Serial Killer Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Serial Killer Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a serial killer is a collective nightmare that occurs among dreamers. Seeing a serial killer in your dream can mean some different things depending on the situation and circumstances involved in your dream.

If you dream of a famous serial killer that is featured in a Hollywood film, it could be related to you watching the movie. The younger the dreamer, the more likely a horror movie is going to have an impact on your unconscious mind.

Ask yourself what stands out about that serial killer? Was it someone who preyed on victims who were helpless? Perhaps you feel like you are a victim in a situation and are helpless in trying to get yourself out of that situation. Do you feel like something is holding you back from achieving your desired success in your financial and personal life?

Children who watch scary movies and documentaries about serial killers are much more likely going to be impacted by those images than adults.  This is why it is important for parents to monitor what children watch, so they do not have unnecessary nightmares that can be avoided.

What Do Serial Killer Dreams Mean?

If you see a serial killer in your dream, it can indicate that there may be people in your life that are conniving against you in some way. Perhaps, you have some individuals who want to see your fail at a new project or in your job. Do you have any competitors or enemies who are trying to prevent you from success?

Sometimes serial killer dreams can indicate that you may be sabotaging your success, without even realizing it. Perhaps you have been negative and have not been as positive as you should be. This negative attitude might be hurting your interactions with the people around you.

If you dream that a serial killer is trying to attack you, it means that there is something about you that you feel distinguishes you from the other people around you. However, this can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Serial killers tend to select their victims based on one or two key features.

Do you have any characteristics that are present in some of the victims of your dream? Perhaps you have traits that are unique to you, that you have not been taking advantage in your career.

Dreaming You Are the Serial Killer

If you dream that you are a serial killer, it could be a Freudian dream that represents your underlying sexual urges and desires. Perhaps you feel helpless in parts of your life, and in your dream, you feel powerful. This dream could be an expression of your helplessness, being projected into the form of someone who preys on those exact characteristics.

Alternatively, this dream could mean that you enjoy seeing people around you fail. Perhaps you are secretly hoping individuals who are close to you fail in their endeavors. This could indicate that you are unhappy with your own life, and want others to feel miserable also.

This dream could also indicate that you crave power, and want to be in positions of power. This could be your unconscious mind trying to put you in the driver seat, giving you full power over the people around you.


There are many reasons why people dream of serial killers. If you have a serial killer dream, it is important for you to look at the contents of the dream, and how it relates to your own life.

Do you feel like a victim in a particular area of your life? Do you want someone or something keeps trying to hold you back from achieving results that you want? To understand the meaning of your dream, you need to put it into the context of your life.

Every dream is different. It is up to you, the dreamer, to put together the puzzle of your dream and try to find out why your unconscious mind dreamt about it.

Note* If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic, please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. Okay, so my last dream has been bothering me so much. I dreamed about a axe wielding serial killer; she chopped into the man’s face length wise, it was very bloody. Afterwards I approached this woman and she turned out to be my lover and we kissed very passionately. After that I had no reflation in a mirror and screamed out, but no one heard me, so I flew off. It was the weirdest nightmare ever.

  2. I’m terrified of my dream of this serial killer and the warning he gave me.. to be careful of the food I eat in his house. I was hiding from him and was really hungry and went to get food from the kitchen and he showed up and the first thing i said was “please don’t kill me” in fear. All his response was, was to be careful of what I eat. What does that mean? My doctor just ordered me to change my diet and lifestyle to better myself and control the toxins in my brain. Does this relate in a way possibly? Or is someone telling me something? I dont dream often.. but this dream has been happening for two nights now and it’s hard to wake up from them.

    • I’m not any kind of professional, but it kinda sounds like you might resent your doctors orders, or possibly just feel as if your doctor is possibly practicing a amount of control in your life, or you feel somewhat under the control of your doctor. Does that sound close?
      If so it sounds as if your subconscious feelings about a particular thing in your life are manifesting them selves in your dreams.

  3. I had a dream about Ted Bundy, but it’s not just one dream it’s all the time. In every dream he’s trying to kill me but he never actually does. I get away in every dream or he’ll keep me hostage and torture me. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night & can’t go back to sleep because it felt so real. I don’t know what to do, I keep having nightmares about him not every night but just about.

