Serial Killer Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Serial Killer Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a serial killer is a collective nightmare that occurs among dreamers. Seeing a serial killer in your dream can mean some different things depending on the situation and circumstances involved in your dream.

If you dream of a famous serial killer that is featured in a Hollywood film, it could be related to you watching the movie. The younger the dreamer, the more likely a horror movie is going to have an impact on your unconscious mind.

Ask yourself what stands out about that serial killer? Was it someone who preyed on victims who were helpless? Perhaps you feel like you are a victim in a situation and are helpless in trying to get yourself out of that situation. Do you feel like something is holding you back from achieving your desired success in your financial and personal life?

Children who watch scary movies and documentaries about serial killers are much more likely going to be impacted by those images than adults.  This is why it is important for parents to monitor what children watch, so they do not have unnecessary nightmares that can be avoided.

What Do Serial Killer Dreams Mean?

If you see a serial killer in your dream, it can indicate that there may be people in your life that are conniving against you in some way. Perhaps, you have some individuals who want to see your fail at a new project or in your job. Do you have any competitors or enemies who are trying to prevent you from success?

Sometimes serial killer dreams can indicate that you may be sabotaging your success, without even realizing it. Perhaps you have been negative and have not been as positive as you should be. This negative attitude might be hurting your interactions with the people around you.

If you dream that a serial killer is trying to attack you, it means that there is something about you that you feel distinguishes you from the other people around you. However, this can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Serial killers tend to select their victims based on one or two key features.

Do you have any characteristics that are present in some of the victims of your dream? Perhaps you have traits that are unique to you, that you have not been taking advantage in your career.

Dreaming You Are the Serial Killer

If you dream that you are a serial killer, it could be a Freudian dream that represents your underlying sexual urges and desires. Perhaps you feel helpless in parts of your life, and in your dream, you feel powerful. This dream could be an expression of your helplessness, being projected into the form of someone who preys on those exact characteristics.

Alternatively, this dream could mean that you enjoy seeing people around you fail. Perhaps you are secretly hoping individuals who are close to you fail in their endeavors. This could indicate that you are unhappy with your own life, and want others to feel miserable also.

This dream could also indicate that you crave power, and want to be in positions of power. This could be your unconscious mind trying to put you in the driver seat, giving you full power over the people around you.


There are many reasons why people dream of serial killers. If you have a serial killer dream, it is important for you to look at the contents of the dream, and how it relates to your own life.

Do you feel like a victim in a particular area of your life? Do you want someone or something keeps trying to hold you back from achieving results that you want? To understand the meaning of your dream, you need to put it into the context of your life.

Every dream is different. It is up to you, the dreamer, to put together the puzzle of your dream and try to find out why your unconscious mind dreamt about it.

Note* If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic, please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. Well my dream was a bit different in my dream it was my dad and he was a murderer and he was with a woman and a friend of his trying to kill everyone at a building with bombs and guns even though in real life he’s the sweetest man ever why would I dream my dad was such a dark person. I also get nightmares every other night so (I don’t know if that says something about me too).

  2. Serial killer’s girlfriend:
    I was with this guy, and we clearly liked each other. I never saw what he looked like, but I know that he was attractive. He seemed very confident and charming. He was definitely older (maybe 20-25) He was giving me a piggie back ride through the street. The streets looked sort of like in Carmel, not crowded with people/buildings, and the houses were all only 1 story. We knew each other well enough for me to say that I was getting turned on and that I wanted him. Then he laughed and said something like that don’t worry we’ll get home soon. Then we saw this girl buying a telescope then going to her car and smiling. Then my boyfriend (??date??) killed her. Don’t remember how. Then some young (around 20-30 years old) guys came at him, obviously angry and scared because he just killed a woman, and I remember them looking at me really strangely, like how could I be with someone like that, I must be evil too. Then my date laughed and poured this like black stuff over their car when they got in it trying to escape from him. It was like acid and burned through the car roof and melted them. One by one, they died. I remember feeling disgusted, but in a way that one would feel if a bug got squished on you, not disgust for the man who committed the heinous crime. Then I don’t remember specifically what happened, just little fragments. But I’m pretty sure I went with him and still liked him.
    He had clearly done this before and was very amused by it. So, what does it mean if I’m the serial killer’s girlfriend?

