Shape and Pattern Dream Meanings and Interpretations


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Shape Dream Interpretations

Seeing shapes in a dream can represent the different parts of your inner self They all have their own interpretation. See the individual descriptions to get a deeper meaning of each one.

Circle Dream Symbols – Circles symbolize eternity. There is no start and no end. They join together to continue in an everlasting circle of infinity. A symbol of family. This represents your spirituality and personal growth. It also represents how you feel about life and everything.

A circle within a circle can refer to your femininity. This can mean there is soon to be a new addition to your family, or within your family and circle of friends.

Crescent Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a crescent shape can refer to someone you have feelings for. It can also symbolize understanding and kindness. This is a sign that you are stuck in a spiritual rut. You may need to be more open to your spiritual path. This could be an urgent reminder to stay alert, for you may miss an important opportunity that may never pass your way again. It is a warning you need to stand up for yourself. Do not let others try to manipulate and control you.

Cross Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a cross means you will have a lot of tough times in your life. Do you have ‘a cross to bear’? This can symbolize the lessons you still need to learn. Seeing Christ on a cross indicates you have a need to help others at the expense of yourself. You need to learn to say no.

Seeing a plain cross means you are learning new lessons that will benefit you throughout your life. Dreaming of a cross usually brings news of better things coming into your life.

Diamond Dream Symbol – Seeing the shape of a diamond in a dream is symbolic of a signpost. It shows you the options you have to follow your dreams. What directions you can take. Now is a time you need to make a choice. Evaluate what you want out of life and how you are going to achieve that. You may have many choices to make.

Oblong Dream Symbol – An oblong in a dream suggests you are surrounded by illusions These can be of your own making or created by those that you trust. Look closer for not everything is as it seems. This maybe someone your trust deeply.

Oval Dream Symbol – Dreaming of an oval shape can represent feminine reproductivity. It can be a time where you are thinking about children and starting a family. It can also symbolize your aura and the energy that surrounds you.

Rectangle Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a rectangular shape can indicate stability and hard work to get the material things you need. It also means you are a hard worker that focuses of having a strong, stable life.

Square Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a square can symbolize your leadership skills. It is a time to enjoy all that life has to offer you. Although you feel you are making good progress, you may want to do better. You may have good communication, but you may not be being heard. You need to communicate better to get people to listen. You will achieve success, but may have to work harder. This is a sign many obstacles will cross your path.

Star Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a star is sending you a powerful spiritual message. If the star represents a pentagram, this is about the lessons you learn and the wisdom you take into the future. It can mean your physical and spiritual sides are balanced. You are on the right path. You will soon be able to help others if that is what you want out of life.

A Star of David in a dream can mean you express yourself physically and through the material things you need. A broken star is a sign that others should recognize the good you do for others. It can also mean that you have forgotten how to help others. Have you been selfish lately? Have you been caught up in your life dramas? When you do a random act of kindness for someone, watch to see how this is returned to you tenfold.

A star is about enjoying life. About ensuring you have a good work life balance so you can keep progressing forward. This is a reminder that no matter what happens, you are well-equipped to handle whatever life throws your way. You will eventually achieve success, and live a life full of happiness.

Triangle Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a triangle represents the state of your waking life and relationships. This is a warning there maybe failure, mistakes, disagreements, and arguments among the people closest to you. This can even symbolize relationship breakdowns. A colored triangle symbolizes new ideas. It warns of being tricked into being disloyal and that someone close will possibly betray you. A blue triangle can mean your expectations from others is too high. Do you expect too much from others? Beware of betraying someone you care about.

A symmetrical triangle can indicate peace and quiet coming into your life. That you will find peace of mind. You need to look at things from different perspectives to avoid making rash decisions. An equilateral triangle symbolizes clear thinking. This is a time where you have the confidence to follow your path.

Pattern Dream Interpretations

When you dream of patterns, you are seeing things from a new perspective. You may start seeing the whole world, and your friends and family, in a whole different light. In these types of dreams, you need to look at the other things going on in the dream, in conjunction with the pattern. This will give you a greater understanding of the message your subconscious is sending.

