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Secret Dream Symbol – When you dream that you or another has a secret this can be about hidden personal power. This is a time where something hidden tries to rise to the surface. It is time to consider what it is you are suppressing. You may need to take the time to deal with it once and for all. Dreaming of hearing someone’s secret can mean there is a conspiracy of some sort among your friends and family. Who could this be?

Dreaming of telling someone’s secret can warn someone close to you is spreading malicious gossip. This is a time where you need to be wary about who you tell your truths to. A secret in a dream can reflect your need to keep your personal life private. You may need to consider whether you are truly pursuing what lies deep in your heart. This is a reminder that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. You just need to have self-confidence. Do you keep your abilities hidden for fear of being in the spotlight? Are you afraid of failing?

Secrets in a dream can also mean you have some hidden secret deep within you do not want the rest of the world to know. Maybe you have done something you are not proud of or feel guilty for something you have done wrong. Maybe you did not take advantage of an opportunity and now you wish you had.

Secret places can reflect the special people or things that you do in your life. Is there someone special you share your deepest thoughts and dreams with? Are there things that are special to you that you miss doing? This may be a time to take time out to enjoy the things that make you feel good about yourself. There is nothing stopping you but yourself.

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  1. My friend was in my dream and I found out that she has the same secret as mine and I implied that we have the same secret but I know her secret is not real in real life but mine is.
    Then out of nowhere I dreamed of having to pick up her BF who I don’t like from her house . I drove to the driveway as he was getting there from coming out of the house, but I backed out on the street to face the car to the direction we’re heading to, but he was giving me an attitude. There was no voice coming out of him but his reaction was telling me that he’s not getting in the car unless I bring the car back to the driveway. He was giving me attitude. So I drive away and ignored him.
    What do these mean?

  2. I dreamed I landed somewhere that seemed nice. Had no place to go. people took us in very welcoming and I explained our situation and they understood and was very receptive. A woman with a few people around her said they are having a party and would love for me and my son to join I said sure. We show up at this apartment ( the place looked like a hotel but it was an apartment at least that was what I labeled it never knew nor asked. I get there my son gos to play with the little ones and I was brought in by the woman who has been talking to me. Her group welcomed me and were very kind. Everyone travels in groups and I would have to choose a color not taken. I looked around and saw that indeed that was accurate. One person made the comment that how come I did not show up in my color and the lead woman said no big deal she is new she did not know but that I know now and must follow accordingly to their customs I understood and acknowledged. I then was told I have to choose a color. I wanted white but that was taken. I looked for gold or silver those were taken. I looked for pink it was taken. I looked for light blue and it was taken. Black was forbidden and so I saw the only available colors was red, green, orange, blue. I chose blue. Then I saw the window that led to the quad and asked o wow you have a quad/ pool area how nice. I was told that areas is forbidden. I asked why they would not answer. They then gave me my want that was on a rubber foam blue wand with a clear crystal top. Too many thing were not adding up to me which I felt I was put in a position to search something out because I could tell the people I was around were withholding important information. I felt very uncomfortable held it together well just knew there was something off. I was looking around the place I was told I would be staying at and they told me that all places have no terrace and no pool area was allowed. A woman told me they are putting my room together for me and my son and that I’ll have to wait. Out of curiosity I went to go check it out and took my son with me. I just wanted to see their progress because I was amazed and curious of how come so long and my 6th sense was going off so I wanted to check it out even more that there was something in the air something not right? I opened the door and checked no one was in there and looked around with my son and shut the door. I saw the room looked different than it did before it looked like it was stuck in the 90’s but plane. It had windows that were engulfed by tries and one little sneak peak of the quad outside from the living room. There was a glass door that led to the terrace that was blocked by rocks at an angle, basically no terrace. The door that led to it was a glass sliding door. I went ahead and opened it considering it was like it didn’t open to anything anyway. Also I thought that was so weird I wanted to check it out. I step in it looked like mans smallest cave haha. Then when I got close to touch the rock though how dangerous it appeared I also thought it was magnificent. As I touched it my hand went right through. I was shocked. I realized it was not a rock but a covering. I stepped out and saw it led to the pool. My son was with me and he always listens to me cause I’ve always protected him. I told him 7 which he is that do not touch anything or go in or out of here if someone comes in you tell me and shout and I’ll come up. he agreed and so I went outside from the terrace to downstairs that led to the quad pool. I saw someone pool a woman to the side and they look like they were in a conversation more that one was scorning the other secretly. in it broke out in secret debates. I snuck back to the top the way I came in and right when I got to the top I was standing in the terrace non terrace area. The wlead woman of my clan said what are you doing as she got close to my son I said o I thought this was a window or shrine or something like and extra room. She told me to stay away. I said yes and apologized and admired its beauty. She asked what I was doing I told her again it looked like a beautiful window and so I opened it and then I realized it was a door and it looked like a shrine or something and that I loved it and that every place should have one. she told me that they do. I said great. I pulled my son to me and she said the place is not ready and that I should get ready for the party tonight. I said ok. ( the room was where we had the day party and that broke it down and were rebuilding it to something else which was also were was supposed to stay). I headed downstairs with my son and looked around where to get ready. I went saw a costume place and picked a cute elf very little options left it had red and white striped leggings and green shirt like a mini dress that flared out when you spin and brown leather belt elf shoes and else hat and a striped turtle neck to go with the leggings. I wore it and they said I had to put my son in the daycare so I agreed he was fine and enjoyed himself. I then went to look around where I was supposed to go. I was looking for something I just did not know what. I came across other people in a customer slightly jogging 2 had the same one on. same leggings as me and shoes but they were shaped like a snow car made out of reefs with a big red bow. it looked beautiful and shimmery and sparkly. The 3rd one had something on the same except they had white leggings and a blue shooting star like outfit on I followed right beside all of them and they were leading to somewhere secret. I was then stopped right before I turned the corner and was asked why am I wearing that Christmas outfit. I said it was the only customer left and I see others coming in with a Christmas outfit two told me it surely was not and then I mentioned do I need to be wearing jewish stuff like the other one who had the star of David they said it was not jewish. I quickly realized that it was battle not worth arguing so I said o ok. I said what am I supposed to wear or do. They said use your wand of course. So I pull out my wand stepped aside and used it and presto it changed my outfit into a white shimmery legging and my green pointy shoes into blue semi pointy and my top to be just a top that was an oversized sweater with a hoodie that was sparkly and blue I glittered from head to toe. I then stepped out from the corner and the lead woman said what are you doing and that I looked great and and interesting choice of outfit. I told her thank you. She pulled me with her to the overside of the building away from where we entered and then my son woke me up. what does this all mean???

  3. hello.
    im having a dream every time, it is different every time, but it is the same dream about a hidden place i only know. in some dreams i try to hide my secret place when it looks naked, like a room with no walls. but the secret place is hidden in the middle of it. i for sure am always aware that someone will discover it. and in some other dreams i see that my hidden place has already been discovered, it is so strong so i feel im in real life. i keep seeing this dream often. but in different ways and the same place.
    i state it is a place, not a personal life secret.
    do you advice me to share this secret place with someone else i know? …and i can trust.
    tryed to google but with no success.
    your response can really help me.
    Kind Regards.
    “the Wolf.”

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