  3. I was in a parking lot & there was lots of cars & a few ppl,i was hiding behind a car. I knew that someone was trying to kill me so I tried to ask for help from someone & idk why but I thought the killer was hiding in a car so I opened the car & tried to find the killer as evidence for the person so that person would believe & help me,but I searched the car & nope nothing. So person didn’t believe me & actually accused me of wasting her time & drove away. Then I saw the killer coming out of a car then looking at me,scared to death I saw my friend & told her about it ,she thought I was hallucinating or tricking her so she took her stuff out of the car & slowly walked upstairs,(idk why I didn’t follow her, I think i was stuck in the parking lot inside the dream). Then I felt someone behind me,i could feel the killer right behind me,i tried to run but couldn’t & he grabbed me by the throat & started choking me slightly (I could actually feel it & it felt very real) then he started lifting me up by the throat & idk but time slowed down a lil & I knew he was going to slam against the wall until I was unconscious or dead, & I felt very awake at the time (idk how) & knew I was gonna die & I could feel him slamming against the wall, I felt my teeth falling out of my mouth,my jaw breaking,it felt so damn real & then right after that I suddenly was in the parking lot again(i feel like I was transported to a dimension where there wasn’t anyone trying to kill me) I felt like my teeth were still trying to fall off tho & I thought that I might die if I swallowed my teeth. So I saw my friend & I immediately followed her & told her about this,again she thought I was crazy & went upstairs,i couldn’t go thru those stairs & thankfully I could go thru another (I think I got transported to some apartment building) so I tried finding ppl I knew going upstairs & ofc making sure no one was following me then I reached a corner of a floor & found out that there wasn’t any apartment/room at that specific place, (it was carpeted & had a table & old fashioned TV tho, idk why) there was this kid sitting by the table drawing or something so I sat next to the boy & then suddenly a girl appeared apparently I knew that girl & I asked her Why Was there no walls in this apartment /room & she said it was because it was cold & at the moment a gust of wind just came out of nowhere & later a few 4/5 y/o kids came to us & played or drew (eventhough I was playing with the kids I could still feel that someone was trying to kill me)

  4. I dreamt ran out of gas, started raining, took refuge in beautiful stone house. Door open, went in, started changing clothes. 3 LARGE scruffy German Shepherd bounded in door with adorable super clean cut guy with them. I tried to hide and cover myself. He gently helped me up, covered me and sat me on couch. Sat beside me talking calmly and lightly stroking my arm. Showed me around his place, had lots of scruffy shepherds, had multiple animals that were in various stages of mistreatment or lack of care. Got the heck out of there.

  5. I dreamt I was hunting down a serial killer and I found his secret hideout. He was there and saw me. When I looked in his eyes he laughed. He had intense blue eyes and was covered in blood that had already congealed. I told him I was going to get his ass. I was a cop in this dream by the way. Anyway, I was in a spot where I could not get to him. Suddenly I am somewhere else making a plan with a woman cop to catch him. I would be nearby as a sniper if the killer tried anything stupid on my cop partner. Strangely enough my wife appears and said the plan would not work. I told her not to get into this business, and that we knew what we were doing. She said having a gun would not work and did not want me to have one. We were then looking out of someone’s apartment at the serial killer. He was getting into a swimming pool. My partner went out and approached him. I was watching nearby as things unfolded. The killer acted as if in pain and turned his back to my partner. I knew something was up. He laid face down on the steps of the pool. My partner went over to turn him around and he stabbed her in the leg with a small knife. I was about to fire when I remembered what my wife had said earlier about not having a gun. Then I woke up.

  6. Ana Delgado on

    I dreamt about a pyschotic killer kid, it was like if I was there but unnoticed. I saw a little girl and I believe there was a little boy too. The little boy had helped her kill someone and after that he realized it was no longer a game. He starts to back away from hee and it then becomes a chasing spree in which then the little boy hides in the closet, then it Just comes to an end and I wake up. This isn’t the first time I dream about this . What does it mean?

