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Serial Killer Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a serial killer is a collective nightmare that occurs among dreamers. Seeing a serial killer in your dream can mean some different things depending on the situation and circumstances involved in your dream.

If you dream of a famous serial killer that is featured in a Hollywood film, it could be related to you watching the movie. The younger the dreamer, the more likely a horror movie is going to have an impact on your unconscious mind.

Ask yourself what stands out about that serial killer? Was it someone who preyed on victims who were helpless? Perhaps you feel like you are a victim in a situation and are helpless in trying to get yourself out of that situation. Do you feel like something is holding you back from achieving your desired success in your financial and personal life?

Children who watch scary movies and documentaries about serial killers are much more likely going to be impacted by those images than adults.  This is why it is important for parents to monitor what children watch, so they do not have unnecessary nightmares that can be avoided.

What Do Serial Killer Dreams Mean?

If you see a serial killer in your dream, it can indicate that there may be people in your life that are conniving against you in some way. Perhaps, you have some individuals who want to see your fail at a new project or in your job. Do you have any competitors or enemies who are trying to prevent you from success?

Sometimes serial killer dreams can indicate that you may be sabotaging your success, without even realizing it. Perhaps you have been negative and have not been as positive as you should be. This negative attitude might be hurting your interactions with the people around you.

If you dream that a serial killer is trying to attack you, it means that there is something about you that you feel distinguishes you from the other people around you. However, this can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Serial killers tend to select their victims based on one or two key features.

Do you have any characteristics that are present in some of the victims of your dream? Perhaps you have traits that are unique to you, that you have not been taking advantage in your career.

Dreaming You Are the Serial Killer

If you dream that you are a serial killer, it could be a Freudian dream that represents your underlying sexual urges and desires. Perhaps you feel helpless in parts of your life, and in your dream, you feel powerful. This dream could be an expression of your helplessness, being projected into the form of someone who preys on those exact characteristics.

Alternatively, this dream could mean that you enjoy seeing people around you fail. Perhaps you are secretly hoping individuals who are close to you fail in their endeavors. This could indicate that you are unhappy with your own life, and want others to feel miserable also.

This dream could also indicate that you crave power, and want to be in positions of power. This could be your unconscious mind trying to put you in the driver seat, giving you full power over the people around you.


There are many reasons why people dream of serial killers. If you have a serial killer dream, it is important for you to look at the contents of the dream, and how it relates to your own life.

Do you feel like a victim in a particular area of your life? Do you want someone or something keeps trying to hold you back from achieving results that you want? To understand the meaning of your dream, you need to put it into the context of your life.

Every dream is different. It is up to you, the dreamer, to put together the puzzle of your dream and try to find out why your unconscious mind dreamt about it.

Note* If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic, please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. I just woke up from a two hour nap that it felt longer! I had a dream about being the target to kill of a serial killer. There i was at some beautiful beach top less, whick I’ve never done!! (So that was already wierd) and this guy comes up to me upset because im topless. Somehow from there i get into the water to surf (which ive never done it either even though im from SD) and the serial killer tries to drawn me. I swim to shore and then i was at a restaurant or shop and he is trying to kill me amd on the way of getting to me he is killing everyone that tries to stop him. At this point the world seemed a war zone, and someone captures him because he is hurt and i never see him again.. then im assuming years later.. a current coworker tells me to go to a self care workshop with her. So there we were and the doctor providing the course was HIM! And then i woke up from my deadly nap.

    The serial killer i kinda can remember his face but doesn’t sound anyone from any scary movie or someone i would know.

  2. I had a dream about me being in a car with this person and these girls were in the cat talking and we parked and some random guy comes up in the house I was in and starts murduring the girl and I ran out the house and my little cousin was arguing with his mom and as I ran away i can see the killer carrying the girl in his arms and I had another dream in that same dream I was trying to tell someone about the dream I heard that the killer was knocking on my door so good thing I didn’t open it

  3. I had a dream where I was a serial killer. I killed somebody new every night and I couldn’t stop because it made me feel complete. It’s strange to wake from a dream where you were a killer and feel sad. I enjoyed the dream because the killing gave me a sense of control – I’ve been feeling helpless in my life lately. Rest assured I won’t be turning to murder outside of my dreamscape, but it’s certainly interesting to see just how far your brain will go to make you feel in control.

  4. Amber jayne on

    I had a dream yesterday night about a serial killer. I was in a city and stumbled upon a mass shooting but was able to duck and hide behind a bush swiftly. Later on I got vibes that the serial killer was low key trying to hunt me down next. So I kept running further to find different spots and to never feel safe hiding in one spot. I remember the serial killer was actually highly attractive in my taste, maybe not other people around me would think so. He was tall, had black long hair, and blue eyes. He was kinda the 90s grungy and did I mention tall? It kinda helped take the fear away from knowing he was good looking. Regardless I still felt like guarding myself with my life, and I specifically remember that I felt very confident in how I felt in my hiding skills.

