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Previous Reader Dreams

Dream by Sian

“ok this dream was weird.  me, mum(who passed away 2 years ago), dad and my niece went to my husbands dads funeral (he is still with us)in a village the none of us lived the church my husband was sitting at the front but it wasn’t his family next to him it was my ex’s family (1st boyfriend form 13 years ago) we also had roast dinner in the church and some strange looking cakes that we weren’t allowed to have until later. when me and my niece went outside for a walk we got completely lost didn’t recognize the place at all. i got mugged by 4 lads but they were nice and friendly and didn’t hurt me just took my things and also a football t-shirt that was in my bag, they said i could have my phone back but then went off with it and left me with £1, we walked round looking for someone to help us, we ended up in a house with 2 women and 1 man they were nice but didn’t help us they just sat watching TV. we went back out side to find a pay phone but they were all broken. my nieces phone rang in her pocket as we didn’t know she had it on her. it was my husband calling to see where we were, at that point i spotted my ex and his family and told my husband we would be back soon as didn’t want to worry him with it being his dads funeral. i went to speak to the family to see if they could help us get back, my ex didn’t look happy that i was there and took my arm so i would go with him down an alley way and then i woke up. also in the dream my husband had a walking stick but really he doesn’t need one.  Any idea what this is all about?”


Dream by Haylee

“i dreamed that i was kissing my boyfriends best friend sawyer smith and he goes to my school and he is a year younger then me i am 18 years old”


Dream by Xzavier Huitt

“I don’t remember much i go to the mythical but this time me and my friends [ pretty much every one in the mythical world] were having a party i the back of a mansion [this is a good dream]we play games racing,hide&seek etc so i go to get more people and i meet my best friends and we play Nerf that’s when we gathered EVERYONE up to play hide and go seek i was super fun P.S we never went in the mansion”


Dream by Melissa

“My recurring dream….I’m either walking down a school hallway or a hospital hallway and turn down another hallway and there are sick children everywhere saying “help me, help me”. Most of them are hooked up to machines with tubes coming out.

I’ve had this type of dream over and over for years.”


Dream by Connor Nicholson

“Ok, so this had to be the best dream ever. It feels so good every time I think about it. Here it is: I was sitting with a few friends in a mall type area. We were eating something which I can’t remember, while writing this I’m getting images that I was eating a burger or something resembling that. I happen to turn around and this group of girls walk by, around 16/17 (same age as me) and one of them caught my eye. She was beautiful. She smiled as she seen me and then she and her friends sat down on like a stone wall or something. They were talking amongst each other. I have never felt like that towards someone before, it felt so real though. I then turned to one of my friends, I have never seen him in real life though, seems a bit weird that my dream basically made up new friends for me. i then told him that I was going to go over an talk to her. (I’m really shy in real life so it’s something I would never do at this age, yet.) I go up to her and kneel down and her friends disappeared? Bit strange. She smiles and so do I. It’s then like the dream took us to later that night and we were outside, it was evening. I was standing next to her and one of her friends. We were looking at this tower, it was huge. bigger than any tower or building I had witnessed in real life. (This is a strange part) She told me the only way to defeat the GYM leader was to reach the top. I don’t remember much about the tower part except me telling her that I thought it would fall if I stepped inside because it looked very unstable. We ended up at a peir. It was night and also clear skies. I was holding her hand and we looked up to the sky. Only 3 stars were in sight, but they were pretty bright. I turned around to look at her and sh had her head down, then she looked at me. She kinda looked like Bridgit Mendler to be honest. I remember a dark flash and there I was in my old house back in Scotland in my mums bedroom and we were not on holiday anymore. (where I was before) I started to panic and then I grabbed a suitcase and started to rush clothes into the suitcase. My mum was standing there and I was shouting, trying to tell her I needed to get back to Paris. I still don’t know how I got back to Scotland, like I had been teleported or something. I felt really weird like I would never see her again. I kept thinking about me never being able to tell her my name, and never knowing hers, we just kept flashing between scenarios of me and her being together. And then it came to an end with me and her looking onto the Eiffel tower in Paris, after all.”


Dream by Janet

“I have always had this particular dream over and over….. In my dream,  i am a queen in a mighty castle with so much maids. I live in luxury and my abode in very peaceful and serene. i year royal apparels with a crown on my head, my hairs are to my waistline with so much splendour. I see it all the time. Pls what does it mean?”


Dreams by Joel Moore

Dream 1: “The only thing i can remember is standing in a dark area with a light to the right by a wood frame, 2 girls are standing right next to each other the one that stuck out the most was facing away from me she was wearing an orange tank top black purse and white daisy duke shorts. she turned her shoulder and head and looked at me i remember seeing her face very clearly. hispanic or puerto rican race most beautiful girl i have ever seen. i get the feeling of surprise warmth major confidence and felt like i had some certain strong personal connection with her. oh and right before i wake up i see a flash of my face wearing this hat i have and smiling”