  7. I just hada weird dream today. I dreamed of being chased by a stranger who wanted to have sex with me and I felt so scared. I didn’t wake up sweating though even when I was so scared in my nightmare.

    it’s kind of weird because the man who was chasing me was American and I live in an Asian country. As vivid as it seems, I still remember even the small details like when I was with my mom, I was with her then I left her because I wanted to go home. it was all surreal, I even thought it wasn’t a dream at all. I was wearing clothes that I usually wear in real life. so going back to my dream, I left my mom and went home. then suddenly I heard a man speaking in English saying, ”do you want (to have) sex…” Then he got something in his hands like rope or something then I didn’t go inside my house, instead I went somewhere and I forgot if I told anyone about this man. Weirdly, the next scenario was me, hiding inside the bedroom of my grandparents’ old house that doesn’t exist today. I heard him asking about me, my whereabouts, how I look (he even described the bag that I wore) and even mentioned this, if you want sex…or do you want sex. Like he even went to the mall and looked for me in possible areas where I could be found. Then, I remember that I had been waiting too long inside that room and I remember that the ceiling of my grandparents’ bedroom had holes in it but weird enough, the other hole was bigger in my dream and that’s how the man saw me. I remember him going upstairs, went to a bedroom and looked down at me through the big hole of the ceiling and said, oh hello baby!, even when I tried to hide under the bed he still saw me. Then I tried to go out of the room and to my relief my eyes opened and realised it was all just a dream. After that, I was still feeling scared of the man who stalked me in my dream.

    • Kyler davenport on

      I had a similar dream today it was around 10am when it happened so me and my best friends wesley, and jaden were out in the woods we explored a dark cabin so dark u couldn’t see were ur going I walked out with wesley but jaden was gone so we walked away and d we find jaden huddled up next to a tree and she’s crying with her mouth sewed up then I turn around and there is a man about 6’1 and has a red mask on I yelled “wesley behind you!” But the man cut his head off with a machete I ran so hard then the machete zips past my head missing I kept running so hard I ran straight past a car and it hit the man in red then I grabbed the machete and d chopped his head off for revenge of my basically brother (wesley) that’s when I jumped out of my bed and was completely sweating.

  8. I just woke up from a terrible dream. At first, everything was fine: I was going to some sort of social event (similar to comic con). The con was Homestuck themed, and I went even though I’m not a fan of Homestuck, because I thought it would be fun. I hung out with a teacher who was there and various friends, and then went back home.
    For some reason, my mom has us go to her coworker (and friend)’s house, and it was a terrible sight. Her house was huge, and looked almost normal. We walked into her basement and I got a flashback or something of the serial killer’s victim. It was her son. He had been tortured and Killed grusomely, and of course my mother, sisters and I were terrified. I tried to encourage my mom to tell someone, get help, but she wasn’t sure if she was right about the friend being a serial killer. She was also terrified that they would kill her if they found out she knew. We blocked the friend’s number to make sure they couldn’t find us, and then we continued our search. We discovered they had a sort of place to put their hands in and stalk people at the con. Then I woke up.
    For some background, I have a lot of things going on in my life: school, parents divorce, dog dying, and I have an immense fear of my loved ones dying.

  9. So I had this dream that felt so real I couldn’t fall back asleep. I just stared blankly at the wall trying to figure out what my dream meant. Basically before I fell asleep in the first place, my mother and I had an argument about me not liking church and how I don’t want to go. So now I’m going to tell you my dream and hope you can tell me what this means.
    It was night time and I was at the mall with my aunt and my best friend. My aunt was trying to return these wedges while me and Christina (my best friend) where messing around with stuff. Eventually she got the store to take back their shoes and we left. While we were in the car I noticed Christina had something in her hand. It look liked a fish that already had its scales removed.
    The fish was in a plastic bag just sitting there in the palm of her hand. My aunt had already dropped us off at Christina’s house cause it was late and since my house was so close to Christina’s house my aunt thought it would be ok for me to walk. When we got to the front of Christina’s house she went inside and got a knife. She started cutting up the fish saying something like ” I want to cut up his brain”. I think she thought it was his brain and stayed ripping and cutting the fish apart.
    I got creeped out and turned away for a second but when I looked back at her she had already used the knife to dig in the top of her forehead and started pealing her skin downwards toward her chin. While she was doing this she was saying ” I’m bored, I wanna play, I wanna play!” This really scared me and thankfully my mom called me and asked me to come home. I had told Christina I had to go home and she just stared at me. Christina asked me to find the person that she was looking for, meaning she wanted me to find this guys brain.
    I told her I would do it tomorrows and I left. The next day (still in my dream) my family went to target or Walmart and me and my brother stayed in the car. I saw a scratch on his face that said ” christz”. I know, it doesn’t ever look like a real word but that was on the side of his face. I asked him what happened and he said he had a problem with this Christian. So Asked who and said Christina, I got terrified. I knew and to keep my word so I went to Christina’s house again and she made a “mask”. This “mask” was made out of human skin. She gave it to me and said go look for him. So I put on disgusted and walked around.
    When I came back she asked me if I found him and I said no and that I couldn’t find him anywhere. She got really mad and let me go home. As soon as I got home I took a shower. After the shower she texted me telling me that she was at my window and for me to open it. ( remember her face is still peeled off) I said ok because I so scared to get her upset with me. It was in the middle of the night so I turned on my light and the hallway light she called me and said open your window I’m getting cold so I went to my window and asked her “where are you?”. I could see her laying on the roof and she jumped out on to the window and scared the shit out of me. So I opened it asked why she was laying down like that.
    She looked at me holding her skin down and said “My skin will fall off if I’m in a regular standing position” I shit a brick house and woke up at around 5am. I never dared to close my eyes the rest of the day.

