Serial Killer Dream Symbol


Serial Killer – Dreaming about a serial killer can be a very frightening thing to experience. If you dream that a serial killer is trying to attack you it means that there is something about you that you feel distinguishes you from the other people around you. However, this can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Serial killers tend to select their victims based on one or two key features.

For example, the women that a serial killer might select could look like a wife or daughter of his. They could remind him of someone that mistreated him during his life. It is also possible that they simply wear a similar article of clothing and it sets him off.


Dreaming about a serial killer is your brain’s way of telling you that there is something special and different about you that you might not want to be. Are you smarter than the people around you and you are labeled as the nerd? Are you prettier or uglier than others, skinnier? Fatter? These things are just labels and you should not let them get to you too much.

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  1. i dreamt of a small man who looks like smeagol in lord of the rings, but he is a bit fatter. He runs very fast, he has very little hair that looks wet. His teeth is full of blood and looks rotten. He has a big tummy and his clothes is to small for him and also full of blood. In my dream this man was chasing me and my friend, and when i turned around to look if he was still there, he was eating my friends insides while my friend is looking at me to help her. The dream always stops there but i get this dream mutiple times and every time i feel so cold and scared that this dream would come true. Some days times i get the chance to catch him and then threw him in the air and when he fell on the ground he was a small mamal. If this happens i freak out because i love animals so much i whould never do that but in the end i can never get this man to stop he is just chasing me my whole life in my dreams.

  2. I had a dream that we had everyone over for Christmas, like normal. And even neighbors come. We live on a lake. Christmas was going as normal and 3 guys had left because my dad had told them there was a surprise for them on the other side of the lake so they drove around. Then my dad had to get groceries and when he came back he had pulled me aside and said that he killed those 3 people but I could not tell anyone. 2 of the 3 were uncles and the other one was a neighbor. All of their wives were at our house as well as their smaller and school aged children. But I love my dad. Me and my boyfriend live with him and we have a great relationship.. so now I’m worried. I don’t want him to be a murderer, and I know he’s not but it was a really scary dream.

  3. My sisters ex. He was a good friend and I kind of introduced them. Anyways in my dream I found out he was a serial killer. Then I went to the cops and naturally the cops can’t arrest him because there are no bodies/DNA. So after the cops question him he blames my sister and threatens her and my sister moved to my father’s house. So one day when I’m leaving the parking lot him and a couple friends jump me, but I am able to run away and scream for help. A cop hears me and starts tackling and punching the wrong person. Then I wake up. I don’t feel like this dream means I’m different. I feel like this person irritates me. So ahh whatever thanks anyway

  4. I have a long history with my mother that is not normal nor am I necessarily proud of. For the past almost year, she’s been this woman that I almost regret seeing at times and at others our relationship is just fake. But I had a dream/nightmare a couple of weeks ago with her wearing a mask that looked like Jason. Now I figured out that I got the mask from a riddle a heard in class. It was something along the lines of “you step out of home, you take three lefts and you’re back home but there’s someone in a mask waiting for you. Where are you?” The answer was a baseball game and I understood that but my brain twisted it. I ran from home with my mother in the mask with a chainsaw running after me. I could tell it was my mother because of her Afro. But this is concerning. I believe this could mean that I’m secretly scared of her, yet I don’t think that I am. Is she wearing a mask because she isn’t herself? Am I running from her because I don’t recognize her? It’s all bizarre. And then last night, my dream started with me talking to one of my best friends on the phone that I haven’t seen in a very long time.. Then I was walking through Times Square with his mom? We had a conversation and we end in a hotel where Jason (who is actually Jason) gets in the elevator. I’m not running from him, he seems to know my best friends mom. He gets out of the elevator and just starts scaring people in the hallways, and I seemed to help him. At one point, we go into this media room area where he was doing throwing things at people from outside of the room and I turned back to him and saw both him and my mother sleeping side by side in the same position. That’s all I remember. It’s bizarre. I don’t know what this dream could be about, but I want to know what it all means.

  5. Adrian Linnekin on

    I had a dream that a serial killer was near our house laughing like a maniac. I went to hide in my mom’s room with a sharp kitchen knife and told my mom to hide. At this point she was screaming and I told her to shut up and hide. I hid under the bed while she continued to scream. I then heard a window break and my mom continued to scream. Then there was silence. I saw black shoes and blood. At this point I knew my mom was dead. So I grabbed the knife and stabbed the black shoes man in the foot fully knowing that if I ran the man would catch me. As I escaped from underneath the bed I saw the man and stood still looking at him for two seconds. In this short time I knew what I must do. I clenched the knife in my hand and stabbed him in the chest and throat until I knew he was dead. Called the police and went to the roof of my house. Then I heard sirens and woke up.

