk and got sprayed to HOLY HIGH H – E – double hockey sticks LOL and my phone got sprayed too! I did not know how to clean that stench off my phone and the skunk went and hid somewhere. Then I woke up. I am currently having a conflict with my teenage daughter and maybe the dream means to not text her things I will regret later???

  2. Susie Survivor on

    I awoke the other morning to a horrible reeking smell of skunk. Afraid one of my pets may have fallen victim, I Immediately jumped out of bed to investigate…only to realize that as I followed the odorous stench it was dissipating much too quickly-and It had all just been an extremely ”odorific”-dream! I recall no visual display-only the overwhelming smell upon awaking. Any Ideas what it might mean? My past did reek with Horrible abuse & betrayal, many challenges, but also some wins & even some joys & miracles. I did experience a great deal more abuse & trauma a few years ago from the same players from my past but I am well estranged from them at present. I am undergoing some major life changes of late & do have lots of decisions to make as well. In my youth I did have specific & vivid recurring dreams, as an adult I have had numerous similarly themed dreams (usually involving somewhat large houses with many rooms, levels, hallways, doors, adjoining rooms & secret passages), but never recall such a “vividly-smelling” dream. Any ideas?

  3. I just had a dream that a skunk was repeatedly spraying me on my neck. I couldn’t get away from it – I felt helpless against it. The smell was unbearable.

    Stuck with my own stinky self? Eeeuuuw!

    I’m currently in a couple of situations in which I feel I don’t belong. I’ve been isolating, feeling like the “smell” of the situation has rubbed off on me making me too yucky for others to want to be near me.

  4. My husband moved out yesterday. We are divorcing. In Real life there was a praying mantis on the outside wall by the front door. I believe that was a good omen. Last night I had a skunk dream. The skunk was in the house and my cats were trying to understand what it was by licking its neck fur. I kept it locked in the room it was in. I believe this animal has a lot to teach me about keeping my distance from people who thrive on drama. Time to give wide berth to anyone seeking excitement at my expense. I just want peace and quiet. I have to learn how to get that or ask for that without feeling agitated.

  5. Black Manitou on

    Skunks and other dream items mean very different things to everyone. This can be altered by culture as well.
    There is no objective symbolism in dreams. Its up to the individual to dissect its meaning and, if you keep a detailed dream journal, you’ll discover that the details of a dream aren’t necessarily important but its the singular emotional theme of each dream.
    Observe your dreams long enough by way of physically recording them and eventually the detail’s importance strips away and your are left with recurring personal archetypes that are emotionally significant.
    These personal archetypes will also recur in frequency.

  6. I had a dream where I was running from one back yard to another at dusk. I saw a car pull up and I was afraid the person in the car would think I was a burglar so I decided to turn and run towards them and the front yard. As I turned, I saw something running towards me in the tall grass. I thought it was a bunny but when it got to where I was, I could see it was a skunk. We looked at each other and I didn’t know if I should stand still or keep going as I didn’t want to get sprayed. I woke up.

  7. I literally just had a dream of being sprayed by a skunk. I was running across a backyard when I almost tripped over a skunk. I kept going a couple feet to a patio table where I seen 2 baby skunks on top eating scraps. I sprinted to the fence and I could here the momma skunk running thru the grass chasing me. As I jumped over the fence It felt like my whole backside was pee’ed on. Head to toe. I even heard it hit the fence. Like a water hose spraying me. I heard it splish splash against the fence and felt it hit me all over. I woke up wondering how am I going to wash this off.

  8. Hi world ! I’ve been under lot of stress!!!! Also in my marriage I want out its very toxic reset event keeps us together what got me feeling he done this just to keep me around ….in the mist of it all I’m growing stronger and wiser and I can’t help to think my dreams lately been guiding me to my future with that being said that made me dream about…skunk appear and to my understanding it is just making me stronger and from what I’ve read I deeply and honestly feel that way as days go and as my recent court date coming up I already put my foot down and said god let my case drop i will leave my husband…have three girls i need to keep safe teach them how to be young gal …I’m packing up and my kids and I’m out and I mean it and I honestly believe the dreams lately is giving me strength to walk the talk now !