  10. Yesterday while taking a nap I had a horror dream about a man trying to kill me. Well, last night when I went to sleep I continued the dream… however this time I tried to make him love me. I ended up falling in love with the man trying to kill me… what in the heck does this mean?

  11. I dreamt last night that I was trapped in a house with other people, by a murderer. He wouldn’t let us go, we tried many times to escape. Eventually he killed everyone, but I somehow survived and was still in the house with the next lot of victims, again trying to escape. It was horrifying!

    • Jaelyn Duvall on

      I had a similar dream. I dreamt I was trapped in the basement being held hostage by a serial killer with my brother. He was digging for some reason. He was so focused on it. He was a reasonably big man who wore a whitish yellowed out shirt and a leather mask. He had a wife, and she had to act normal around him or else. I asked her if I was allowed to ask him questions and she said no, let him ask me, but my brother was allowed to ask. I tried escaping with my brother, but we somehow ended up in the attic, and when we did we tried escaping through the door. When we opened it, he was standing there, waiting. He grabbed my brother and threw him into the attic bed, ignoring me, and started screaming at him. I remember very clearly saying “you are to be here forever and you’re not leaving as long as you are!” It was the first I had heard him speak. For some reason he had my father’s voice, and the guy’s wife was my dad’s wife. At one point, we were free to roam around the house, but couldn’t escape. He ended up drugging us with pills, and I couldn’t walk straight in my dream. I went outside withought being caught, So I ran across the street to a frozen yogurt/slushy place which has appeared countless times in my dream lately, and I went and asked for some. I had to pay, of course, but I then said I forgot my money, so I went back to the house we were being held hostage in. It was more my brother couldn’t escape. But it seemed only when you tried to escape, he caught you. He was waiting. And me going to the place across the street, nope. The house I was being hostage in was my house though, for some reason. This was the first I’ve ever dreamt about being in this house after living here for almost 2 years now. Our pets were not there, neither was my mother or stepfather. I think he killed my other brothers. I woke up in the middle of this dream, too scared to go back to sleep because I’m a scaredy cat like that. But yeah so there’s my dream.

  12. I had a dream last night that felt very real, and it’s bothered me all morning. it was based like in the 60-70s and i had a neighbor who was very attractive, who liked me, but he was severely messed up. my dream was like a movie. he was obsessed with me.

    so basically it started out in the future and he’s a mass serial killer, still living in the same house but it’s a farm, and theres literally bodies just laying on top of the soil in the field. theres parts mangled in the barbed wire fence. he’s a cannibal. for some odd reason he has a carnival ride on his farm that he uses to lure people in and slaughter.

    it goes back to the past, his POV, ad he’s abandonned as a child basically and wants to feel attraction. he wants someone to always be with him, inside him.