Dream 2: “My other dream jumps all over the place. it starts with me a girl and my divorced parents in a room. my mom just disappears where as my dad falls on top of me like he was drunk. starts laughing and mumbling words i couldn’t understand then i push him off to the side and lok down at him to see him crying. all of a sudden im in a car with the same Asian girl she is screaming but not cuz shes scared or happy its just a dull meaningless scream while im driving extremely fast then i get chills down my spine i look at the girl and she has a blank stare i start yelling to wake her up but she won’t, i hear my name and wake up from a dream in my dream( i haven’t physically woken up yet) to my dad saying why are you crying and gets a serious face and says what are you taking what is it and i say nothing. and my dream twists to a hole different thing. now I’m in a cartoon field that kind of looks like a wreck it ralph type of area all of a sudden i see something pop out of the sky laugh caddishly and pops back out thats when something grabs hold of me and holds me in the air like im floating i feel confused for a second then say lets go and i get another feeling like i am getting whiped around but my boddy feels like jello im happy as can be getting pulled up my body is half way between the sky and whatever else if on the other side then i get dropped the same voice goes oops i stop just before i hit the ground hovering again then get sucked up and it goes dark, all i can remember of that is a floating figure a purple cloudy sky and black floor. see a house on the right so i go into it, open a door to find myself having people i cant remember waiting for me. they say where were you!? we need your help! they take me to a room where i find the same asian girl there now awake and able to communicate but still has the blank stare. we start taking her to different rooms with different things trying to trigger something in her mind to snap her out if her trans, after 2 rooms she gets alittle better, as we enter the third i remember seeing a metal water heater pipe and a old small window with white curtains with no light outside and she all of a sudden snaps out of it everyone starts cheering and i completely wake up”

Dream 3: “my other dream starts off in a dark room with a white bed which me and a asian girl are laying on. my dad opens the door and walks in like e drunk and falls ont op of me i try to push him off a few times then finally do and he starts to cry. i touch his shoulder then i snap into a car where i cant really see where im going but i know im moving fast. the asian girl is behind me screaming but its not a scared or emotional scream it has a dull sound to it. the screaming stops i can feel the car moving left and right as if it was getting drifted i look back and see a blank stare from the asian girl. i start freaking out and yelling then i wake up and see my dad saying why are you crying? (not physically awake yet still dreaming) i stand up wipe my face and smile. he get a stern look and says what did you take what was it. i say nothing and take a step and bam im in a cartoon world standing looking at blue sky and green hills then all of a sudden a huge kid pops out of no where from the sky laughs and gets almost vacuumed back up i hear myself say my turn and i get this puppet like feeling jump up in the air then something starts to control my hole body i spread my legs and hands out and start floating i say. im ready and i get extremely happy and get sucked up like a balloon let go after blowing it up and let go without tieing the end. get half ay through the sky and free fall for a while then the puppet feeling happens again and i get the same sucked up feeling and go through to the other side where its black with a purple sky, remember seeing a floating humanish figure and a house to the right i open the door and walk in i instantly get bombarded by 3 people i cant remember who they ask me where were you we need your help. we got through a door and i see there lying on a bed the same asian girl witht he blank stare on her face. but she can communicate to a small extent mainly mumbling things. take her to 2 different rooms just to stand in and look at things one had old picture frames, the third room was the most distinct there was a bed to the right a window up higher closer to the top of the wall with white curtains and a water heater pipe running by just above it. i look at the asian girl she looks at me and gets the regular bubbly look on her face and jumps and gives me a hug people start cheering and talking thats when i wake up.”


Dream by Sora

“There was that dream which was time related. There was a new neighbour that came next to my house and he seemed way too perfect. He was a blonde man with short curly hair, perfect smile, perfect body, and everybody around seemed to like him. Even my family. But not me. Although he was acting nice and generous, like the typical perfect neighbour in his huge and pretty house, I was the only one suspiscious of him. Somehow in my dream, I end up learning he’s actually a murderer, and several people around seemed to have disappeared no one knows.  While he was gone, I went to his garden and found out he had buried the corpses there. I was so shocked I tried to warn my family, but none of them would listen. Actually, in most of my dreams, when I try to warn my friends or family, they just won’t listen to me.  Last scene of the dream, my family and me wish to go on a trip somewhere, and I don’t remember why, but my father meets the perfect neighbour in the street and goes out from the car and start arguing with him for a reason I still don’t understand. I try getting off the car to warn him about the neighbour’s true nature, but then he shoots my father with a gun. Everybody in the car start screaming, and then he shoots everyone. I’m the last, my family is dead. He then kills me.  Then, surprise, I go back in time just before the incident and still try to warn my family again, but same as before: they won’t listen to me. The same guy proceeds to shoot me again. And I did that multiple times without ever finding an escape to death. It’s like an endless time-loop and it seems I won’t ever save my family.

Any idea about a meaning to this?”


Dream by Marcus J.

“Had a dream and woke up to see a small lil green guy about a foot tall. He was flying on some type of scooter. I went back to sleep and woke up again to see the lil guy hovering over my head with something in his hand. I try to reach out to grab it and it moved away from reach and disappear.”


Dream by Rebecca

“This was a recent one I had one day when I came home early and took a nap mid afternoon:

I was at the doctor’s office and the dream began with me in the examination room waiting for the nurse to give me a physical. There was no pretense to the situation or who put me in this situation. It began as follows:

I was tied up with rope and was on the examination table wearing normal clothing. My hands were tied behind my back, my feet were bound, there was rope around my arms and I was gagged with a cloth in the stereotypical way someone would be tied up in a tv show if they were kidnapped. I can’t remember if I was lying on my stomach or sitting upright when the nurse walked in. I was not nervous about the examination in the dream or scared or uncomfortable. I didn’t thrash around or try to free myself. It felt like this was a normal part of any physical. The nurse who was female introduced herself and then explained she was going to give me a physical and would start by untying me. She did and then proceeded with the typical things that happen in an exam. I remember she removed the gag first and put a thermometer in my mouth. She was in the process of untying the ropes when I woke up.