  4. Ryan O. Bucayan on

    I dream about 2 killer i let them use the old building because the building owns by my friend and they are not alone at that building there is 2 more people whos hidding at building for there reason to sleeping. And i notice the 2 killer turn off the light and starting to trow on me something and 1 killer have gun and he start to shoot me but i scape and find a safe place but it did not take to long i fight back the 1 killer stay in the building and the other 1 who fight me with gun turns out he have a nife and we start to fight but luckily i use to manage the nife and i point it to his neck but i don’t kill him. And i just woke up my pulse rate is fast. I know why I’m dreaming about this. Base on your explanation I’m not really good in my job but my supervisor in trust me at work. I hope you can give me some answers

  5. I have recently been having a dream that keeps recurring every night about me being in a hotel and there’s a guy with a black hoodie and every time I look back he’s following me then I start running but every time he ends up catching me then I wake up wondering what was going to happen to me but every time I’m about to finish my dream I just wake up I don’t know why

  6. I had a dream that my dad and I were walking out of this store, and my mom and my brother were in the store. As my dad and I were walking out of that store, I saw this guy about 6 feet tall dressed in white from head to toe carrying a giant pickaxe. He came to attack me and my dad disappeared. I ran to the car and my dad was already in there. As soon as I got in the car it was like my dad was brain dead, he wouldn’t move or talk. In real life we have this person who dresses in black and stands outside my house at night but my mom favors my little brother and ignores me. Could this be trying to tell me something?

  7. I had a realistic dream that I committed suicide , but someone was scouting me as a serial killer. They found my dead pill drugged corpse and ended up taking my body apart to cannibalism. Hanging up my intestines like celebration lights. And they seemed so soft and innocent like they wouldn’t do something like that at all.

  8. Arhbencel Lopez on

    I had a dream, i was inside a room together with my friends 2 girls and 2 boys, then we heard that a possessed guy will be coming to the house to perform and get of the demon inside him. Littlr did we know that the guy is actually a possessed psychotic killer. When he entered the house he throw something to the priests and doctors that made them feel to the ground catching for their breath, when i saw what was happening i immediately closed the door and ordered everyone to pack all of their belongings and get of the house using the window. I was blocking the door at that time when i felt a strong force trying to break open the door and thats when i realize that thr guy had come for us to kill us. So ordered my friends to move faster and when the guy stops banging the door i saw a mans figure on the window trying to open the window and that is when i realize that it was possessed psycho killer holding something flaming on his hand while trying to open the window. And we are living on the 3rd floor. So i rushed to the window and pushed him so he could fall. And he landed on his foot and starts climbing the house again. I shouted to my friends to help me or atleast move faster. And then to my surprise the guy who is climbing the house is now in front of me and he threw something inside and he is trying to get inside and closed the window. Making the mistake of my life. But i was too busy fighting the guy not letting him inside and when i was able to push him off again. I looked at my friends and they are lying down catching for their breath and thats when i realize that the killer throwed a toxic chemical to them so i immediately brought them to the window to breath some fresh air. And then thr killer appeared again and i hold something in my handd and jumped out of the window and landed on the ground together with the killer. I run as fast as i can but the killer still managed to run the same pacing as i am. So changed my direction towards the house where i left my friends and still continued to run and when i finally thought that the killer was no linger behind me. I climbed the house and struggled to get inside but i was inside i saw my friends dying and when i tried to help them the killer appeared again and i am fighting so hard for him not to strangle me to death, we were fighting along the corridor and when i pushed him he went out of balance and fell to the 2nd floor so i was able to run to friends again amd when i saw them they are already gone then i looked at the window. 2 of my guy friends were helping the 2 girls get out of the house so i jump out of the window and looked the window outside so the killer wont be able to follow us. And we are all alive sitting infront of the house watching the house get burned together with the killer.

  9. Any interpretations about where I was jason voorhees, walking around a multi story building either a college/hospital killing anyone and everyone that came into sight! Haven’t watched any horror film before bed so was just a random character and dream! Just quite perplexing

    • In my dream I was watching this Serial Killer Cannibal gO around skinning people. The first victim was tied to a chair and I was a spectator. I flew away because obviously I didn’t want to watch someone get skinned. The serial killer cannibal killed and consumed three victims and on the fourth victim I was suddenly no longer a spectator but I was the killer I watched as I skinned the girl she was tied upside down and just as I was about to consume the meat I got off of her I woke up. I don’t know what to think about the dream other than I hope I never have it again.

  10. I have been having the weirdest dreams lately. The one I’m going to talk about, is about my best friend becoming a Yandere like person. He was trying to kill other close guy friends of mine. he kept on saying I was “his”. The dream keeps repeating over and over! I just cant see why I have been having these dreams lately, Please help.

