Sex Dream Meanings | Dreaming of Sexual Encounters and Situations


Sex Dream Symbols – Dreams of sex are about the different contrasting parts of your character and how they integrate into one in you. It is about being complete. Dreaming of sex can mean you need to be more like your partner in your dream. Look at the type of lovemaking in your dream. This may be telling you it has been too long since your last sexual encounter. It can also be a sign of repressed desires and emotions that need to break free.

Dreaming of having sex with someone other than your partner can mean there are problems with the physical side of the relationship between you and your partner. It can also be just a fantasy suggesting these are some of the sexual things you can share with your partner.

A dream where you have sex with an ex can be a sign you are worried about starting something new. This can be a new relationship or a situation. Do you fear to expose your innermost feelings to someone new? Maybe the experience with your ex has left you feeling nervous and brought old negative feelings back again. Are you feeling unsure of yourself and your feelings?

Having sexual dreams of enjoying sex with others can reflect the passion you feel for your partner. It is also about the way your life is changing and the new roles you will take on in life. A dream of enjoying sex with a stranger can represent your insecurity about the future. It also represents being able to experiment openly without any hang-ups.

A dream where you have sex with many partners simultaneously is a sign you have detached from the world and yourself. Are you living your life on automatic pilot? Do you avoid sex because it leaves you feeling empty? Has sex become meaningless to you? Watching others have sex can mean you would like to be more adventurous. What is stopping you? Are you too shy?

Having sex with someone famous reflects your desire for success. Do you desire recognition of some sort? Take a look at what this person is famous for to get a deeper understanding of this dream. Having sex with a friend can be about how close you feel to each other. It can also mean you and your friend are sexually attracted to each other. Are you afraid of rejection?

Seeing your parents having sex can mean you see aspects of your parents’ relationship in the relationship with your current partner. If you cringed at the thought of this, then this dream succeeds in getting your attention. Your parents have lived their lives for many years, you have much to learn from their relationships.

A dream where you are the opposite sex is a reminder to take on some of those traits in yourself. Consider how to do this in your waking life. A woman may take on the traits of a handyman role where a man may help more around the house.

Watching a girlfriend have sex with someone else is a sign you are being passive in your relationship. How is your sex life with your girlfriend? Are you sexually satisfying her?

Sexual Arousal Dream Symbol

Sexual dreams are about personal exploration. It can also be your hormones are influencing how you dream. Dreaming of sexual exploits regularly then this means your hormones are raging out of control.

Dreaming of sex can be about unity and caring for your emotional security. It may be you need to spend more time nurturing a close relationship to keep the love alive. It also indicates you are going through a time of spiritual growth.

sexual-arousal-dreamsSex resulting in pregnancy is a sign your life grows and moves forward. Fearing pregnancy can indicate there are close relationships you want to end. You may want to break up with your lover. Having good sex with someone else indicates you will soon enjoy a pleasurable life. Watching others have sex can mean you are in the wrong relationship. It may be a time to consider moving on. Being in an area known for working girls signifies there are fake relationships around you. Who could these be?

Dreaming of sexually transmitted diseases can mean you find yourself unfairly judged. You may be accused of doing something you did not do. Your integrity may be attacked or the gossipmongers work overtime to discredit you. You may not be given a fair chance to defend yourself.

Wearing sexy clothes represents your perception of yourself. It may be time to make some changes. Having sex while still dressed indicates guilt about something. What are you hiding? Maybe you made a promise you failed to fulfill. Dreaming of masturbating indicates sexually repressed desires. Seeing others masturbating represents your worries, fears, and inhibitions. It can also mean you are not really happy with your life as it currently is. This type of dream is not necessarily about sex. It can relate to a specific situation in your life. It can also represent pent up sexual energy that needs a release.

Dreaming of homosexuality does not necessarily mean this is about your sexuality. It often means you will help someone out of the same sex as you. A female dreaming of sexual relations with another woman is a dream about balance. Are your emotions running hot and cold? It is a time you need to find a way to reach a balance. A man having sex with a man can mean you have insecurities. It is time you looked deeper to work them out. It is the only way to move your life forward. Stand up for your truth and have faith in what you believe in.