I will say I can’t think of anything that would trigger this dream. I do not have a doctor’s visit scheduled, nor do I have anything I’m particularly worried about in the near future. I would assume being tied up is a feeling of lack of control. I can’t think of any reason or situation where I don’t feel in control at the moment. The dream was also not erotic or fetishy or anything like that. I am 35, female and straight (I’m not bi-curious or anything) and have a boyfriend. The dream did not seem to be anything sexual. The nurse did not seem dominating or anything and it seemed perfectly normal that she would walk in and find a patient tied up in the exam room.”


Dream by Angela

“My father, brother, son, and I were in a car driving down a curving, cliffside, gravel road. My brother was driving. The weather was perfect. We took a curve to quickly and the car drifted hitting the gaurdrail. We stopped and got out to observe the damage of the vehicle. As we were looking at it, a truck sped around the curve, saw us, slammed on its breaks and headed straight toward myself and my child. I pushed my son out of the way as the truck hit me.  I woke up to find my father and grandfather (who is deceased) playing dominos. I went to them and questioned how I was seeing my grandfather. They informed me that I was dead. I remember being calm about this. I then asked about my son and they both looked upset.  The scenery changed and I was in a hospital. My husband was in a waiting room and I kept trying to talk to him but he didn’t see or hear me. I stood by him as a doctor came into the room and addressed him. He informed my husband that our son was brain dead.

I cried myself awake.”


Dream by Jessie

“We where driving to someone’s house for a Halloween party when we got there I found a gold coin and this dude has to go to the bathroom and when the left the bathroom some girl came out of the mirror and snapped his neck and we found two more coins, some other girl went into the bathroom when she was going to leave the girl from the mirror killed her two. then I needed to use the bathroom then the girl from the mirror grabbed me on the head like she was going to kill me and I said put me down she did not put me down she started to turn my head then I broke the mirror. I went out side and asked my mom if we could go she said that’s not our truck and then the others left. then I woke up. I have no clue what this means can someone help me please”


Dream by Bugaboo

“Okay, the other night i had a dream that a bunch of people from another town that I knew were standing in a circle dancing around other people showing their skills,outside of the school, when my crush and some of his friends went in the centre and did this cool dance. The my crush brought me to a hill and we were blowing giant bubbles like the little kids on the playground. We were having fun then we saw a bathroom that isn’t usually there so went to look and we found a paint roller covered in pink paint . It was Miley Cyrus’s so we sold it back to her for 300 dollars. Then he hugged me and I really liked it!!!!”


Dream by Timber

“I just got the weirdest dream last night. I went to a foreign country, i think it was Singapore because the races were mixed. I went to a grocery store with my friends and there I saw Chinese, American, and people with different races but what caught my attention is these 3 Indian men, but these men weren’t ordinary, they were very tall, literally, I mean I remembered my height was just the same as the height of their butt. But then, later on, my friends and I were trapped, like we were kidnapped or something and the only way we can get out or be free is to do the mastermind a favor. And at the same moment we found out the mastermind was one of the Indian guys. And I was like, “I volunteer!” lol because I was being heroic at that time. The favor he wanted was sex and I was shocked yet weirdly exited. I found out I was “Aladdin” in the movie were this princess called Jasmine is in. And then, it was really weird because . . . 2 guys? I mean that’s gay right? but I thought, the gay one was the giant indian guy because Aladdin was my favorite character. I remembered the tall guy was as tall as the giant cobra in the movie “Aladdin” and his butthole was soo big Aladdin’s stuff couldn’t fit in it, so they were making out, and I watched the whole scene out of my likeness. And I remembered the giant indian guy violently thrust his stuff to Aladdin’s butthole and I could see in Aladdin’s eyes the agonizing pain he endure. And he endured it because he wanted to save the people who were also being seized. I woke up and was really shocked because Aladdin was my favorite character in my childhood and I don’t want to ruin the childhood of anyone who’s reading this . . . but no can do, I have to post this because this dream of mine doesn’t come out of thin air for me.”


Dream by Brianna

“My name is Brianna and I’m 14. My dreams are seldom real. I always have characters from TV shows and movies in my dreams. I guess that proves I watch too much TV. Anyway, here’s my dream.  I was in Times Square, New York with a couple of people at a stadium. We were sitting on bleachers. We were talking and everything was going good, until out of nowhere, Spider-man showed up. Someone said, “It’s Spider-man! That means something’s wrong!” And something was wrong. Seconds later from behind a building out came Doc Ock. I was so terrified that I jumped off the bleachers and hid underneath them and hoped he wouldn’t find me. He ended up grabbing the people on the bleachers and I had no idea what happened to them. He then picked up the bleachers and ended up finding me. I started crying and I yelled “Please don’t hurt me!” He looked at me, then turned away. He may have let me go this time, but I knew he wasn’t going to the next time. I then found some people and they were going to an underground hideout. When I got to the underground hideout, I saw that all the kids in my grade were there. All the girls were talking to each other as usually and the boys were another room probably trying to kill each other. I then heard vibrations and knew something was coming. There was a perfect hiding place where the boys where. It was a table with a bunch of boxes surrounding it. I went under the table and stayed there. The boys obviously didn’t care that they probably were going to die. The vibrations continued, but they got louder. I was so scared that I closed my eyes. I also slowed my breathing. Then I’m not sure if I fell asleep, or if I was literally scared to death. Then I woke up.”