  5. I had this one dream a long time ago, still remember it clearly to this day… I just went out on my front yard out of my house and discovered a thin body (probably my brother). I stared at it then I heard the cops running towards me with their guns, I was stunned… At the last second Leatherface, out of NOWHERE appeared and fought them off, while telling me to run for my life. I ran and looked back, he was there, killing the cops, a few seconds later he was running behind me, he got up to me and told me to stop, I thanked him so much, I felt so much compassion towards this serial killer, he was still wearing a face on his face, but I kinda hugged him and here the dream ended…. Still have no clue to wtf happened. Please help

  6. I had this really weird dream recently. It’s been a recurring dream, and I just don’t understand it.
    In the dream, there was this weird place, where they collected and stuffed and animals. There was this one gorilla, that looked really, really angry. I think the two main people were like the owners of the building or something. One of the owners was talking about how the gorilla creeped him out, and the other was just laughing about it. They left the room, and some other people came in. They were just visiting and looking around at the animals. Then one of them noticed that the gorilla was missing, and tried to find the store owner. The gorilla had apparently come back to life, and started killing the people in the building in horrific ways. The building somehow caught fire, and when the fire was put out, the gorilla was found dead. It didn’t stop there though, as the dream continued with a new murderous gorilla. The gorilla first killed a little girl in a completely different location, then was wandering around the city killing specific people that it deemed “bad”. My friends and I (we were all in our ROTC uniforms for some reason), were in some random graveyard, which I still don’t understand, and the gorilla tried to attack us. My friend somehow pulled out a gun and killed the gorilla and we left like nothing happened. I was rudely awakened by my dog after this, so I don’t know if there was more to the dream, but I do not understand at all what it means.

  7. i had a dream that i was this like psycho lady (idk if it has to do with the fact that im female to male trans or something) but i basically was on this insane killing spree where id pretend i was a victim of a murder of my entire family where i actually did it and i was like half dead and i had several broken bones and i was firty but i was trying to get revenge on my husband so id write my name on his car cause everyone thoight i was dead and then eventually i realized i was just on acid or crack or something

  8. I guess I’m like the only one who was the murderer…
    So, I had a dream that I was massacring people, and I would put them in a cardboard box in my backyard. When they decomposed, they started smelling really bad and turned into gross slush and made the boxes all wet and start falling apart. So I tried to bury the boxes/bodies but it turned to winter and i couldn’t break the ground easily, so I buried them with snow. When it started warming up again, i had to keep finding snow and it got to be so bad that I used my garage and broke the cement floor to bury them so no one noticed their smell. It was just especially gross because there were between 20 and 30 bodies that I had to move, and they would like randomly slosh and I’d see partly decomposed bodies, except they werent drying out, they were like becoming liquified.

  9. Im an adult, 25 years of age.
    I dreamt my ex step father turned sour after a broken marriage (did actually happen) and he murdered his current girlfriend and their children with a baseball bat at night. In my dream I didn’t experience this but was told the story and that the police couldn’t find him. When my girlfriend and I went to pick up some stuff at my old house (where my mother and ex stepdad lived before), he was hiding in my old room. When i siddently were confronted with him being in front of me, I actually stayed remarkably calm and lured him outside, away from my girlfriend – he was remarkably calm as well. Outside, he started digging a hole to get loose a large rock that has always been in the ground at my old house. He told me not to worry for me or my girlfriends life, that he would not harm us as he has no quarrel with us. He only wanted to use the rock to kill people that he had been mad at for years. He got the rock loose and started rolling it across the drive away out on the street. A car approached and he suddently turned, started getting real paranoid. His eye color and eyes turned into crazy eyes while he grabbed me and this is where I woke up. One main point was, that the entire time I wasn’t the victim nor the killer in my dream. Also, I knew the killer who I am very fond of and is someone close to me. I didn’t fear for my life until the end, but tried to help him change his mind. What could that mean?