Dreaming of a woman having a sex change indicates new opportunities are on the way. A man having a sex change can indicate you need to watch your own behavior. Are you walking your path with integrity? Do your actions speak louder than your words?

Having no sexual organs in a dream can mean you worry about your social standing. You need to listen to what others have to say to improve all your relationships. Dreaming of exposing yourself is a warning to watch what you say. It could get you into trouble of some sort. Reaching orgasm represents your positive sex life. Trouble reaching orgasm can mean there are minor issues around you that can relate to misunderstandings. You may need to take the time to listen more closely to see the truth. Remember, when you listen you need to truly hear.

Dreaming of incest represents your longing for the best things money can buy. It can also mean you have some problems with family and friends. It may be a time you need to concentrate some effort on improving these. Fetishes in a dream indicate failures through life. You may be trying to escape from your reality. You need to analyze what is going on to find solutions to help you move forward.

Raping in a dream indicates you have emotional issues that need sorting out. It is a time you need to get to the heart of the matter and let it go. Work out what makes you happy. You need to look after yourself. This can be a sign you are in a power struggle between your emotions.

Sexual Encounter Dreams

Intercourse Dream Symbol

Dreaming of intercourse is a sign you long for sexual adventure that you are not getting in your waking life. This does not mean you are not happy with your partner or the sexuality between you. Everyone has fantasies, it is a good way to release them while you sleep.

Young people dream of sex all the time. It is a time in their life where their sexuality is opening up. It is natural to explore sex with curiosity. Having dreams of intercourse can mean you are frustrated in your waking life. And, if you are single, these dreams mean you are simply unconsciously releasing any pent-up sexual energy.

If your sex life is boring in your real life, then dreaming of having sex can symbolize what you truly need. You may need to take the initiative to change things. Dreaming of a sexual encounter with a stranger can be a boost to your self-confidence. It is a reminder of how the world really sees you – as someone of mystery who promises excitement. Dreaming of making love to someone you know in your waking life, may mean you have an attraction to that person. If the person is world-famous, the dream can be your subconscious boosting your self-confidence. It can also be they have the characteristics you need to work on within yourself.

Dreams of making love can also symbolize your creativity. Turn that energy into something positive in your waking life. Dreaming of being seduced or of seducing another, can warn you are too willing to compromise. This can be in relation to all areas of your life. You should not be so willing to sell yourself so short. Learn to stand in your truth.

Undressing in front of someone in your dream symbolizes your self-confidence. If you feel shy about this, then you may have some problems with your self-image. How can you improve how you see yourself? Having sex fully clothed can mean you feel guilty. What are you ashamed of? Being naked in public in a dream is a clear sign of your insecurity. Do you have trouble coping in public situations?

Female Sexual Partners

When a woman dreams of female sexual partners they symbolize your deep desires, hopes, and the things you have no desire to have in your life. A man dreaming of a female sexual partner is a message you need to get more in touch with your feminine side. A successful union with a woman, whether you know her or not, represents a successful blending of the feminine and masculine sides of your personality. Having sex with more than one woman can indicate dreams coming true, but can also indicate conflicting desires.

Male Sexual Partner

A male dreaming of a male sexual partner can give insight to your deepest needs, fears, and hopes. A woman dreaming of a male sexual partner is a sign your feminine and masculine sides are working in harmony. You are empowered to stand in your truth. You have the self-confidence to challenge the world. If the sex leaves you wanting more, then the meaning for both is the opposite.

Making love to more than one man can symbolize different parts of yourself. Take notice of the details in the dream to better understand what it means.

Loss of Virginity

Dreaming of losing your virginity, and you are a virgin, can represent your fear of sex for the first time. A dream like this and you are not a virgin can symbolize disillusionment in your waking life. Have you just seen the truth of someone you cared deeply about? do you avoid asking others for help? But when you do, do others let you down?