Dream by Ashley

“I was on a beach. The tide was coming in. The beach was lined with houses, and a city was right there as well. It was cloudy and gloomy looking. But what was amazing was what I saw floating in the ocean.
There were tons of ships, thousands. All of them were huge and great in size. Some were big wooden sail ships, similar to the ships in Pirates of the Caribbean, but much larger. One was in the water, then suddenly took off and flew in the air! It went up into the gray heavy clouds, but just as it disappeared, it shot off a cannon. The cannon hit another flying wooden ship, and it exploded. Large pieces of scrap metal flew around in the sky, I remember one coming at me, and I dodged it. Then as I was about to leave the beach (the explosions continued), I saw a massive ship. It looked like the titanic. But oh was it so much larger. I don’t even know how to even begin to describe how humungous it was. It crept slowly out of the heavy fog off in a distance. I couldn’t even see how long it was. What was weird, was what this massive ship was carrying. It had steel bars, that looked like a larger scale of what you might find in a stock room that they store things on. But these were so huge, they held hundreds of more ships, around the same size of the flying ships. There were around 10 of them, just stacked onto this massive ship. It was so intimidating that I ran from the beach and started running the streets of the city. I don’t remember what happened, but suddenly I was in someone’s house, and there was a father, and three boys. And they were all dressed in white. I got the impression I had hit my head, and they took care of me. That’s when my dream ended.”


Dream by Corrine

“Hellio,my name is corrine. i’m 12 years old .Ok,so I had this weird dream last night,it included Rin & Len  from vocaliod,if you know what that is. Ok,so this is how it all started out.I was hanging out with a bunch  of asains ,(I’M NOT ASAIN).and their neighborhood looked really destroyed.But then, all the sudden,i  found myself in a car. I saw Neru (ANOTHER VOCALIOD),sitting right next to me.I saw len in the car too,  I noticed he was the one driving WTF. then we were at a store, it look liked i was in Mincraft.I saw a stream,  i walked over to it.Then i fell in,along with this deformed mishaped guy.He had a gianormis head,no wonder  why we fell in. I saved the dude.But then, I noticed that Rin & Len were drowning too,but they were both  in sepreat mincraft streams. I don’t know how the hell that worked out. Near th end of the dream,I fell  over.IN THIS DREAM RIN,LEN AND NERU LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE THE MMD ANIMISA MODELS.  When i fell over,I saw Rin & Len staring at me,thy didn’t know what the hell they were gonna do.”


Dream by Kurfy

Part 1:

“Sort of a long one.  >Was in a air plane full of people sitting with my family  >Dad was next to me brother and mom in front  >All of a sudden plane starts falling  >Stand up in the isle and the entire plane has a window in the middle of it that goes from the left wing to the right through the cabin  >See the ground coming closer and closer  >Left Plane wing hits what looks like the Golden Gate Bridge  >Look at my family (all of a sudden back in my seat) Tell them it’s been great cya  > Plane flipped upside down and crashes into the ground no explosion  > Everything goes black, then I wake up still in my seat belt upside down.  > Look around see everyones brains and organs hanging out all over the floor next to me  > I am upset I lived and start to curse the world (all of a sudden standing up in the isle again)  >Notice someone else is alive.  >Dream goes back to the moment the plane starts to crash  >Stand up and run to the pilots of the plane  >Tell them them that the plane is going to crash, but for some reason I could not tell them how  >So they land the plane in an instant on a run way full of mud  >The pilot tells me everything is going to be ok as they try and get the plane to slow down.  >I then remember that if the door opens the cabin pressure will cause the plane to crash.  >Pilot opens door before I can tell him, and the door goes flying out.  >I get sucked out of the plane and land standing up looking at the plane  >The plane tips over and lands on me  > I feel the pain in the dream of my head being smashed  >Everything goes black again  >I am still under the plane, but I am able to look up to the sky and see someone dressed in a red furry costume and some dude in black and white strips  >They tell me to hold on  >As I wait for them to come get me I start to spit parts of my brain and organs out of my mouth…”

Part 2: “>As I continue spitting my organs and brain out of my mouth I think to myself wow I am really dead  >I am now talking and walking with the furry red costume guy and the dude in the black and white.  > for some reason I am very happy to see the red furry guy.  > I hug him and start to cry.  > He tells me that everyone who died in the plane crash will be together since we all went through the same thing.  > We walk around and I see all the dead people in the cabin of the plane  > In the next part of the plane I see all those dead people as grey ghosts walking and talking.  > I am now walking through the forest with the furry red guy and the black and white dude.  > Holding the red furry dudes hand  I wake up”


Dream by Shawna

“I have been having nightmares almost every night. I was raped by my husband and now I relive it every night. I am there in the dream and I can see what is happening but there is nothing I can do. It is like I am out of by body and I see what is going on but…..I dont know what to do? I have tried to change my bed time routine but that does not help. There r other thinks that happen in the dream and I dont know what it means? I have run from him and I never get anywhere.”


Dream by Jeffrey

“I was in the front passenger seat of our van, my dad waas driving and my sister and a couple of other people were in the back. We were driving through the woods at about 40-50 mph when suddenly I saw the sun glinting off of 5 wires stretched across the road at different heights the wires cut through the car and started to cut through me, I could feel the stinging pain and the warm blood seeping out of my body, during all this I hear someone screaming. It is the that I woke up.”


Dream by Candy

“My dream… My brother got mad at me because I won in Basketball, so he put a fish hook in my foot and a chain around my ankle so i couldnt pet an alligator and because I ate some chips he punched me a bunch of times which really hurt and i started crying then I was running down county road 25 crying and scared and there was a cop so i hopped in his car and he was driving while my car door was still open and he asked me what was wrong and i told him my brother hurt me and he just said your in foster care anyways.. then i woke up shaking and all sweaty like i was running…”


Dream by J

“I met up with my ex-girlfriend at a hotel and we had a romantic reunion. The next night I went to her house and the romance continued. I went to sleep with her and had a nightmare that disturbed me so much that I left without saying goodbye as soon as I woke up from my nightmare.

