Share Your Dream

The most important part about sharing dreams is to try and remember the little details that can help create a whole picture of your dream. Readers can comment on the dream and help you determine the meaning of your dream.

  • Include the following details: Emotions, Feelings, People, Places, Situations, Objects, and Colors
  • Write clearly and concise – Try to use correct grammar and punctuation! Other people will be reading your dream!
  • Aim for 200+ words – This is a guideline, you don’t have to follow it strictly, but please write as much detail as possible.
  • Try to include details from your Waking life that could connect with your dream
  • Include your own interpretation of the dream if you have one

*Please keep the dreams PG-13 – If you have a sexual dream describe it without going into the details of the actual intercourse and avoid vulgar language

After you have submitted your dream, scroll through the different categories and find dreamers who have similar dreams to you! This is a great way to interact with others online who are dreaming about similar topics and both of you can discover the meanings of your dreams together.

The best way to get someone to interpret your dream is to help others interpret their dream. Scroll through the hundreds of different dreams and find ones that have similarities to your dream.

If you want to get help interpreting your dream (Within 24 hours), submit your dream to my professional interpretation service. I read every submission and look for hidden clues and meanings that are present inside of your dream. My dream interpretation service is designed to walk you through possible meanings that can give you the answers you are looking for.