Nowhere to Make love

Dreaming of searching for somewhere to make love signifies your constant frustration. This is not a dream about sex but about the challenges you face. Maybe there are problems in your relationship or family. Do you no longer nowhere you stand?

Public Lovemaking

Dreaming of making love in public for everyone to see can mean you feel as though you have no privacy in your waking life. Has someone told your secrets to the world? Is everyone gossiping behind your back?

Vanishing Partner

Dreaming of making love to your partner and they vanish in the middle of the session is a sign of your frustration and stress levels in your waking life.

Female Sexual Symbols

Female sex symbols in a dream can include flowers and ripening fruits. Dreaming of a red rose symbolizes passion and true love. A man dreaming of a thorny rose can mean you have a contradictory attitude towards women and their sexuality.

Male Sexual Symbols

Male sex symbols can include guns, knives, and violent actions. Guns and knives can warn of doubts about your own sexuality. A cigar or cigarette in a dream can symbolize a penis. It can be a substitution for masturbation when smoking in a dream.

Dreaming of a cell phone is a phallic symbol that can represent your substitution for someone you love. Do you spend much of your life on your cell phone? Is it stealing time from those you love? Cell phones can also represent being frustrated over sexual intimacy. Maybe it is time to turn off your cell phone and put real-time into the people you love.

Disturbing Sexual Dreams


When you dream of being lured into a sexual encounter, and then rejected or pressured for what you did, this means you need to avoid those who are only out to use you.


Dreaming of having sex with an animal is an insight into your basic sexual needs. You are simply experiencing lust in the safety of your dreams. There is nothing wrong with you if that is what worries you. It is quite normal to release sexual tension while you sleep.


A dream where you are a victim of a sexual assault can be your subconscious recreating a past event. You usually have this type of dream when you have been through this in your waking life. It may be something you have trouble understanding and getting over. You may need to seek professional help to work through feelings of guilt, fear, and pain. If you have not been attacked in real life, then this can mean someone close is attacking you behind your back. Is someone trying to take over your life? Is there someone you are locked in a dispute with? This is a dream that can mean you feel you have no choices. Someone may be pushing you for their own agenda. You can either go along with the flow or walk away. Do you have fear of being humiliated if you do not meet this person’s demands?


A man dreaming of castration can mean you have a fear of a loss of control or of your masculinity. Do you fear you cannot satisfy your partner sexually? A woman dreaming this can represent fears of others trying to control you. Do you fear others’ agendas disempowering you? Have you been badly hurt lately by a man?

Distressing, violent and graphic images

Dreaming of violent and distressing images is a sign of complete frustration in your waking. It has nothing to do with your sexuality. You need to deal with the root cause of your stress to break the negative cycle.


When you dream of one partner dominating the other this can be about your sexuality. Seeing yourself as the domineering one can represent your own insecurities. If you are submissive it can mean you want to get on top of some situation you feel you have lost control of in your life.

A whip in your dream can symbolize your fear or wish for domination in your life. Seeing chains, boots, and other erotic sexual equipment can mean the same. In reality, it can bring your fears and lack of maturity to the surface. It is time to deal with these fears once and for all.

Inappropriate Partner

Sleeping with someone else in a dream when you are in a committed relationship can mean you wish to get closer emotionally to that person. Take notice of who the other person is in your dream to help you get a deeper understanding. Waking from this dream feeling low is a sign you have been unfaithful. Have you been less than honest with the one you love?


Dreaming of sleeping with a member of your family can leave you feeling violated when you awake. This is a warning that you are preoccupied negatively with the person in your dream. Maybe you rely on them too much and need to stand on your own two feet. It can also mean the person you are involved with has similar characteristics to the person in your dream.

This may also be a time in your life where you are growing in some way. Or, there may be major family arguments you cannot escape. Do you try to avoid them, but keep getting drawn in?


Experiencing masochism in a dream represents your love of taking things to the extreme. It can also warn that you keep sacrificing yourself in a misguided attempt to make yourself keep paying for the past. Are you not allowing yourself to feel a depth of emotion in your waking life? This type of dream can be letting you know what you are lacking or desire in your waking life.