  10. My dream was about Michael Myers we were on a boat and I remember him trying to kill one by one he killed people I didn’t know of. Then I woke up from my dream I didn’t want to finish the dream usually that works then I dream about another thing but not this time I was back on that peat it was bigger now and more people my family was there everyone but this time we were on in island still on that boat we were having dinner and suddenly I’m in the bathroom next to this person and Michael comes he kills him and leaves it seemed like he didn’t see me like I was there but as a ghost then I was back to where everyone was eating i had a gun next to me and I hid it in my pocket later we heard a noise and my dad and uncle went I didn’t want them to go because I knew it was a trick but I couldn’t tell him something was keeping my mouth shut then they left and I was looking out the window I saw kids playing but the others were climbing trees tall trees like they knew he was coming when they were all on those trees he came , he came in the room and again I stopped the dream I woke up came to this website and now writing about it

  11. I had a massacre dream again. where it was this little town, & a serial killer came out every hour to kill someone. and everyone in their house had to sit in there and wait it out. he was old with a chainsaw & was picking who to kill first. so hed break in into whatever house he desired, eventually he got to mine and killed my niece, my sisters & my mother but somehow I escaped. i remember fences everywhere, like it was hard to get away.. but i met different characters who helped me survive but eventually he got me & killed me lol ive had this dream multiple of times and it’s scary as hell to experience.

  12. I had a so sacey dream so me and my family where on a plane and we crashed on a island and my ELA teacher was there and there was bottles of red stuff and she Sead it was prun water and she used the river next to her house the lady was nice but when I was asleep I herd screaming when a ship had came to save us my mom and dad left there phones so when I whet back the lady stopped me and she said that she had some thing for me her hands where behind her back so I was nervous but I sall the nife and I pushed her in the river by then she was screaming and trying to kill me so I ran and by then she was out of the water and bit my leg I was awake and my dad was leaving for work and I was so scared but then I sall my mom so I was okay then I went to school and when I was a my real teacher I was so tense but she seed it was only. Dream FYI the prun juice was the blood of all of her students I am still tense

  13. In my dream I had to go all over the globe to hide because everywhere I went aileen wuornos the serial killer from Florida found me but her MO was way off it was her but she pulled some Jeffrey Dahmer stuff and her real life victims were men im a female I don’t really understand what it means but it felt real and my heart raced

  14. Some random person on the internet on

    I dreamt about this person that wanted to kill all people under 20. He didn’t have any weapons, or any masks, and he was bald. I told my mom and my brother, my mom freaked out, my brother didn’t.
    I told them to call the cops, my mom said that we don’t need to. My brother said he’ll do it later. I was the voice of reason there basically, and it was terrifying… a few more unimportant details later. I don’t remember why, but, I scooted away from the home on my scooter and then I saw the killer there, holding 2 boulders, it took me a second to interpret them as boulders. I scooted as fast as I can, because for some reason I thought a man holding 2 heavy boulders would pass someone on a scooter. I was really terrified. The End.
    I think I dreamt this because I feel like my addiction to my laptop is ruining my life.

  15. I keep having dreams about Ted Bundy but in my dreams he’s not threatening. I know who he is in the dreams but I don’t feel like a victim and they aren’t violent dreams. He plays random roles like my doctor or a guy walking by in most of my dreams and I don’t know why.

    • I as well but I know what he does in my dreams. It is a nightmare. I act oblivious while he kills countless people. I feel stuck. I have a son and no money. I’m in constant fear of my own life & I have this fearful vail of a reality that no one can stop him.
      We travel together. Me and another women with a small child. He doesn’t discriminate who he kills. He gets stuck in a feeling and goes for the easiest prey. Children and women. The poorer more disconnected the better for him.
      The “trigger” is shame, embarrassment and anger.
      He was very good at picking away at self esteem and the building me up to only “love” him. It was sick. But his mother did it to him & he does it to other people.

      When I awoke it felt like he was in the room watching. I felt once again in danger.

    • itʼs the same thing for me. it may be surprising to hear from someone two years after your original comment was posted, but recently, iʼve had a dream about Ted Bundy wherein he wasnʼt that threatening. thing was, i even had interaction with him — in my dream, i was 12, and Ted was 20 or so, and we were in the mall and he was being friendly. we just talked about things, and after that, i woke up. i felt super weird after the dream considering i had done research on Bundy but never thought of him so casually. it scares me.

  16. My dream was really puzzling, I was in a huge camp where all of my friends and a bunch of random people were in green scout uniforms. My dream showed me that a fuse box for communications for a lookout was broken and that people were there. A few moments on I was told Like was missing, I did not know him though? Moments on I was in like a 3rd person mode and I could see my friend running towards a lookout and then I disappeared from the scene back to the camp. I heard gun shots and thought it was a survivor, (at the time I thought it was Like, I grabbed a gun and shot it up to signal our location. About 10 seconds later a mist started forming with figures of men on horses from the search and rescue team that was sent to find Like were charging after the camp, they were all fighting one by one. Then men on foot started coming and they fell too. But after this, a figure in a black cloak was rising from the mist and looked to have a shotgun. He shot the fallen team and walked even more. The camp started shooting at him but they all missed, then enforcers were sent but failed and died. Then I ran in suddenly but I didn’t mean to. When I got close the hood came off and it was my friend that was running to the look out. I don’t know why but his appearance changed like his face a bit. I unleashed a barrage of punches and sent him down on the ground. I put my legs around him but he grabbed my head. I released. A blow to the stomach but then he let go and then I punched him more in the face. He went unconscious but I was unsure so I kept punching till he wasn’t moving. He was laying there so I tired him to a tree but… the dream ended then I thought about it and I couldn’t figure out what happens after