    forward to present in the 60-70s, he’s much older and has a crush on me from looking out his window and watching me thru mine at night, bc i never turn my light off. i catch him one night when i look out my window, touching himself to me. the next day he comes and knocks on the door, mom (idk her, not my actual mom) answers the door, i’m not there. she asks him for help with something and ends up seducing him and in bed with him. my dad (also do not know) catches and threatens to kill him and he runs out. he spent the next few weeks watching me thru the window. he drives up and asks me one day on a walk to school if i want a ride, and he gets me in the car and he tells me he loves me and that he has a strong desire to kill people but he promises he wont kill me, bc he loves me. he wants me to run away with him bc he upset my father the other day. he’s crying and i tell him i want to go home. he snaps, then starting to rape me. i try to run and he hits my head with a rock. it was an accident, or atleast i felt like he didn’t mean to. he dismembers me, keeps strips of my hair and body parts to eat, and buries me in his farm. basically i ended up being his first victim that started it all.

    it went forward again into te future and his POV. in a messed up way he cared alot about me and takes my hair everywhere with him. not in a trophy way, but in a sentimental way.

    the thing that really bothered me was that he looked like my boyfriend, WAS my boyfriend – but was not him. And what bothers me even more is that I seemed to have gathered an attraction towards this character throughout my dream.

    sorry for grammar, i quickly wrote this down in my notes on my phone to tell my boyfriend. it was so vivid and movie like, that now i’m finding myself searching up similar dreams.

  13. I recently had a dream that for one reason or another, i was dating a pyschopathic guy who obsessed over me, with hints that he was a serial killer. Throughout the dream i could feel my uneasiness in the situation, especially whenever he touched me and so i contemplated lying to him about where I was going, just so I could get away from him and never return. In my dream I finally did, but I kinda felt guilty ditching him since it seemed like I was the thing grounding his tendencies. I feared for my life, so I left, making sure to get rid of anyway he could track me( throwing my phone after blocking his number, moving away to my parents ect.). At some point in my dream i was given his point of view, which was just him starting to lose it that I left him and he began to hunt me down to confront me and/or force me back with him. When it goes back to my point of view, I’m living life normally after escaping him when suddenly everywhere i went I noticed he would show up at the edge of my vision. I can’t really remember the exact point of ending, but the last bit I remember is him catching me, and me begging for him to not do anything to me, and to compromise, I go back with him and force myself to act like I love and accept him. Normally dreams don’t bother me, but this was the first time in a long while I could actually feel certain emotions while experiencing the dream, so it really stuck out to me amd so like someones interpretation of my dream of what it could mean.

  14. I had a dream about seeing victims of a serial killer. I was seeing into their life but in 3rd person( like watching a tv show but actually being there). The killer was a good looking guy and seducing women to torture and kill them. Most of the dream was spent with a girl that was about to get killed but somehow escaped. This girl eventually found someone to help her get evidence to get this killer arrested (though the police wasnt a huge factor.) I woke up before the point where the girl found some sort of evidence that linked the killer to her attempted murder. A petite female cop came to the killers house but came back with silver burns on her but she acted like they weren’t their. (That’s the point I woke up)

    I really have NO idea if this means something or not. It would be awesome if someone could tell me what this means. I’ve been reading different websites about it. PLEASE if someone could help me!!!

  15. I had a dream that this man sirs by his murder trap waiting for people to go through it and I guess I was pretty to him so he said he wanted to date but I never knew he was a murderer and I said “yes”. This all happened at a small camp but he was deep in the forest off the walking path. We did things that couples would do like hang out, love (if you know what I mean), go out in the camp area for walks and we would pick berries together. Also near the end I became his murderer girlfriend and we would both set up death traps for the hikers that would walk through them. I thought it was weird but it was also interesting that I never had a dream like that.

  16. I dreamed (twice) about falling in love with a psychopath murderer and he was actually protecting me..
    Would this still mean the same? 🙂

  17. Hannah babel on

    I had a dream where I was not in the dream I was just watching it happen and the dream was theses killers were running around and they wore these different color masks and they were shiny and as they killed more and more people they’d move up a level and get a different color mask. And then I was in the dream but I wasn’t getting killed I might have been somwhere different it was underground and hen someone was holding me down on the ground and carving something about the sun on my back with a knife and then the dream ends

  18. i dreamt of a small man who looks like smeagol in lord of the rings, but he is a bit fatter. He runs very fast, he has very little hair that looks wet. His teeth is full of blood and looks rotten. He has a big tummy and his clothes is to small for him and also full of blood. In my dream this man was chasing me and my friend, and when i turned around to look if he was still there, he was eating my friends insides while my friend is looking at me to help her. The dream always stops there but i get this dream mutiple times and every time i feel so cold and scared that this dream would come true. Some days times i get the chance to catch him and then threw him in the air and when he fell on the ground he was a small mamal. If this happens i freak out because i love animals so much i whould never do that but in the end i can never get this man to stop he is just chasing me my whole life in my dreams.