Dreaming of an orgy represents your own repressed sexual desires. Maybe you are too boring sexually and could use experimenting to spice things up. It can also signify confusion about how to spend your time. Are you trying to do too many things and do not have enough time to achieve them all?


When you dream of enjoying pornography it can mean you need to take time out of your stressful life to relax. It can also warn that you need to be more open-minded about things in life. Are you judgmental of those with different attitudes to you?


When you dream of being a prostitute it can mean you want more freedom to express yourself sexually. Do you want to explore different sides of your sexuality? Are you too rigid or frigid? You may need to be less uptight and be open to new adventures. It can also mean you feel guilty about something or there are negative relationships in your life. You may even struggle with balancing love with your sexuality. These are things you need to learn to deal with to move your life forward.

Dreaming of a prostitute can also warn you are ‘prostituting’ yourself in some way in your waking reality. Is this true of you? Are you selling yourself out to others?

Seeing yourself with a prostitute is a sign you are feeling needy. Or, it can mean you want sexual relationships without any emotional attachment. A man dreaming of visiting a prostitute means you are frustrated with your sexual life in your waking reality. This is a way of relieving your frustrations.

A woman dreaming of working for a pimp can warn you to crave some danger and excitement in your life. Do you enjoy have power over men sexually? When waking from a dream like this and you feel repulsed at yourself, this can mean your partner is using you for some ulterior reason.


A dream of being raped is a sign of stress. Are you being overwhelmed by events in your everyday life? Are others trying to take over your life despite your protests to the contrary? Does someone continually invade your personal space no matter how you set down boundaries? This is a time you need to take back your control to escape the web of others. Do not let others take over your life.


Dreaming of sadism represents repressed fears and anger from long ago. Probably from your childhood. This dream can be about punishing yourself for your past. It is time to move on.

Sexual Inadequacy

Feelings of sexual inadequacy in a dream are merely your subconscious releasing your stress and anxieties. It is time to let it all go.

Venereal Disease

A dream where you have venereal disease can mean you are struggling emotionally or physically. Are you feeling threatened in your relationship? Do you have a fear of commitment? You may need to take time out to rebalance your energy.

Questions to Ask

  • Who is involved in the sex dream?
  • Is this dream reflecting any hidden desires?
  • Was this dream enjoyable or was it very disturbing?
  • Were you embarrassed during the dream?
  • Was the other person in your dream your significant other or another person?
  • Did you wake up feeling guilty from the dream?

It is important to know that some sexual dreams have no meaning. You may encounter a disturbing sexual dream that involves someone you know, that my disgust you. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to fully control the content of our dream, but we can control the reaction.

Note* If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. I started to get wet dreams for the first time in years over a therapist I was seeing ,I’d never seen one before and I fell in love with her after a few months and stared having wet dreams two or three times a week which I’d never experienced before. I decided eventually I’d confess my feelings and told her I was having wet dreams about her , I was so embarrassed I said I would stop seeing her.she very kind about it and made me feel it was just a common reaction and I shouldn’t feel ashamed.
    She didn’t understand what she’d possibly done to make me get so aroused over her and I was too embarrassed to tell her my dreams. I stopped going soon after because I felt too awkward. I thought Itvwas just a strange phase I’d come out of but even a couple of years later I still have wet dreams about her,I’ve no idea why she’s had such an effect on me. It’s never happened before.

  2. Really strange but I’m a straight male an I keep having recurring dreams of my partner pegging me and in the dreams I’m loving like I have the best orgasm and then I wake up and I don’t knoe how I feel. Like if I try would I like it and if I like it is that wrong. I have the dream quiet often though and I kinda like the dream aswell.

  3. I had a dream of some mysterious man just grabbing me fro.m behind and rubbing my nipples and rubbing his penis on my ass and we are kissing each other and then the dream ends. What does that mean?