In my nightmare, I was sleeping peacefully next to her(my ex), in a house that I didn’t recognize. There were other people staying in this house that I know, but can’t remember who they are. While I was sleeping next to her a friend from my past who I haven’t talked to in about ten years, raped her. It should be noted that my exgirlfriend has never met my old friend. I didn’t see the rape happen in my dream. I just saw her terror and all I can remember is that I found him in the house and hit him in the back of the head with something(I can’t remember what it was) and then called 911. That is all that I can remember. Does anyone have a translation?”


Dream by Rachael

“Last night, I had a dream that a bunch of spiders stuck to me. At first it was just little prickles stuck in my hand and I’m like “what” but then I go outside to ask my dad “Dad what is this”  “Looks like a spider” and I’m like “WHAT” and then I went inside and laid on the couch and there were spiders all over me. I took all my clothes off because I was scared, but the spiders attached theselves to me with their fang things. So i ripped one off my index finger and it was sooo bloody and there was a giant bump. Oh god if I ever see a spider again”


Dream by Callie

“My dream: My brother was hiding me from my dad but my dad woke up early when i was gonna go upstairs and he saw my feet hanging upside down then I got up and said “Just because you hate me doesn’t mean I cant be here” then my dad said “I dont hate you” and He wouldnt stop following me around the house.”


Dream by Maddy

“So I’ve been having this dream for the past couple of nights where I feel like I’m just waking up, but each time something goes wrong, like for instance this morning I dreamt that I was running an hour late and my roommate was taunting me. I’ve had one where people come into the room and give me bad news, and as soon ask start to talk I ACTUALLY wake up. It’s so weird and it’s always me sleeping in the same bed, i have no idea what it means and I’m a little concerned.

Also I recently had this dream where an a good friend of mine is my boyfriend in the dream we haven’t seen each other in along time, id have been away travelling and when we see each other he asks me to move to Australia with him so he can do a soccer training camp? I agree to go and then the dream ends….. I have no sweet clue what’s up with that on either any insight is appreciated!!”


Dream by Jesse

“I had a dream by buddy fell off of a clipp i couldnt move or try to help him i was scarred but at the same time in a peacfull state of mind after he had fallen, moments after i could move. i went over to the edge of the cliff and couldnt see him or any sign he had fallen. confused i walked away and the dream ended.”


Dream by Babygirl

“I had a dream that my ex n I was hanging out with some friends. Some people showed up that didnt like me. We tried to be cool about it n ignore them but all of a sudden they pull guns on me. My ex n I pulled guns on them n started hiding in the house we were in. Shots were fired every where n I ended up shooting one of the people. The people that didnt like me, ran. The cops were circluing the house as I hid. My ex made sure the coast was clear for me to leave. I get in the ca n drive away but then remember I had to give him something, so I go back. I gave him what I needed to, we kissed n I heard a voice of a friend yell “run” I took off in the car n woke up.”


Dream by Just a Teenage Girl

“This was one of my dreams from last night….
My survivor group had been captured. I couldn’t remember how it happened because it happened so fast. These strange creatures somehow managed to capture all of us. I don’t know how and I don’t know why but I do have a feeling this is one of the “we are taking over your world” ordeals. I remember that they had all of our belongings and I do not really know why. They aren’t really important to me. They are just random objects. The one I remember so clearly was a pair of my gloves. Eventually, after standing in a group for a while, the creatures strap us into something that looks like a rollercoaster car but we were laying flat on the floor of it. They load us into each car individually which I thought was weird. Apparently, we are going to be given a “treatment” that they saw will “Make us remember something we have forgotten”. I don’t believe them. I think they are going to try to torture us in some way, even though I have no idea how. As I was in line though, I saw something no one else did, and something that I don’t think I was supposed to see. Around a dark corner I saw a pile. It wasn’t small either. It was a huge pile of weak mangled bodies. Some were dead but I think some were alive too but had had no strength to move. As the line moved they escaped my view. I know what I saw though and can only think that that is what may become of me. I sit in wait for what is to come. The car lurks forward slowly. We go around a corner and I immediately feel heat. Then I realize, we are going through a hot chamber. I hear screams and gasps from the people in front of me. It was a really strange room though. There are huge, perfectly rounded boulders that looked like they were just kind of hovering in the air. The rest of the room was engulfed in hot, fiery flames. I thought the fire was going to consume us right there in that room, but it didn’t. We slowly exited the hot chamber. As soon as we moved out of the room, I thought that was it and wonder why we didn’t look as bad as the people who had come out before, the distorted, unconscious and dead people….the ones thrown into piles like scraps. All of a sudden, a voice came on over an intercom. It said, “Don’t worry guys, this is just the bar coming up.” A little bar on the side came up around us on both sides of the car. I was so confused at first. I mean, why would they be trying to keep us safe inside the cars with the bars if they are trying to torture us? Then I realized the bars weren’t for safety. The metal on the bars was steaming and red from going through the hot chamber. Then with no warning…they came down onto my body, onto my arms and half of my chest. I just sat there for a second in awe then I felt the heat. I bit my lip so hard and tasted blood as I heard other people’s screams from around me. I felt like the metal had burnt all the way through to my bone. I moaned as I tried to keep consciousness. It seemed as if we had been stuck under the scalding bars for hours. The pain was near unbearable. As I tried to forget about the pain, I realized the cars had merged together next to each other. As I looked at the girl next to me, she stared back at me with wide eyes full of fear. Then all of a sudden the bars pressed down harder and I could hold it in no longer. I let out a quick scream and began to resist the restraints of the car. I looked around during the struggle and most of the other girls had given up. They just lay there, more than half of them unconscious. I suddenly felt the car slow down but the bars didn’t come up right away. They sat for another second, as if mocking us, trying to make the pain last. They laughed at our pain and suffering, and for what? To show us who is control? Why are we being treated like animals? The bars rose. As someone untied my restraints, I just laid there with my body as limp as a rag doll, trying to recover from all the pain. My vision was blurry as I stood up, but I could see the outline of other bodies in the other cars around me just lying there. Then someone grabbed me and pulled me into a line. I swayed as I waited for what was to come next. Less than half of the people who had started through this journey came out the other side. I don’t know who made it or who didn’t but I know I was alive and that was all that mattered now. The others that had made it through this hell alive were asking if the treatment had worked. They tried remembering anything they hadn’t before. The “treatment” didn’t work, if it was a treatment at all. I felt an excruciating pain on my arms and looked down. My arms were all red and blistered and I couldn’t see much. I didn’t think the pain would ever leave. Then it hit me. I realized what they wanted us to remember. I saw the outline of a strange symbol on both of my arms through the bloodiness. It was the mark that the strange creatures had painted onto them. I did not know what it meant but there was one thing I did know. What they wanted us to remember is that they are here not for friendship or to live with us but to lead us, as the elite force in this world and if we did not cooperate, all that was to come to the future of mankind was death.
*I then woke up with a start in an extremely sweaty state with the feeling of the blazing metal on my arms and the taste of blood still lingering.*”