  17. Trina Butler-Dana on

    I used to have a recurring nightmare. Pretty much always the same. My family and I in this dream lived in a 2 story house. A serial killer comes into the house. Comes upstairs and murders all of my family. Brutally killing each. Sometimes the manner changes (stabbing, chainsaw, butcher knife) , the end result is lots of blood and all are dead. I am hiding in my room, but I am found by him. I talk him out of killing me, and “save” him and get him reading passages in the bible. While he is engrossed in the bible, I am able to call the police. They arrive and I am now safe as the killer is taken into custody.

  18. I had a dream an Indian looking bald guy showed up at my house shot my cousin in the backyard so I ran back inside hysterical and he was just stand at my back door trying to get in somehow my cousin wasn’t dead and got back inside pretty hurt I then called the police they said they were on the way just then my 2 aunts and sister were sitting on my front porch and a bus pulls up and an older White guy gets off with a book bag and comes to my front door with a gun I don’t open it until I find a gun and start shooting at him and then he shoots the porch up but my sister survives and she runs off the porch fine as can be telling people to run I then call the police back and they said oh my good its you again a woman just got kidnapped last week with a ring on her finger and then I woke up

  19. I want to kill someone but his would change if I was desired at all I am very sexually oppressed and I’ve been rejected my entire life I was abused as a child and I feel like a failure

  20. I’ve had multiple dreams now where Ted Bundy is my teacher and it really freaks me out. I don’t feel threatened per say but really unsettled and I hate when those dreams come along every so often.

  21. my dream was like a movie. we were in an apartment. everybody was shocked when there was a corpse inside the bathroom. everyone was clueless. I was curious about who the murderer is. so, I investigated secretly because one of my friends knew who he/she was but was not able to reveal for he doesn’t want to involved in the situation. all of us in the building were still staying and acted normally despite the situation. until such time when everybody went outside the building to have rest and have some air, I was alone inside, looking around the building. I peeked outside to check them and someone asked: “where is she(no name)?”. I was studying again the scene until I almost figure out who the murderer was. after that, I went outside, joining the group until the missing girl showed. she immediately told me to come with me to do something inside the building! I have a strange feeling that she’s going to kill me and the instinct that she was the culprit. so, I refused her request. she’s disappointed at my response and took a deep breath. those behaviors were signs that she was the murderer. her plan was failing after my response. so, she asked another person to come with her and made a tight fist. fast forward followed when we watched a news about the crime scene and I was a bit sad and guilty because I did not do anything. I want to finish my dream but it’s time for me to wake up because I will be late at work. deep breaths were my response as I open my eyes.

    hope you will understand my dream. more dreams to come 🙂

  22. My guinea pig had passed away duw to she was sick and i felt that it never let the soul out of body because the eyes still open and never would close ,the tears roll down from it eyes. i couldnt accept the fact that she was dead.i wish to dream her every night but i dream about a killer keep chasing me around and would want to kill me.The killer wont stop chasing me unless im dead as what the killer said in my dream.

  23. Umidontwantyoutoknowmynamethanks on

    I have this dream often.

    There’s a robber/murder on the loose and my dad and I are outside and we both try to get away but my dad isn’t fast enough or trips on something and gets murdered. Then I have to stop to cool down and it gives the killer enough time to find me and I die.
    However, last night, I had the same dream and I held my dad’s hand and we ran to my aunts house and we survived. Then I woke up with sleep paralysis.

  24. I had a dream that I was camping with my boyfriend and friends I had this feeling that we needed to leave right away and I’m trying to drag my boyfriend to help me pack everything up so we can leave but I guess it was too late when this women comes into the camp site and starts killing people my boyfriend and I ran away but a tire popped when this “nice couple” come out of nowhere and fixes our car the couple ask if we wanted to rest at their place I say no but my boyfriend says yes convincing me that’s it’s just an eat and leave after we ate I demanded that we leave but the couple fights us to stay and then the lady gets mad and stabs me in the arm and then the couple starts acting crazy my boyfriend and I tried to fight them off but the man ended up drugging my boyfriend so when I made this plan to find a car create some distance between me and the killers get my boyfriend in the car and drive off which I did when I woke back up in my dream it was another time and I was crying holding my boyfriend’s picture with “died by on overdose”on the bottom right corner and seeing it made me cry more I was in an office with a whole bunch off women collecting paper work when a lady voice calls me in to her office I go in saying “I’m scared I he’s still watching me” then I woke up crying like I am right now

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