  4. PLEASE HELP : need advice with this one no jokes please, o_0 I cannot find any information anywhere on this happening in a dream- would love any advice what it means.
    I am a single bisexual female in my 30s I have been having re concurrent dreams where I am a MAN having sex with a MAN while I am aroused upon waking I have never felt that I am in the wrong gender more just open minded. What is this dream trying to tell me?

    • I had a dream like we were in a company there was this lady who was complaining that the people she was given to work with were not up to the task, she asked me to join her, but I told her that I was going to for an injection at 3pm. She told me I should help her write a report and I woke up be4 I wrote it but she had told me exactly what to write

  5. Anna Anderson on

    I had a dream that I was eating out another girl and fulfilling her pleasures and so forth. I’ve never had a boyfriend but I was interested in girls at one point but I insisted to myself that I was straight.

  6. I had a dream I was dominating another girl and my dad found out and said “I always knew she was kind of a lesbian but this-this is disgusting and not my daughter” It was my first dream about a girl (well my first wet dream really) I enjoyed it but I felt guilty about my dad when I woke up.

  7. Hi, I really need some advice.
    I dreamt that a workmate was flirting and eventually making me happy on a date. This workmate then convinced me to have sex with him and we went into a shower, as soon as we started making out he went to turn on the hot water. After wards he came back and opened the condom. We didn’t get to him actually doing the deed. He then went and called a lot of people to come see me naked in the shower. I was still in the shower while I heard some noise, I quickly ran to get a gown to cover myself.
    The crowd came in and laughed at me. I stared him and in the dream he said do you really think I can do anything with you…

    I was sad and embarrassed. I ran out and on my way through a supermarket found myself getting chocolate wrapped in a red wrapper. As I walked out I also passed by a store selling hair products. The store assistant knew and said hi to me.

    That’s the end… I woke up not settled wondering what this means.
    Any sort of help from you would really go a long way. Thank you.

    • Maybe it could have something to do with your insecurities or maybe the dream was saying that, that workmate is toxic or that you shouldn’t hang out with them.

  8. Last night I dreamt of kissing and touching a girl that I don’t know and then being accused of sexual harassment then sentence to four months jail time rather strange never had dream like it before what could it mean

  9. Hi
    So I had a dream where I went on a date with a girl I know in real life ( I find her attractive in real life ) and it turned into sex after in a old abandoned building and at the time it felt really good and we talked after and wanted to start a relationship. Then in my dream I meet up with my real life partner ( who I love very much ) and we had broken up in my dream so I told her that I had had sex with this girl. And she was ok with it. Then we ended up getting back together. And all three of us started dating. Then I woke up.
    Also I have never wanted to have a threesome I have always felt like it would be unfaithful. Though my partner does want to try one some day. I am also quite submissive in my relationship. And suffer from low self confidence. And depression and anxiety.

  10. Katheryn Gaskin100 on

    Why boyfriend dreams having sex every night,plays with his penis some,make noise keeps me awake,I try to have sex,he pushes me away, try to talk about it,to him ,he act he don’t want to explain or help us I want sex,he has no erection for me and him

  11. Jordan Mercier on

    What could it mean if you dream of being married, and deeply in love with, someone you crushed on in your past, but haven’t really thought of, or accossiated with in a while. On top of that, we’d never even met in person, as she’s an online friend, and I’m currently engaged. I’m looking for insight, as, I’m really confused, right now, in my life.

  12. I’m a teenage girl and I dreamt about having sex with an older woman :/ so we err in ian public bathroom, I wanna say maybe at the pools because we all had bathing suits on. So the lady sees me through the crack and I’m like okay cool but then she comes over and goes ..that’s a nice pussy you got there.. and without hesitation I was like ..wanna eat me out?.. and she just starts…y’know. But I was okay with it which is the weird part. After reading the article I still don’t know what it means 🙁

  13. I dreamed about me having sex with my partner (LDR) she was in my favorite dress, some of my dreams I was doing her from the back in third person, others I was doing her in front while I was lifting her legs, third person and first person she always wear the same dress and wedges that I love to see her in.