Dot Dream Symbol – Dreaming of dots is telling you there are new opportunities about to cross your path. Polka dots in a dream can represent the monotony of your daily routine. It can represent a situation or something you keep repeating or returning to. This may not necessarily be positive. This could be an old habit or way of thinking. Polka dots can refer to something you notice occurring all the time in your life.

Polka dots can also represent problems that worry you all of the time. It can also mean you have a negative habit or way of thinking that keeps impacting on your current life, and your future. You may need to consider what this is to work through it.

Line Dream Symbols – Seeing lines in a dream can represent boundaries, rules, and possible duality around you. Others or situation may not be what they seem. They can also symbolize a direct line to your future success, and the path you should take. Dreaming of crossing a line is clearly in reference to crossing the boundaries. This can be your own or someone else’s boundaries. It can also refer to crossing the boundaries of a situation. Is someone pushing your boundaries? Do you clearly set boundaries? Do you need to reevaluate your boundaries?

Standing in line can mean there is something you wait for in your waking life. Does waiting make you impatient? Do you feel others do not see your needs as a priority? Is there is always someone more important than you? Do you feel you deserve better treatment than this? You need to take back control of your emotions and your life. Someone cutting in front of you in a line can indicate how you feel others’ needs being prioritized over yours. You may often put off what is important to you to help others.

Seeing objects lined up can be a warning to prioritize a certain part of your life. The key to the part of your life that needs help will be in the objects in the line. There is a part of your life that urgently needs your focus.

Spiral Dream Symbols – 

Spiral dreams usually have little context. This is because spirals represent the universe trying to directly connect with you. You need to relate this type of dream directly to your waking life to get a better understanding. Consider what is uppermost in your mind, for it will most likely relate to that.

A clockwise spiral moving right is a sign things are progressing well in your life. You are happy and content with life. A spiral moving in a counterclockwise direction indicates there are part of your life that are out of control. It is time to step up and take your personal power back. Have you been feeling unsettled for some time now? There may be some things to get in order.

A spiral can also mean than one of your chakras is blocked. You may need to spend time in meditation to rebalance the energy in this part of your body. This will help you to continue progressing forward.

Note* If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. I got a dream, that i have an upward facing triangle followed by a rectangle/line (not sure because all of them were inscribed on the inner side of my hand), followed by a circle/dot. also a dog has done that by licking on my hand. What can i interpret from this? Please help 🙂

  2. I came across this dream I wrote down a few years ago .I dreamt while I was sick , of a black dot on my stomach that was painted on like a sticker, with three crescents around it. Next there was a machine( drying?) and they seemed to be spinning .

  3. I had a very odd dream in which there were large imprints from my right wrist and down my forearm. There were two mostly parallel lines down the center that curved slightly at the end and surrounding them were around three large circles with two short lines coming out of the lower lefthand side of each of them.

  4. Hi, i dreamt last night there were some people digging at the back of our house. When i looked again, they digged several sqaure shaped pit but what’s more interesting was you will see sky blue or grey-is water flowing. It’s kinda like a river under the soil. Can you please help me interpret this dream

  5. Raj Devbarma on

    I think I saw & very unusual type of dream & just right now. Which made me visit this page at early morning. I saw unusual red curved lines made of little red been types in fair quantity & blood red color connecting my eye’s inner cornia to another, my outer cornia, my left shoulder to right, my abs & I was watching these in front of a mirror. This scenario of my body shivering me for a moment whenever It comes in my mind. In short I was having fine curved lines in downward direction from left to right connecting my essential body parts & consisting red beens like in it. I know the interpretation of this kind of dream is rare but it is important to know the meaning of this kind of dream to mankind. Thank you.

  6. Ketsi sylvester ngeh on

    Hi sir, l have a dream in which l saw some dimensions 2, 60, 80 with no figure. I constantly have dreams. Most of them are written. How can you interprete this one?

  7. I was seeing red spirals circling in the dark clouds. What can that mean? It was a scary feeling actually.

  8. My friend has been having dreams where theirs always a sheild with the tna symbol on it what does it mean

  9. I dreamt I had, where my ear ring would be, seven dots forming a circle with one dot in the middle and it’s been bothering me since. Any ideas? That was literally the dream just a flash of that.

  10. Hi there, I had a dream where I saw people finding broaches with a lady on it and leafs with animal shapes. I found a leaf in the shape of a brown bear.

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