Dream by Anonymous

“So It happened on the night of December 5th 2012. When I woke up I could remember everything and this normally doesn’t happen so I decided to take the time to write it all down the morning of. What I remember is that I was in the lobby of the Fisher Theater in Detroit but I wasn’t there to see a play, I was in one. I guess I was the lead role too! In the lobby there was a giant christmas tree and a life size train going around it that I could ride. The people that were there were my drama teacher, my good friend Ross who I kinda like) and about 8 other kids who I didn’t know. So basically what happened was that everyone was having a good time riding the train, then the drama teacher calls everyone over for a group huddle. I expected it to be a dress rehearsel or something. But then she has everyone form into a semi-circle. Next she asks Ross and I to take a step into the middle of the half-circle. I’m slightly surprised and don’t know whats going on.Then she says “Well, you two are going to have to kiss in the play anyway, might as well get it over with now”. I didn’t know what to do. Then Ross takes a step closer to me and I notice that he was wearing exactly what he wore yesterday (December 4th). Then he places his hands on my hips and I do the same. He leans in a kisses me sweetly. It lasted about 5 seconds and it was pure bliss. Afterwards we looked into each others eyes and smiled. Then I noticed that everyone was still surrounding us and I woke up. It was the happiest morning I’ve hadin a long while! Though now I don’t know what to think because this dream kind of predicted the future for me. So this is whats happening: It’s now semester 2 (starts in January in my school) and I’m now finally taking the 8th drama class that I have been waiting for. In this class we put on the school play. This year it happens to be the play “Holes”. So I;m really excited. I worked my but off and had a great audition. Unfortunatly, i didn’t get the part i wanted (the warden) and got a character named Kate instead. I was happy that she was a main part, but she does have to kiss a character named Sam in the play 🙁 So, I just find this odd that my dream really resembles what is happening in my life at the current moment. And I even had this dream before I audition. There was no way of me knowing part I was going to get. Also since the course hasn’t even started when I had this dream I didn’t know the name of the play either. So how was I suppossed to know that there would be a kiss in it and that I would have to do it!? I’m just mind blown right now!”


Dream by Tasmia Q

“I keep having this dream since I had been 4. At first the dream would be actually kind of happy and it seemed fine but then there would be staircase steps going down and when I started to climb the steps I would start to fall for no reason and then I would just be falling in the dark and each time I would wake up shaking.”


Dream by Nella

“Last night I had a dream that my exboyfriend, some girl and I were In a shower we were in our bathing suits and the girl put her tongue on his and took a picture I was upset over this and asked him for a kiss and he agreed so I jumped on him and started kissing him passionately then after I asked him who he would want to be with and he told me I came here for you I want you … I’m not really sure what this means?”


Dream by Sarah Z

“I had a dream that I was living in an abandoned house, on the second floor. The yard of the house, had tall grass, and the first level of the house, all of the windows were broken. I could see a town from where we were, and I used a golf cart to get around. Me, a man, and a child who was about 2 lived on the second floor of the house. It wasn’t is great shape, but good enough to live in. The child, was in some water , like a pool or something, and went under for way too long. When we got him out, he was still alive but completely out of it. Instead of taking him to the hospital, the man in the dream, just rushed him to bed. In the morning we woke up and he had died. I woke up crying in the middle of the night, as I mourned over this child who had died. In the dream, I cried for days waiting for the child to walk out of the room or around the house, but realized I would never see him again.  Even talking and writing about it, I still get watery eyed, and I can’t understand the meaning of it?!”