    Does anyone know what this means.

  6. Ive been having the same reaccuring dream for a couple months now. Im trapped inside a place whether it be a hispital or work office or even a house that ive never seen before but it being my house. So im locked in and the killer (jason from friday the 13th) is going around killing people. And we are all hiding trying not to get caught and i find a secret spot. In my last dream the was this little closet and in there there was a little door that led to another little crawl space and then through another little door that leads to a room. So i get all my friends and family and leave all the other random people i dont know and we go hide in the room i found. But then everyone starts being loud and leaving and just making it very obvious where we are and im telling everyone to be quite and to stop going in and out but they didnt listen to me. Slowly one by one people started disappearing intill all that was left was me and my sister. But my sister decided to play music really loud and she wouldnt turn it down and i could hear jason coming and i just got a bottle of pills and took some and told my sister to take them to because it would be better than being violently murdered but she wouldnt. The pills were taking to long and jason kept getting closer and closer so i hang myself.
    In every dream like that i either get caught or kill myself. I always take pills to kill myself too. What does this mean? All my other dreams follows this sort of theme of being trapped with jason and then killing myself

  7. I had a dream that my bf who I just found out was lying to me about his age when I thought he was 36 I found out he’s actually 46. I’m 23 btw so in real life I decided to give him another chance and in my dream I found out he’s a murderer he kills woman and then saves their bodies and I woke up right now petrefied!!! Of course there’s way more to the story but what does that mean?!?!??

  8. I had 2 parts to my dream, the first one started off in a building of an office/food place that I apparently worked for. There’s a family of 3 and apparently the dad is crazy. His wife and son don’t find out until he kills his wife and then attempts to kill his son. I don’t know if he kills him or not but his voice sounds kinda like Freddy Kreuger’s. And then the dream goes to the office downstairs where I’m at. One of the regulars that come in the store that I work at in reality comes in and get an order for delivery. When she walks out she forgets her key so I go on the delivery to try to return the keychain that was on the keyring (for some reason I couldn’t find the actual key) at some point I meet up with my boyfriend (we’ll say his name is Adam) and we start walking back toward my job but we take the long way. While walking I realize that I need to go back to work and tell him that we need to walk faster so we can hurry and get to my job. Before we get to the door I notice the regular that I was supposed to deliver the food to and hand her the delivery with the key chain. She’s happy at first but then realizes the actual key is missing and goes to get it. Once she leaves I go back to my desk and just start having conversations with people. Out of nowhere I feel like something is out of place and then I realize that everybody has some type of signal on their desks (ranging from hearts to tiger strips). Apparently these signals determine what order we’re going to die in but we don’t realize it until the second person is killed. Everyone tries to run but it doesn’t work, every time we run away someone else goes missing and turns up dead. The last person to die before me is my boyfriend which tears me apart. I start sobbing uncontrollably but instead of running away I stay with him not caring if the killer comes back to kill me even though I’m still scared for my life. Before he gets to kill me my dream shifts to a different place, this time with family and friends. My boyfriend is there again and some of us are eating dinner while others are in the living room watching tv. I don’t remember any conversations but we were all talking and then suddenly we all realize that there are cupcakes in front of us (the symbols from the first part of my dream) everyone starts to eat them except for me as I start getting paranoid and feeling scared. I have a pink heart and my boyfriend has tiger stripes, he turns to his bestfriend and says something about his friend’s cupcake and laughs and his friend replies “you have tiger stripes, that means your first” and then has a really sick smile on his face as if he knows what’s about to happen. Somehow everyone feels that the serial killer is outside so we all try to stay in the living and dining rooms (which are connected, the dream seems to be in my grandmothers house) everyone starts looking out the windows and I’m scared because I don’t want Adam to die. He’s also scared for his life and comes up with a plan to leave and take the car but I tell him that’s it’s better if we stay together. I can feel the killer outside watching us but I don’t know where he is and somehow Adam ran outside to the car without anyone noticing and starts to drive off. I watch through the window in horror as I see him and start to see a figure in the back seat before he tries to drive off completely. Just before Adam’s about to die I wake up (in reality). I’m sorry for the long story but can someone please tell me what this means? Thank you in advance for any help and thanks for taking the time to read this.

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