  19. I had a dream that we had everyone over for Christmas, like normal. And even neighbors come. We live on a lake. Christmas was going as normal and 3 guys had left because my dad had told them there was a surprise for them on the other side of the lake so they drove around. Then my dad had to get groceries and when he came back he had pulled me aside and said that he killed those 3 people but I could not tell anyone. 2 of the 3 were uncles and the other one was a neighbor. All of their wives were at our house as well as their smaller and school aged children. But I love my dad. Me and my boyfriend live with him and we have a great relationship.. so now I’m worried. I don’t want him to be a murderer, and I know he’s not but it was a really scary dream.

  20. My sisters ex. He was a good friend and I kind of introduced them. Anyways in my dream I found out he was a serial killer. Then I went to the cops and naturally the cops can’t arrest him because there are no bodies/DNA. So after the cops question him he blames my sister and threatens her and my sister moved to my father’s house. So one day when I’m leaving the parking lot him and a couple friends jump me, but I am able to run away and scream for help. A cop hears me and starts tackling and punching the wrong person. Then I wake up. I don’t feel like this dream means I’m different. I feel like this person irritates me. So ahh whatever thanks anyway

  21. I have a long history with my mother that is not normal nor am I necessarily proud of. For the past almost year, she’s been this woman that I almost regret seeing at times and at others our relationship is just fake. But I had a dream/nightmare a couple of weeks ago with her wearing a mask that looked like Jason. Now I figured out that I got the mask from a riddle a heard in class. It was something along the lines of “you step out of home, you take three lefts and you’re back home but there’s someone in a mask waiting for you. Where are you?” The answer was a baseball game and I understood that but my brain twisted it. I ran from home with my mother in the mask with a chainsaw running after me. I could tell it was my mother because of her Afro. But this is concerning. I believe this could mean that I’m secretly scared of her, yet I don’t think that I am. Is she wearing a mask because she isn’t herself? Am I running from her because I don’t recognize her? It’s all bizarre. And then last night, my dream started with me talking to one of my best friends on the phone that I haven’t seen in a very long time.. Then I was walking through Times Square with his mom? We had a conversation and we end in a hotel where Jason (who is actually Jason) gets in the elevator. I’m not running from him, he seems to know my best friends mom. He gets out of the elevator and just starts scaring people in the hallways, and I seemed to help him. At one point, we go into this media room area where he was doing throwing things at people from outside of the room and I turned back to him and saw both him and my mother sleeping side by side in the same position. That’s all I remember. It’s bizarre. I don’t know what this dream could be about, but I want to know what it all means.

    • I just woke up and yours is by far the most relatable. I have a reoccurring dream that I’m in my grandmothers house every night I try to lock all doors before a man in a Jason mask could make his way in in my dream it’s a normal but scary routine for me most times I get to lock everything right before he’s making his way in sometimes I’m too late and he’s already in the house it’s always either my sister and I that he goes after or me and my mom whom I don’t get along with my dream is that he has a gun always and one or the other is fighting him while the other calls the cops this was the first time that I dreamt when I called the cops she actually gave me the mans address with the Jason mask while on the phone I stabbed him in the back of the neck finally killing him at this point he doesn’t have a mask but I do not remember who he was I finally defeated him which has never happened before but I do not know why it’s a guy in a Jason mask and why it’s reoccurring.

  22. Adrian Linnekin on

    I had a dream that a serial killer was near our house laughing like a maniac. I went to hide in my mom’s room with a sharp kitchen knife and told my mom to hide. At this point she was screaming and I told her to shut up and hide. I hid under the bed while she continued to scream. I then heard a window break and my mom continued to scream. Then there was silence. I saw black shoes and blood. At this point I knew my mom was dead. So I grabbed the knife and stabbed the black shoes man in the foot fully knowing that if I ran the man would catch me. As I escaped from underneath the bed I saw the man and stood still looking at him for two seconds. In this short time I knew what I must do. I clenched the knife in my hand and stabbed him in the chest and throat until I knew he was dead. Called the police and went to the roof of my house. Then I heard sirens and woke up.