Dreams by Cindy

Dream 1: “I had a dream like two weeks ago that I was flying in space amongst the stars and the planets. I took Pluto in my hands and declared, “This isn’t a planet, it’s too small.” Then I threw it off into space, and the dream ended. The next day, I was reading an article about New Age children (such as the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseed, etc Children), and there happened to be a portion of the article about Pluto. Then, I later learned that the guy who discovered Pluto came from the same town that my aunts live in.”

Dream 2: “I had a dream like two weeks ago that I was flying in space amongst the stars and the planets. I took Pluto in my hands and declared, “This isn’t a planet, it’s too small.” Then I threw it off into space, and the dream ended. The next day, I was reading an article about New Age children (such as the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseed, etc Children), and there happened to be a portion of the article about Pluto. Then, I later learned that the guy who discovered Pluto came from the same town that my aunts live in.”


Dream by LeighAnne Donston


I have had several dreams about dealth. The dealth happens in differnt ways but it is always the same person who dies. It is my 10 year old son who dies in my dream. I never know how he dies in the dream. I have seen his dead body twice in about five dreams. The other dreams I just know that he is dead. I wake up in a sweat and am very upset and crying. It seems to happen around 3:30-4:00 and most times I cannot return to sleep. I am so afraid something is going to happen to him. I have heard that death in dreams usually means a birth but I am dreaming of my own son dying.

If you can shed any light on my dream i would appreciate it.”


Dream by Jade Elley

“Had this weird dream that I cut my actuall lip and face open Like a massive slit! Then mum took me to hospital and they laid me down and put this movie on I said is this going to hurt she was like no I’m putting the gas on! And in this movie it was this road I was driving down and kept getting slower ! And could feel myself stop breathing and blackout, and I started having little awesome dreams and everytime I closed my eyes in the dream it would change aha it. Was so cool !”


Dream by Curtis

“I had a dream that i had drowned and then revived I then woke up gargling in my spit what does it mean?”


Dream by Samantha

“I had a dream last night that I was at a gathering and my ex-boyfriend and his family was there. I see in the corner that his mom is crying. So I go over to her and I ask her what’s wrong. She tells me how she got in a fight with her husband and then she stops crying looks at me and says at least one relationship is going strong. I ask her who’s and she says “yours silly, you and my son are great.” I was confused. I guess she didn’t know. I said thank you but he broke up with me. Her face dropped and she started crying again. After a while she said that she was done with crying and she got up and grabbed her son. She told us that we had to go into the other room and talk about it. So we both sat there and we didn’t speak. He just looked at me and then I turn away and when I go to look back at him, he disappeared.”


Dream by Megan

“I dreamt last night I was playing Wii with a movie character named Rocco and we were talking about the movie being converted too a show. We were at the home of the family I work for as a nanny using there Wii and UFC fighting.”


Dream by Shania

“When my dream started I was at my brothers house and it seemed as if no one was there. I walked in and went down stairs and found a little girl who looked exactly like me when I was a little girl. I asked her who she was and she said her name was Mackenzie. I have a niece whose name is Mackenzie so it was weird. I all of a sudden heard a loud bang and turned around to see my brother standing there. He looked terrified and asked what I was doing her and said I needed to leave. He brought me upstairs and the house caught fire. By this time the little girl disappeared. But my brother then pushed me out of the house and told me to run. I remember telling him he has to come with me and that I couldn’t lose him too. When he turned around it wasn’t my brother anymore, it ended up being my ex boyfriend.”


Dream by Michelle

“I’ve had the same dream multiple times on occasion, where I see this doll, and it can talk. It acted as if it were human-like. Eventually I got really suspicious of it, because it was overly friendly with me and I could tell that it sensed that I was a bit fearful of it. Then, I realized that the doll was the fictional horror film character, Chucky, and I really began to panic at that point. After a long time of running away from him around my house and trying to kill him, he never died. I thought he did many times, but he always came back to life. Eventually, I got really scared and I began to tell myself that I was dreaming and I’m okay to wake up, so I woke up and the dream was over.”


Dream by Rachel

“I was laying in bed looking at the dark ceiling and nothing was shinning in my room, it was so dark that I couldn’t see anything, but my closet door was open. I looked into my closet and there was a light shinning from my dresser drawer inside my closet. I walked up and went into my closet to see what exactly was shinning. It looked like what appeared to be a yellow glow stick inside one of my dresser drawers, I picked it up and it turned into almost like a screen and started to tell me what I should do to change my future to make it better. One of the things it said was that I have to stop competing with other girls and become better friends with my friend Karolina because it would benefit me in the future. Then I walked out of the closet and I saw another neon pink light shinning from my bigger dresser in my room; it was saying how I have to take on dancing with another one of my friends. Right after it told me that, neon lights started shinning all over my room, so I hopped in bed, scared to death and screamed. Then my mom came running into my room. My eyes were shut and then when I opened them and looked at my mom, there was a tall, black, demon looking ghost. It looked black with red markings all over its face. He had the biggest smile like a demonic smile, like he was going to cause harm or trouble to my mother, and his fingers were long and pointy. He then touched my mom and I yelled at him to go away and not harm my mom. Then I woke up.”


Dream by Michelle

“One night, my house caught on fire and it reminded me of when my barn caught on fire and I was really scared for all of my pets that were in the house, because I didn’t want them to suffer in the fire. Next thing I know, my oldest brother who lived with us at the time, turned into a snake the length of our big house wrapped around it and he was about a vehicle size in width. After that, the dream was pretty much over.”


