Shop Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Shop Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a shop can mean there will soon be important decisions to make about your business or career. A shop with a happy welcoming atmosphere indicates you need to spend more time with other like-minded people.

Buying things in a shop reflects your feelings about the material things in your waking life. It can be a reminder to be grateful for all you have, rather than wishing and wanting for more. Seeing jewelry in store represents the need to make important decisions soon. Picking out a tie suggests that soon positive changes will cross your path. A fur in a store window represents your well-organized plans for the future. Do you not have a plan? Then the message can be it is time to put a plan in place if you want to achieve success in the future.

Dreaming of a disorganized store is a sign of depression. Are you down and depressed in your waking life? Packing up goods in a store can mean you strengthen your work or business position. A closed store symbolizes jealousy and turmoil ahead. Looking at something in a shop window can refer to your inner turmoil. Are you struggling with your spirituality or religious beliefs? A well-stocked shop means there is much abundance ahead. Watching yourself in a shop means things in your life will soon get better.

Owning a store is a sign you will soon be earning more money on a regular basis. Working in a shop can symbolize you are working to improve your waking life. This is a message to let you know your hard work will eventually give you the success you dream about for your life.

Shopkeeper Dream Symbol

Seeing a shopkeeper in a dream can symbolize abundance is coming your way very soon. Your life will change for the better. There will be many dreams that come true. It can also relate to supplying your own needs if you work in a shop in your waking life.

This may be a time where you need to consider your life’s long-term plan and what you really want out of life. You may change your perception of things. Take time out to think things through.

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  1. Martin Luther on

    I had a dream and I was a provision shop keeper with a co-worker of which I couldn’t recognize Him. A man came in to buy a Toilet roll. The shop was big and in full of goods also. It was behind main road. A Kia that brings sachet water each morning was parked ready to bring it.

    Please that’s all about the dream. Interpretation please.

  2. Suzzett Robinson on

    I had a dream the guy I’m dating opened a stoner and asked me to help decorate and merchandise it.

  3. tony mbumb mulap on

    i had dream i was the owner of a big store and a customer was came to return rice we had sold to her it was rotten i was very upset against the doorkeeper for to let that customer to get in the shop and i have take one of my workers and this customer for to refund is money we were gone out the shop and we have thrown it in cabbage and about to refund the money to the customer i was not able because i had only many dollars in my pocket i did not have our local currency and it was the worker i had there had refund this money to the customer and i had asked him all that you have it my money too and he answered me no and i tell him me i have only dollars in my pocket and i had looked in my pocket i had saw money a value of $10,000
    please i need the meaning

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