    Does anyone know what this means.

  23. Ive been having the same reaccuring dream for a couple months now. Im trapped inside a place whether it be a hispital or work office or even a house that ive never seen before but it being my house. So im locked in and the killer (jason from friday the 13th) is going around killing people. And we are all hiding trying not to get caught and i find a secret spot. In my last dream the was this little closet and in there there was a little door that led to another little crawl space and then through another little door that leads to a room. So i get all my friends and family and leave all the other random people i dont know and we go hide in the room i found. But then everyone starts being loud and leaving and just making it very obvious where we are and im telling everyone to be quite and to stop going in and out but they didnt listen to me. Slowly one by one people started disappearing intill all that was left was me and my sister. But my sister decided to play music really loud and she wouldnt turn it down and i could hear jason coming and i just got a bottle of pills and took some and told my sister to take them to because it would be better than being violently murdered but she wouldnt. The pills were taking to long and jason kept getting closer and closer so i hang myself.
    In every dream like that i either get caught or kill myself. I always take pills to kill myself too. What does this mean? All my other dreams follows this sort of theme of being trapped with jason and then killing myself

  24. I had a dream that my bf who I just found out was lying to me about his age when I thought he was 36 I found out he’s actually 46. I’m 23 btw so in real life I decided to give him another chance and in my dream I found out he’s a murderer he kills woman and then saves their bodies and I woke up right now petrefied!!! Of course there’s way more to the story but what does that mean?!?!??

  25. I had 2 parts to my dream, the first one started off in a building of an office/food place that I apparently worked for. There’s a family of 3 and apparently the dad is crazy. His wife and son don’t find out until he kills his wife and then attempts to kill his son. I don’t know if he kills him or not but his voice sounds kinda like Freddy Kreuger’s. And then the dream goes to the office downstairs where I’m at. One of the regulars that come in the store that I work at in reality comes in and get an order for delivery. When she walks out she forgets her key so I go on the delivery to try to return the keychain that was on the keyring (for some reason I couldn’t find the actual key) at some point I meet up with my boyfriend (we’ll say his name is Adam) and we start walking back toward my job but we take the long way. While walking I realize that I need to go back to work and tell him that we need to walk faster so we can hurry and get to my job. Before we get to the door I notice the regular that I was supposed to deliver the food to and hand her the delivery with the key chain. She’s happy at first but then realizes the actual key is missing and goes to get it. Once she leaves I go back to my desk and just start having conversations with people. Out of nowhere I feel like something is out of place and then I realize that everybody has some type of signal on their desks (ranging from hearts to tiger strips). Apparently these signals determine what order we’re going to die in but we don’t realize it until the second person is killed. Everyone tries to run but it doesn’t work, every time we run away someone else goes missing and turns up dead. The last person to die before me is my boyfriend which tears me apart. I start sobbing uncontrollably but instead of running away I stay with him not caring if the killer comes back to kill me even though I’m still scared for my life. Before he gets to kill me my dream shifts to a different place, this time with family and friends. My boyfriend is there again and some of us are eating dinner while others are in the living room watching tv. I don’t remember any conversations but we were all talking and then suddenly we all realize that there are cupcakes in front of us (the symbols from the first part of my dream) everyone starts to eat them except for me as I start getting paranoid and feeling scared. I have a pink heart and my boyfriend has tiger stripes, he turns to his bestfriend and says something about his friend’s cupcake and laughs and his friend replies “you have tiger stripes, that means your first” and then has a really sick smile on his face as if he knows what’s about to happen. Somehow everyone feels that the serial killer is outside so we all try to stay in the living and dining rooms (which are connected, the dream seems to be in my grandmothers house) everyone starts looking out the windows and I’m scared because I don’t want Adam to die. He’s also scared for his life and comes up with a plan to leave and take the car but I tell him that’s it’s better if we stay together. I can feel the killer outside watching us but I don’t know where he is and somehow Adam ran outside to the car without anyone noticing and starts to drive off. I watch through the window in horror as I see him and start to see a figure in the back seat before he tries to drive off completely. Just before Adam’s about to die I wake up (in reality). I’m sorry for the long story but can someone please tell me what this means? Thank you in advance for any help and thanks for taking the time to read this.

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