Sheep Dream Meaning and Interpretations


sheep dreamSheep Dream Symbol – Dreaming about sheep often represents conformity to the people around you. You might find that you constantly strive to live up to other people’s expectations and the pressures that society places on you. It can indicate that you are a follower and need to take more action to become a leader.
Sheep are very vulnerable animals that always need to be protected by those who are in positions of power. There may be aspects of yourself that make you feel vulnerable and are scared of revealing to others. If you find that you are constantly worrying about what others think, it may be time for you to make positive changes in your life and focus on more important things.

Black Sheep – Black sheep often represent nonconformity to those around you. This dream can either represent you or someone you know that may not be living up to expectations and following the path that others expect. This can indicate a desire to be free from the herd and choose your own path in life.

Watching over Sheep – If you dream about caring for sheep it can indicate you have a desire to look after those who are weaker than you. You may have a very caring personality that is always looking to protect others from predators who are looking to hurt them.

A herd of Sheep – To dream of a herd of sheep, it can indicate the desire to conform to society and bow to the pressures around you. You may be tired of trying to go against the herd and want to find peace in your life, not resistance.

Lost Sheep – Dreaming about a sheep that is lost can indicate biblical meaning. You may have a tendency to constantly care for those that fall astray or it can indicate that you have lost your path and need to find your way back home.

Sheep being attacked or killed – If you dream about sheep being attacked it can indicate trouble that may be heading your way. It can also indicate there are people in your life who do not have good intentions and are looking to take advantage of you.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What does the sheep in your dream represent to you?
  • Are there any hidden messages that your unconscious mind is trying to tell you through your dream?

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  1. I had a dream that a orange sheep broke into my house, but it was like a costume. Like, I don’t know how to explain it but it was like a human in a orange sheep costume breakung into my house. Either that or it was a orange sheep standing on its hind legs. But I have had a past of things breaking into my house. WEIRD things such as. the Kool Aid Man.

  2. I had a dream of a miniature black sheep in the middle of a street and as I try to catch it, it turned into a fly. What does that mean

  3. Faith lorraine remata on

    I dream about a white sheep and its leg was tied with a rope. Brown and firm rope and i pat its head because im worried about the sheep and it rained but not heavy rain.

  4. A white sheep left her children and chased, bit me but it wasn’t painful at all. It felt like kiss on my hand. Initially I was scared but the sherp didn’t hurt me in the dream. Please can anyone explain the meaning.

  5. I dreamt that I was in a house in the country watching a herd of shee being running away from a small tornado that was attacking them and then I called all of my family to come upstairs to see the sheep.

  6. Hello there..
    I really need help regarding this dream:-
    This morning i woke up remembering my dream of a baby lamb. Retreating back into its mother’s womb.
    Very close infront of me, i see a small lamb turning back and lay down on its right side onto another bigger lamb who is lying down on its right side on the grass. In the dream i know that the lamb is getting back into the womb. Like it has changed its mind from its previous intentions. The small lamb does not appear white as snow nor dirty. Not badly so. In human form it would be described as unkempt..also weary but only a little it has seen enough.. like it is accepting and resigned a little sorrow.. As if what it intended preiously was important and honorable and now it just retreats.
    The lamb may or may not be hurt..a the dream it seemed to me to be a symbol of sacrifice..
    The bigger lamb seemed a little bit cleaner than the small lamb..i dont know..maybe i was wrong.

    *I have had many spiritual dreams that i could interpret on my own and later confirm with many interpretators but for this one i am yet to truly discern it’s deep meaning. Could it be me the “murap” small lamb? Biblical interpretation that i found in Google and YouTube.

  7. I dreamt abt 7 0’more sheep in my old childhood house, my younger sister was wit me.

    I arksd her, ‘where all them sheep come from, –
    an what they doin in our front living room. Can’t remembuh if she answered or jus gave me a quare rapid sidelong glance.

    I think she said, they belongs to my ex-partner. I said wenniz he coming back., cuz these sheeps need to go – an I was worried tht they may need bathing n shearing, and ihav zero talent for shearing, n it juss seemed a bit too bizarre.

    Also iwas frighten tht one or two of them would turn on me, altho ihad no grounds for these assumptions.

    Ijus kept thinking wenniz my ex coming back to deal with his sheep which are currently blocking up my living room n why did he assume he cood leff them with me.

    The sheep were all the same color, sort dirty cream colour.

  8. I dreamed about that my father bought a sheep and I was Taking it home and it had a rope around its neck so I could leader it but I lost grip and it ran away and I tankarna after it into a big deadlike forest, I just dont get these dreams Im having, especially this one

  9. what if my dream had a sheep form crude hands still made of hoof and pull off all its skin stand on two legs like a human and unhinge its jaw like a snake but the mouth is filled with rows of sharp teeth like a sharks?..

  10. I dream a huge number of sheep’s on one side and a huge number of wild cats near the sheep’s but the sheep’s was not so terrified and the wild cats was some how calm.

  11. Wakai Claude Kom on

    I dream of seeing sheeps in a great number ran pass by to the right with one picking up a lamb to feed on and to a certain extent, when it’s dropped to start eating some people rushed in and sent it a way as the lamb live was spare and was collected back by two little Muslims children whose father was the owner

  12. I dreamed that I had gone outside to see a lost dog that the neighbors had found. Only to have a sheep run up to me and let me pet it before it ran off.

  13. Fatou jagne on

    I dreamt of a big black ram with a little bit of white on one side of the head chasing me. All of a sudden a group of people gathered around the ram to stop it from chasing or attacking me. Then I saw a white lamb as well coming from nour where running toward me. What’s the meaning of this

  14. I dreamed that there was a lamb that died near sunset and so we tied it and put it in a tree so predators could not get to it until we can bury it in the morning. It summoned a demon. Some other freaky things happened hard to remember.

  15. I dreamed I was sitting down in a room full of people that I knew … there were 2 little lambs or was the very little the other was of medium height and one big sheep… the bigger one stared at me then ran forward and bit me the other two followed behind the big one as they began to bite me I asked for help as people were slow to help I began to pry the mouth of the big one off of me as the other two kept biting me … as I was getting the biggest one off me I heard a woman say someone must be pregnant they only attack if they smell the pheromone …. as I got up from being attacked I grabbed the littlest one by the mouth and showed the other 2 I was not going to to continue to be bitten by them by yelling at them although I was still scared they dare not confront me head on and I walked off letting the small one go back to the others

  16. I dreamt that a sheep was blocking my path and headede then wherever I went started following me and biting me, I kept throwing stones at it but didn’t manage to hit it and it kept coming back. What does that mean?

  17. sarah wills on

    I dreamt that a sheep attacked me so I killed it. There was also an angry alpaca hanging around outside the house so I was avoiding it lol. What the hell does that mean?

  18. I dreamt I was pregnant and was sent to a spiritual place. The man wore an orange gown. He handed me a tiny baby sheep the size of a big cat. I felt like I was being tested to calm the baby sheep. While I was trying to calm the sheep I thought maybe I’m not soppose to calm the sheep but let it be an animal.

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