Dream by Misty

“I had this really strange dream. I went inside this enormous white mansion, everything was white, all the furniture, the decorations, everything. I remembered thinking that it looked abandoned, because everything had a fine layer of dust on it, white sheets covered the couches, the roof had broken in, and the windows were shattered. There were many rooms, including one that was almost made entirely of glass. I recall a spiral staircase which I climbed up. The second story was as wrecked as the first, although this time I walked through a long hallway. I noticed a figure hunched over at the end, so I threw suspicions aside and went over to it. It was a guy, about my age, with dirty blonde hair, a tan face, etc. He looked like some kind of surfer. He told me to climb this rope(which was at the end of the hall and lead up through a hole in the ceiling) and I would see it. I asked him what I would see, but all he replied with was a “You’ll see.” and walked away. Yes, I did climb it, it lead to the roof. There was this concrete ledge jutting out from the roof, which I stood on and overlooked the scene. We were in the midst of a forgotten town I guess, there was this fog, or maybe a mist that engulfed everything. Beyond the town was a large forest surrounding it, and faintly in the distance I could see a foggy beach. Then, much to my dismay, the dream ended, and I’m still trying to understand it!”


Dream by Jax

“I was on a cruise with my family and grandfather, we got a postcard from someone back from and we wrote on the postcard and my grandma who recently passed away was writing back to what we were saying on the postcard. She gave me the email and password to her shuttefly account, and the password was Clarie734. Claire was the name of my mothers aunt, who is also passed.”


Dream by Nicole

“I was at my current boyfriend’s funeral and i was very angry and yelling at the catering people because they didn’t bring the correct food that we ordered for the services, and i remember thinking to myself in my dream that, that’s not the food he would have wanted…that’s all i remember…”


Dream by Jessica

“I was randomly in my friends apartment next to her house and i was pregnant. my parents were angry with me and kicked me out of the house so she agreed to let me stay there with her i was curled up in a ball crying next to the tv when some of our other friends arrived and she went to go talk with them but i was not allowed to see them because one of their parents didn’t like me because i was pregnant and i was forced to stay in the the apartment while she went and had fun with them i was very sad and depressed and angry with the father who i didn’t tell i was expecting.”


Dream by Jessica

“My friend and i were walking through town, however it was not our town yet we seemed to know where we were going. we walked to a town park and into the pool area. it wasn’t a pool we found though we found a giant cup of vanilla pudding. we then proceeded to get into our bathing suits and go swimming in the vanilla pudding “pool” it was just the two of us and we talked about a lot of things such as our mutual ex boyfriend and the latest gossip in our lives. we heard someone coming in the grass next to the cup of pudding and stopped all activity to see who was coming. then it ends..”


Dream by Khushboo

“I went to jail cause I didn’t wanna pay my bills on time. So I headed to jail and I met these people that taught me how to fight and so I was like hey guys you should eat lunch with me. So me and those guys headed to lunch and then when I turned around they ditched me, so I was looking around for places to sit and I saw Luke(my boyfriend) and zach(an aquaintance) and all of my old friends but they all raised their hands and didnt let me sit by them, so I was looking around and I saw Marlen( a close friend).. Except that there were two marlens! One with curly hair and the other with straight. So I went to go sit with marlen and ale and Matt(both people i barely know) were there too. And you told me that ale was in jail cause she ran over her husband…that Matt doesn’t know about. And then Sofia(another close friend) comes along and she’s wearing a ninja suit and she came to kidnap me out of jail! So we were coming up with a plan to get out and Eric(one of my best friends) is the head of security there so he overheard us and reported us to a federal judge? So we all went to court and Tina(an aquaintance) was my lawyer and Kristine(very good friend)was there but she only wanted my chemistry answers. So we were all there and I had to go back to jail cause I lost the case…”


Dream by Tobi

“I had an embarrassing moment at school in which i was dacked twice by my friends, and I ran off crying. I ended up running towards my grandmas house and I met her and a bunch of other old ladies, they told me i was a blueblood (thing im reading about in a book, its a vampire/witch) and that i had powers. My friends ran after me and found out that i could do spells when they saw me making things grow and shrink again. Then i met up with my family and boyfriend and we all hung out at my grandas for a party. Then the old lady neighbour came out and yelled at me for being a blue blood, and i had to be held back from attacking her, with my vampire instinct. and yeah, it was just a really weird dream, (im obessed with reading books about witches, and demons, and vampires and stuff, so that probably contributed to the weirdness)”


Dream by Anonymous

“I had a dream about getting in a hockey fight with another player from an opposing team. I took place in a hockey rink in Minnesota somewhere. I didn’t even know the kid I got in a fight with, but he was ugly. The refs threw us in the penalty box after the fight and my coach wasn’t very happy with me. The outcome of the whole fight wasn’t very good because my coach was mad and we were short-handed for two minutes. My adrenaline was pretty high at the time I had no fear I just wanted to win. One thing I could relate this dream to is my hockey practice. I started playing hockey again.”


Dream by Johnny

“I was walking calmly along a nature trail, through a beautiful wood. I met a woman who I didn’t know and she was walking her dog. The dog liked me, so me and the woman walked and talked together. We came to a sturdy wooden bridge, which spanned a crystal clear lake and the sun reflected off it. I looked into the water and saw it was shallow; there were also big ripe watermelons growing in abundance, so I reached in a pulled one out. We ate the watermelon and it was delicious.” 


Dream by Presley

“Me and my friend were in some old ladies house who lived on a lake. But her house was nice, and modern, not like a typical old ladies house. We weren’t supposed to be there, and someone came home so we ran out and got in our car. They chased us in their car, but eventually we thought we lost them so we stopped for bread sticks and they ended up catching us, and it turns out they were a bunch of teenage boys and girls.”