  9. MeganSkunkDreamer on

    I had a really interesting dream last night. In my actual waking life, I’ve been visited by a skunk every night whose been stealing cat food off my porch.
    In the house im living in, I’m a nanny for a family but I gave my 30 days last week because the parents annoy the hellout of me, and subtle things with their energy tell me I annoy them too. But I haven’t been straightforward with them aboht that being the reason I’m leaving.
    Anyway, so my dream last night, in it, the skunk that regularly comes to steal cat food in waking life, comes in my dream and pushes my bedroom door open, and in my dream I stay extremely still so as to not scare it and make her spray. Then, she crawls up on my bed and cuddles up to me like a cat and falls asleep. Im still extremely still, movi g very very slowly, i manage to grab my phone to take a picture. Then in my dream I just slowly get up to start my day without waking the skunk in my bed, and then i actually wake up.

  10. Recently I’ve been going through alot especially with the passing of my father. But on top of all that,me and my sister don’t get along, not by my choice. I’ve tired to be the peace maker more than once. But idk what that has to do with my dream. I am also a youth counselor and in my dream the skunk went to go spray one of the girls and I took the spray for her my back was turned towards the skunk while she got away to a safe area.

  11. There’s 2 parts to my dream last night. In the first part, I have a trapped, beautiful, fluffy, large skunk in a “catch and release” cage. Im in someone’s garage (someone I dont know) and Im explaining and pointing out the cracks where “skunks” can get in. I like the skunk in the cage however and plan to take it out somewhere in the countryside and set it free. In the second part of the dream, I’m on my acreage and I see a small hole (skunk den) and there’s three smaller skunks going in and out of the hole. Each skunk is different and not as nice or large as the one I had planned to set free. I am fine with leaving the 3 skunks alone and letting them be while I went about my business. Interestingly in real life I have three men who are leasing commercial space from me. They took investment money from locals and have blown most of the funds on themselves. They are currently out of money but still have 6 months left on their lease. Their project is at a complete standstill. The local investors are not impressed to say the least and neither am I. I actually think the first skunk is me! Any thoughts?

  12. I also had a horrible dream about essentially this small as town who where brutally hunting down and mutilating skunk. most babies who don’t even have their eyes open to full grown adults (like a few of the adults heads were the size of my palm). I know i snuck intonthe are undercover to find out what they were doing. Somehow I found like 8 TEENY babies alive whose eyes weren’t open and somehow hid them in a how box and brought them home and took care of them. At one point 2 of the babe began to walk in the big ads wheel with put in their cage (the big ones with the plastic bottoms and metal tops)
    * note: I work in animal rehabilitation and I has rescued skunks befor*

  13. I had a dream almost a week ago about a skunk. I was at my parents house closing the front door, which was super creepy because I closed the front door before going to bed, and I skunk walked up to the front door and I hurried to shut it as it was quickly approaching but it sprayed after the door was shut up it was like the spray came from under the door like smoke. It was crazy.

  14. I just had a dream where a baby skunk approached me like a playful dog. It ran right up to me and flopped onto its back, insisting that I run its belly. I wanted to take it home as a pet. But then some people came walking up and scared it from me, but it went towards all of them and sprayed the crap out of them. Then came back towards me, but was covered in stink at this point. It eventually ran away.


  15. I had a dream this afternoon about 2 very large skunks the size of dogs. One if the skunks sprayed a woman the second skunk came to me and sniffed and tried to snuggle up against me in a way that a cat would. I was afraid of it trying to spray me but it didnt. It was just very assertive in wanting to snuggle up. Now when my boyfriend came to pull me away it tried to spray him. What does this dream mean?

  16. Hi! I had a dream last night and in part of it I was crossing high mountain tops and landed on the ground in some dirt. A dog was with me, a companion. I didn’t get hurt, but as soon as I landed in the dusty dirt a skunk ran out from a bush and walked right across my face. It didn’t spray me or the dog and I was fine, but I was so worried about getting sprayed and others smelling it on me.

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