Sewage Dream Symbol


Sewage – Sewage is some really disgusting stuff. The majority of people has never actually come into contact with raw sewage and has no idea the actual level of disgust that it creates in those who do. However, this does not prevent many people from having dreams that they believe to be a real representation of sewage. Sewage is the symbol for waste.

If you dream about this type of waste it indicates that there is something in your life that your subconscious considers to be some absolutely disgusting as to merit a dream about sewage. Sewage taints everything it touches forever. The smell never truly comes off and that object must be thrown away if you have any desire of getting rid of the stench. If you dream about sewage then there is something in your life that has so unalterably changed and infested you that the only hope is to surgically remove that part of your life. 

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  1. I dreamed last night that I swam through sewage to reach some good people I know. I felt embarrassed and desperate to change into something clean. It was disturbing. Given the comment above ” If you dream about sewage then there is something in your life that has so unalterably changed and infested you that the only hope is to surgically remove that part of your life” is intriguing. Yes, I’ve gone through a dramatic change in recent years (I spent 25 years as a Buddhist monk and now work and live in Seattle). The “good people” mentioned above were the community of monks. I believe myself to be a kind and decent person but have to make my way in the world as most people do so can’t afford the high ideals I once had. Interesting.

  2. I never remember much of my dreams, but my dream last night was so vivid. The only thing i don’t remember is who I was with. We were climbing on things, stepping on rubbish or something we thought….and then suddenly we realised we were in the middle of a sea of sewage and it was contaminated. We see people covered in sewage and we are panicking to get out of there before getting covered like they were.

  3. Tammy BlueRose on

    A toilet had been been blocked of I went to go toilet. Hear bubbling to the right was wide hole inside raw sewage. Small hole to the bk. Then it started to spill over. I ran out for help. I said to Mick my current boyfriend I Dont trust Marcus would he come with me. Next there’s four of use in protective gear in sewage planting lavender in the sides.
    This all started from taking the bottom shoe cupboard lid out and inside finding tons of clothes. To my left inside the cupboard where other things box’s bits n bobs. Though all was fimaler. I’m awke 4am this morning tired but wide awake.

  4. I had a dream about some people conspiring or making plans to throw some high profile person into a nearby sewage dump which had “3 kms of raw sewage”. I heard this again and again,”3 kms of raw sewage”. I woke up because I couldn’t take it any more,i.e being a part of the discussion.

  5. Pilar Pangkasank on

    My dream was about… As I walked n a bathroom,the toilet overflowed with clear clean water,so I left that bathroom,the floor tiles had the sewage black black water come out,and as I tried to avoid it,it dirtied my left foot in it.

  6. Izabel Skiba on

    My dream. my closest friends and I sat in the school hall way near the classroom and then rats started coming out of the sewage system that was right under our feet, one of my friends was wearing really protected shoes (black and dark blue) and he didn’t got hurt, the other friend was wearing shoes that looked almost (with a little bit shades of grey) the same but she got beat ones by a rat, and I wore really exposed (white ones) and I could get easily hurt but I managed not to get hurt because I was cerfull enough.

    The friend that got beat ran after the rats afterwards…

  7. In mine I was in a city and the sewage backed up and there were founts of crap blasting out of toilets everywhere and people were all running around. I woke up laughing, so I think this might not have been a real sewage dream.

  8. I had a dream that I was in my bed sleeping and began to smell sewage. I remember thinking that sewage must have come up in the backyard or in the basement. It seemed so real that I woke up sniffing the air but the stench was gone. I soon realized that it was a dream.

  9. I have dreamed that my 6 years old daughter fell into a sewage hole while running around, at that moment I woke up from my sleep. I would like to know the meaning of the dream.

  10. Priscilla Lubisi on

    My dreams. I fell into a pit toilet full of waste ,but managed, to get out of that waste

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