  11. I have the same nightmare once every year. It’s family day at school and everyone is in a panic, it used to be that no one knew what was going on but this year everyone knew the serial killer was coming. He wore all black and had one of those coat dress things on and rode a horse; so in other words a cowboy. I don’t know why he was so scary or why anyone wouldn’t stop him. later in my dream it would become less of a school and more of a farm house where our car was parked at the end of the corn field and he was gaurding it. Each year it would be my mom, sister, 2 of my closet friends and a friend that has drifted apart. He always tries to corner us and all we are doing it running and running. Take into concideration it’s a lucid dream so i’m fully aware of all my senses and have to try to make my own choices. This year I went upstairs and jumped out of a window because i didn’t want to run anymore and that’s when i woke up. I wake up with 1,000 heart beats per minute and don’t want to move in fear he’s real and is going to come from no where and kill my family. If you had the same dream or something close please help me figure out what this means.

  12. I woke up at 2:27am this morning because i dreamt I saw Michael Myers. I don’t like horror movies so i don’t usually watch them. I don’t think i have watched any of the Halloween movies (not that i can remember, probably just the trailers).
    Anyway, i was in a house with some random people (a few acquaintances) and we were busy locking every door and window and entrance and what not. Then someone said that we should go and lock the main gate as well, so a few people and myself went out the garage door with the intention of securing the gate. Just as we were at the doorway, a few of them started running away from the house, so i turned around and saw Michael Myers standing in a distant window. He was in the house!!
    I woke up then.

  13. Sarah Smith on

    I had a dream about Michael Myers last night. I was in a house with people I knew (not in real life). One by one he started murdering everyone I knew. The strange thing was Michael was abnormally tall. Then, the dream switched and somehow I was related to Michael. He was calm and told me and this other woman to pack for ourselves and my daughter. We were all going away to be safe. I asked how tall he was and he said 12 feet tall. He took off his mask too. He helped me save a puppy. My daughter got sick and at first he became very angry. Then he calmed down and told me to take her to the doctor. He never harmed me, the puppy or my daughter.

  14. Hi. I wanted to see if anyone out there has any answer for me and my gf. She is currently 25 years old and she has been having nightmares about Michael Meyers. The weird part is he only appears in the month of October. The whole month. Every night. And she said she has been so close to unmasking him and when she would be so close to see the face it would quickly turn around. I spent years trying to decipher this dream. Or what it could mean but to no avail. Thank you for reading. Hopefully someone could give us a good theory about this. She really is tired of this serial killer.

  15. I had 2 dreams. …last night. was a memory of 2 dogs I saw on a highway once. ..chained together one was dead. .no one was stopping. ..It was so far away and on a 4 or 5 lane very busy bumper to bumper highway. .. I was worried stopping might cause an accident but always wish I had done more than slow down. .I was hoping my slowing down would cause a chain reaction of people slowing down enough for someone to stop. ..made me feel helpless and wishing I could’ve/should’ve done more
    Second dream I was with one person I knew my tenant/neighbor (we don’t exactly hang out much ..friendly but not besties) we were together at a mansion resort (huge place more than one building) there were many people. ..there was a movie on telling about how the building used to be a place of murder and mayhem in the past some scientist would lure people there and kill them. ..then things got odd… we were scientifically brought into the past by our hosts who we found out were the people murdering people. .. most of the people didn’t realize until it was too late. ..everyone was separated into different activities one was a murder mystery where one guy agreed to handcuff himself to a rail outside on a walking path and his 2 sons were brought to a swimming pool. ..they were drowned. ..we tried to save the guy told him his sons were already dead. .got to the point we had to leave him all we could do was apologize. ..the boys were lead by a beautiful woman and the scientist turned half amphibian …I was awoken by an alarm. .. I don’t watch scary movies. ..I’m nearing 40 and watch cartoons. .. literally went to sleep watching angry birds on Netflix …

  16. I had a dream I was a serial killer. It took a while but eventually I was outsmarted and blown up by the people I was going to kill. (They ignited a gas leak) I died then and woke up. Tell me what that means