  14. My husband says I dream making love and mourning when I sleep but when I wake up I don’t remember anything what is wrong with me it is have every week it started around September 2017

    • Maybe try meditation for raising your vibration.
      Or try alba weinman to get a hypnosis and figure out what’s happening. For hypnosis make sure to trust them if they seem suspicious then don’t go.

  15. What does it mean if I had a random dream about working in an office or something but throughout it there were several times when I opened a door and a few to one person was in there, inviting me for sex but I just closed the door or went through the room and ignored them, but at the end I was in a car and one person (that had appeared before in those rooms) was creepily walking around it, a seducing and malicious grin on their face, and they started going in, and nothing happened cause I woke up but even though I was indifferent and mostly confused about those previous times, that last one left me feeling so trapped and scared, and I just really don’t know what to make of it?? (Especially since I recall 2 or so of those people being girls I don’t really know closely but I just, see them around, and have kinda mixed feelings about them cause they’ve been both rude to me and people I know but they still were strangely nice at times and maybe i’my just paranoid and overthinking things, and yeah, like I said, mixed feelings) Sorry. If anyone has something to explain about this please help.

  16. So I dreamed that a guy asked me to travel up a snow covered mountain in his truck with him. All to go to sleep with him in the snow on top of the mountain . The thing was I was not dressed . Idk if I fully was naked but I remember looking at my legs feet and arms and seeing only skin. I remember thinking about his request and weighing my options (risk). Looking into his eyes and saying yes. We traveled in his truck up the mountain got out of his truck got into the bed of the truck I latex on my back he laid on top of me keeping me warm and safe. Then another person showed up and fussed at him for risking my safety. ( my lack of clothing to protect me against the weather was the persons issue.) he went down the mountain leaving me in the cold. I attempted to stop him and tell him he did nothing wrong.

  17. What about if you’re dreaming about kissing and having sex with a guy and then all of a sudden he turns into another guy. I have those dreams alot.

  18. Hi
    I just had the most disturbing dream.
    In my dream…I had just had the most wonderful sexual experience, multiple orgasms. We were at my parents house, (I recently moved back home to live with my parents due to financial constraints).
    So next this guy was taking a bath, my mom comes back, she’s standing outside the bathroom door and this guy and I are stuck in the bathroom and can’t get out

  19. what about being seduced by an old friend that is on the other side of the country that you are no longer toking to??

  20. (I always dream about ghost or paranormal entities.Today I had a dream where I’m in panic all the time and scared running away from this possessed female who is very attractive.i remember her flying around in the air ..vanishing .later stage I go to someplace like a mental asylum where I meet like a yogi he gives me this cloth and he suggest I place it on her scared as hell and now that I realise I went back to this old house (wch looked exactly like the house I grew up when I was lil and living with my grandmother) and I see this possessed female there ..shes scary even to imagine but still very beautifull.and I’m wiedly getting close to her kissing her and this point of the dream I’m a man.and then I place the piece of cloth over her face and she’s decaying out still talking…smiling …and she just vanishes.there is a story behind the possession that a woman commited suicide as her lover denied marrying her and this woman was his wife so she wanted to haunt the wife to be with the man)I’m trying to wake up but then I realise that I’m probably stuck inside another dream.i struggle to wake up in my dream.making me dream that I’m struggling to wake up.
    I can write different moments that happened in this dream but it will make it lengthier…i don’t know what to do ..this has left me with some headache and lot of confusion and this will last let’s say may be all the day.

  21. Hi
    Please help i have no idea about my dreams.
    Today, id dreamed that im with someone guy having sex with me. When i/we are kissing, there was a guard/a police who sees us that where having fun.
    At that time, the guy on my dream got scared and got away that he leaves me.
    I left in the room. Looking for my bag to take my phone. And lock the door. I dont know what happened because they are knocking the door and trying to get…
    Are they going to get me to be in jail?

    • shola adebayo on

      Dream of getting close to a married woman and she said she will date me I introduce her to my mother in waking life my mother is dead.pls what does it mean

    • shola adebayo on

      Dream of getting close to a married woman and she said she will date me I introduce her to my mother in waking life my mother is dead.pls what does it mean

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