Shark Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Shark Dream Symbol – Shark is a master predator and has no natural predators other than a man. He comes to alert you to danger. But, he also reminds you, your world is full of opportunities but you have to remain actively moving forward for them to present themselves. Continually explore your emotions to grow. Explore the world. Sitting at home will get you nowhere. Stop sitting there wishing, wanting, and hoping. Get up. Spring into action.

Shark DreamDreams of shark can symbolize you feel unprotected and feel as if you do not fit in. Why is that? What makes you feel that way? Maybe you need to look deeper to recognize what you fear. You may need help to face these fears to help you move forward.

Shark brings warnings of danger and symbolizes strong emotions. He could be warning to assess your emotions as they can threaten your attitude and wellbeing. Have you been feeling angry for some time? Do you deal with challenges with ferocious reactions? Do you struggle with your independence or individuality? Are others smothering you at this time? This may be a time for reassessment.

The shark can also mean there is someone around you that you cannot trust. Who may deceive you? Someone you trust that is not who they seem. But, who has hidden agendas that will intentionally harm you in some way? They have no problem walking over anyone to get their own way. Who could this be? It may even be you.

A shark attack can mean you are being attacked or you have something others want and they are trying to take it from you. A circling shark can indicate this is a chance to gather your overwhelming emotions before you lose control. Seeing many sharks can mean there is no one around you that you can trust. It may be that everyone is conspiring against you. Be wary. If a shark is chasing you in the dream, it can be that you have upset someone so much that they are now after you. You are in danger.

Swimming away from a shark can suggest you are in danger in real life. You need to take action to protect yourself and to escape. When you escape from the shark, it may mean you escape the danger and avoid a difficult situation. It can also mean you should avoid hurting others. Seeing a dead shark suggests there are good things on their way and issues with other people may reconcile.

When Shark crosses your Path

Shark crosses your path to remind how you are in life. You are extremely driven and everything you do is done with passion. There is nothing you will not try and you actively seek out new adventures. You are fearless and let nothing stop you from pursuing what you want out of life.

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  1. I had a dream that i came across a huge beached hammerhead shark. I walked near it n it started shimmying forward . there were other people on the beach w me running in the sand away from this beached shark that was coming our way, but it was like particularly thick sand and we were all having trouble running. I remember the shark getting pretty close to my leg/feet before i would start “running” again. What does this mean?

  2. I had a dream about being at a same place iv been in a dream before.. same house same ocean and sharks but this dream I was on a dock and jumped into the ocean, when I looked to my left there was a black fin and I screamed shark!! And swam as fast as I could, I knew the shark was coming for me.. I made it to a wooden dock to lift myself up but it got me it bit my leg and arm and I grabbed it by it’s mouth to get the teeth out of my leg and someone shot it.. I sank to the bottom of the ocean scared and swam my way up with a bit hand too I made it to my family and my dad looked me in my eyes as I sobbed in pain.. I was then woken up by my boyfriend he told me I was saying all kinds of crazy stuff… I started a new job as a server at a busy restaurant, I am slipping back into addiction and I am broke.. I’m sure all of that has to do with my dream

  3. My life is it a horrible and difficult place at the moment last night I had a dream that I was playing in the ocean and 5 sharks minimum approached while I was in shallow water I woke up at the fear of the threat of being bitten do you have any insight into this

  4. A shark for me is the messenger. They let me know that a situation is coming to an abrupt end. Any situation for me. The end of a relationship or the end of a job. When I dream a shark its over and I need to prepare myself that the time of change is here now.

  5. I was wondering if you could please tell me what this means. It would mean a lot to me if you could help me out.
    I keep having dreams about being eaten by a Great White Shark. Some nights its all I dream about, while other nights I will be dreaming about completely unrelated things, when, suddenly, I’m in the ocean with a great white swimming lazily toward me. Its often I get eaten over and over again. Last night it happened three times; each time was more painful than the last. I always get eaten head first.
    It always begins suddenly; I’m instantly in the ocean. Far from the surface, (yet I can still see that the sky must be bright), but not nearly at the bottom. But, I confess the majority of my attention is on what I both know and fear is coming – and he’s right there. An impossibly huge great white about 20 feet away.
    Might I add a few things? The ocean is calm and cool – and completely barren. No ships. No fish. No landmarks. Nothing. Just me and the shark. I’m breathing. Last night I tried swimming away, but found I could not; an invisible force kept me in place. And, of course, like every time I have a shark dream, I felt terror.
    They say you can’t die in your dreams and wake up; that if you die in your dreams, you die in real life. Let’s put that myth to rest, shall we? I watched that shark swim away as a soul in my dream. A shark with two limp, bloodied and punctured feet sticking out of it’s mouth. My feet.
    The shark, I have to say, not to talk smack, but, because its true, looked quite pleased. And smaller.
    But not to the point of actually being small. And it swam away.
    Here, either I wake up to reality or experience some other facet of my perhaps original dream.
    This is mostly every night.

  6. This morning I dreamt that a housemate (not a real life housemate, just somone random person I think) brought home a baby shark, don’t remeber how she got it or anything. But we got a rectangle paddling pool for it and kept it in there in the garden. I rememebr thinking how cute and adorable it was. I think at one point I had this thought ‘how did she get a baby shark when I love sharks’ (in reality I do have a huge fascination with sharks) so then the next day I was coming back from somewhete and I went through the side of the house straight into the garden to check on how the shark is doing and I saw that half the water was gone and half of the shark wasn’t submerged and the shark was laying down not moving, but when I got closer to it , I saw that it had its eyes closed and I assumed that it was sleeping, and felt q bit releaved. Then I noticed that someone already put a hose pipe in there to refill the water as that was my next step. So I went back into the house and my housemate was in the kitchen where she could see into the garden and she thanked me for having concern for the shark and checking on it. Then I asked her how are you feeding it and what are you feeding it, I think she said fish or something and I just thought, already dead fish that has been probably proccessed through us humans and just not good for the shark. Then I thought how is it going to survive in the wild after , when it will need to be released and how will it survive in the wild when it isn’t used to hunting and getting its own food, it will just die out there and I didn’t want that to happen. So i thought about buying live fish for it and putting them in the pool for it to hunt and eat , but then I thought the fish from the pet shop aren’t going to be good enough or maybe even too small, I just felt like anything I thought of wasn’t going to work too well for the shark in terms of food.
    That’s where the dream sort of ended. Been trying all morning to figure out the meaning , as I am going through a lot of angry emotions towards the world and society , but there was no hostility in the dream , no negative behaviours from the shark. I thought it was the cutest thing there was. And I felt so much care and love for it. Supposedly sharks mean hostile and angry and just nagative things, but I felt like I had a very pleasant dream and I enjoyed having that shark as a pet I guess and looking after it.

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