  17. I just had a dream that my ex was obsessed with this bunny toy and he said to all of us in a note that he’d be with ____ now (I forgot the name of the bunny). We were running up the hill and he threw the bunny, and then he ran after it and was about to jump. We stopped him until someone climbed over the other hill and jumped on him, causing him and the killer to fall off the hill. When we all looked down, there was no body. They both disappeared. We all thought it was either staged or a kidnapping. After that I was home alone and the killer broke in. He had a mask on and blonde (Maybe black? I never looked back to get a good look at him) hair with a knife and all black clothing. I ran out the front door and to my aunt’s house, I locked all of the locks on the front and back door. My cousin was asking what’s going on, the killer knocked on the front door. My cousin was unlocking the locks and I screamed “DON’T DO IT!!” but it was too late. I ran upstairs and hid in their bathroom when my cousins and somehow one of my best friends ran up here. The cousin who opened the door said ” Why didn’t you say anything about a killer chasing you??” I didn’t reply. We tried to open the bedroom window to run to other aunt’s house who lived a little further away. But none of us could get the window open, until my best friend said, “Come on! This is so easy, I do this all the time!”, and she opened the window with no issue at all. None of us knew how to get out though, then she yelled, “Hurry up! Parallel then to the left!” We all slid down and began to run…. Then I woke up.

  18. I had a dream that I was in this big house with my mom and step dad, me and my step brothers had just watched the news about this serial killer in our area so me and one of my brothers went downstairs to make sure all the doors were locked, One was open and some cabinets were too. We were about to go back upstairs to tell our parents but then he came out of the basement door and caught me and my brother. I was on the ground and tried calling 911 when he was distracted but it didn’t go through. Then he came to me and started cutting my hair with a knife, he didn’t hurt me, my step dad came down with my mom and he shot my step dad a good amount of times in the chest, he didn’t fall but my mom did scream, I grabbed his knife and started stabbing him and kicked his gun away, he was dead, then all of a sudden everything went black and I was at my grandmas house with my cousin, brother and grandma. For some reason there was this big truck in our back yard with two people sitting in the front, we would make eye contact and all they would do was laugh and do small dance movements. My grandma went outside, got in a car and left us, me and my cousin followed, we saw the boys again but the truck was gone and they were laying on the floor while it was raining. They came into our house but during that time, In that dream I remember how I killed that guy so out of nowhere I asked the two boys, “are you guys serial killers?” I don’t know why I did but I did and they said “no” then I said “good because I have a gun” after that I guess they went outside and then a fire happened at the back of the house. I wasn’t really panicked I was just getting small stuff together and broke the front wall of the house as an escape route and placed my brother who was asleep next to it and for some reason he was Ethan Dolan then i woke up. – sorry for the long post but I just had to get it out so I could get some answers-

  19. I just had a dream that I was in some sort of basement and there was a person killing people and using their body parts. He killed two of my friends and put one o their faces on his and used the others hands as extensions to his. I tried killing him with a knife but when I tried stabbing him in the chest, it wouldn’t go through his shirt. I tried slashing at his fave and it made deep cuts but he wasn’t affected by it. He was wearing all black and spoke in a creepy voice. I hid from him then ran away to a house and thats when my dream ended. Can any ok neu tell me what this means?

    • Makes me think, since the serial killer used your dead friends as a mask and then the hands, maybe you have two friends that aren’t your friends. Fake friends, imposters. The hands may mean one pretends to help you or lends you a hand but doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Just my thoughts. Or maybe you are fighting with two friends or are trying to fit in with them by disguising yourself as them if the serial killer represents you.

  20. I just woke up from this dream where there’s two guys who are serial killers. I’m not sure how I knew since the start and how they select the people but I basically saw the killings one by one and they all had some sort of contact (innocent one like the killer bought this item from this guy’s shop, this lady was explaining to the killer about a certain item, etc) with the killer on their day to day life before getting killed. On the last killing, it was set in a hotel. The killers basically provided a lot of free tickets for a vacation and a lot of people are going because of that, but I somehow was in that crowd of people lining up. I decided to escape before it’s too late and went back to my hotel room but my friend was so stubborn, she said she’s going without me. I was so frustrated and scared because if she stays, I know she’ll get killed as well and I told her that. But she still insisted on staying and told me to leave. I backed out of the line and was really worried for my friend. She went back in the end though like narrowly missing the serial killer but both of us can’t shake this feeling that the killers knew that both of us are avoiding them and targetted us next. I woke up after that. It was quite scary but interesting on how much details, albeit weird my dream could have.

  21. I had a dream that was almost like I was just there…it was a bunch of scene people in a circus or performance of something and there was this one girl that was the best (this all happened in the UK) at performing but she wanted to leave but no one in the circus could leave once you joined so then I don’t know what happened but next thing you know i was in this freezer room (where you put meat etc) and she’s killing people *torturing* and I ran around toward the back of the room and I could hear all the people screaming and then this guy comes out from behind me and runs toward the girl yelling her name and stuff and when she looks up her eyes are completely white he ran toward her and punched her in the stomach but it didn’t work and she flipped him into this ice chopper and all the ice that was in it turned red….

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