Sewing Dream Symbol


Sewing – Sewing is the symbol of motherly care and nurturing. While gender roles are typically unfair, this does not keep sewing from being an act of nurturing. Sewing not only provides clothing for the people of the world, it also can be used to prolong that clothing or size it precisely for one special person. If you dream about yourself sewing something it is a sign that you feel very nurturing toward someone in your life.

That person is probably the same one that you are sewing for. If you are repairing an article of clothing by sewing or patching it represents the fact that you are able and willing to patch up a hole in your relationship with that person. It is an auspicious time to have a talk with them. 

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  1. I dreamt that I was sewing a house coat along side with another lady. When we were almost done, I wanted to put some poka dots design on mine, she bluntly refused because the materials were hers and she didn’t want my own coat to be more beautiful than hers. So I wore the house coat the way it was..

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