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Shrimp Dream Symbol – Dreaming of shrimp is an indication you feel inadequate in your reality. You may just want to hide away from the world for a while. Seeing a live translucent shrimp, where its skeletal parts are visible, means you makes decisions using great wisdom. But, maybe you take too long making decisions that sometimes you miss opportunities.

shrimp-dreamsCatching shrimp with your hands can indicate possible health issues. Eating shrimp indicates you will have an erotic meeting. This maybe with an unusual stranger in an exciting, passionate encounter. It can also mean you notice that things are coming easily to you at this time.

This boosts your confidence. Be careful though. Do not get overconfident. But, this is a powerful time for you. Eating shrimp also reflects you are in danger of behaving arrogantly. You may try to exploit whatever is too easy for you and make yourself look stupid through your arrogance.

Eating shrimp with a beer is a sign you agree with others ideas and beliefs. Seeing boiled shrimp is a sign of failure. This can be financial or maybe plans for the future. You maybe someone who values others’ opinions too highly. Do you have trouble trusting your intuition? Do you stand up for your beliefs? Have faith in what you dream of achieving? You need to stand tall in your truth. Ordering shrimp for dinner is a sign your finances will improve.

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  1. I had a dream I was talking to my mom then two shrimp appeared out of nowhere and lay on my bed on there backs,they had three set of pincers (but they were shrimp) then they tried to attack,but my mom(dream) grab them from there tales through them at my door and squished them… Then I woke up.

  2. I. Dreamed i was driving a small car from the back seat. I went to turn saw the road was closed so i. didn”t. That is when i saw a lion coming with a gorgeous mane. I went down the road got in the drivers seat. Stopped at a store to get something to see garbage and smell it. I left there and ended up at the lake where i accepted a water / fishing challenge. I pulled out a huge shrimp and was told keep it it might be a winner.

  3. Akanbi Misturat Diekolola on

    I dreamt that it rained and scores of fish and shrimps of different types dropped to the ground, then my sister and I were picking the fishes and leaving the shrimps and prawns. Can you interpret this please

  4. Zyla-star Garcia on

    I had a dream that i was walking around a really beautiful neighborhood that seemed to be all the way in Florida. I had a great vibe with peace, joy and excitment. I had ran across the street noticing a beautiful beach and ran threw the sand it didnt even burn ny feet. As i was running on the beach i notice the water had multiple colors such as pink, blue, purple, and rosegold. But not only did the ocean look like that. The sky did to. But then i ran and left the beach to go get a friend of mine who i dont know at all in the real world. I took him to the beach we noticed so many pink shrimp there and bubbles that actually made the sound of a dog toy every time u popped it but not as high pitch. As i was there the sun was super close down to earth but the light was definently not peircing enough to make it go on fire. When i seen the sun i heard whispers “follow your dreams” and this was probably the most amazing dream ive ever had. Now i just wanna know what it means. Besides follow my dreams lol.

    • I saw in my dream that my friend was carring full palate of fried shrimps and was telling me to take some and have it..

  5. My shrimp was about to be eaten by a monstrous catfish. I used a towel to grab and catch the shrimp so I wouldn’t get stuck?

  6. i dreamt of harvesting abundant shrimps but i was amazed bcoz the shrimps were big and healthy. everytime we pull the net its always full. and instruck my partner to return the small ones and we will take only the big ones. what that does means?

  7. I dream of big shrimp..bad shrimp becauze it is soo big human size adult size..and when it will attach on your back your going to die..they are killers on my dream they stick thier self to the back of he person then its like thier suck ur blood bcz i can see people wen they been attack and when the shrimp stick to thier back the person been attacks turns pale nd its like thier loosing blood and thats the reason of thier death

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