Seal Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Seal Dream Symbol – Seal visits your dreams to let you know you are in balance with your world. But that does not mean you can actively stop working in your future. Seal reminds you to listen to what you see and hear, both while awake and in your dreams.

It is a time where your imagination is working overtime with visions of what your future can be. This may seem far-fetched. Even impossible though you have high hopes. But the seal is telling you to follow your dreams. Do not stifle your creativity, your imagination. Let it loose on the world.

The seal can also symbolize your high expectations for yourself. This may be a time where your relationships and commitments can be challenged while you work to maintain expectations. Do not lower them, or you will fail to make necessary changes.

seal dreamThis amazing water animal also symbolizes trust and integrity. These are of the utmost importance to you. Your subconscious can be reminding you of this and of what is important to you. And reminding of your subconscious helps you manifest your daily life. Seeing a baby seal can be reminding you of the ups and downs of being an independent individual once you leave your mother’s womb and parents’ home.

A seal is a jovial little fellow who loves to play. This can represent you and your attitude to life. You can adapt easily to emotional situations. Sometimes not taking them too seriously, being able to see them for what they are. The seal may also be reminding you to finish off what you have started. Seal the deal.

Trust and integrity are also associated with seal. These are something to hold sacred that should never be abused or used as a power over others. Is there something that bothers you? Does something or someone just seem not right? Trust your instincts to know the truth.

When a group of seals visits your dreams, expect an invitation to a social event. If you kill a seal, this can mean your business problems are going to get worse.

A dream about a seal can indicate the trust and integrity that we hold with the people around us. If you are in a position of power you can either decide to use that power responsibly or take advantage of those around you. Seals can indicate that you are comfortable with the path you have chosen in life.

If you dream about a wounded seal it may indicate that you have made choices that may hurt you in the future. Reconsider some of the choices you have made and see if it aligns with your moral values.

When Seal crosses your Path

Seal crosses your path to remind you to tune into your creative imagination. Listen to your intuition to help balance your life.

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  1. I had a dream that I visited my grown daughter and she was keeping a small seal in a tiny tank and treating it like a pet (dog) The seal was friendly but looked so sad and I kept telling her she could not keep it and needed to give it to the RSPCA or animal sanctuary. What was this dream trying to tell me?

  2. I dreamt I was in a beautiful hill and suddenly I realised a group of black goats were staring at me. It was scary. Then I saw they were eating a seal that was still alive but had no tail, and was surrounded by her baby seals.
    The goats left when I approached the scene and the seal was bleeding out. I tried calling all the vets I could find ion google and it was so frustrating because I could not reach any.

    What does all of that mean?!

  3. Hi there i dreamt i went to this new house and choose my room which was pink and beautiful but it had seals inside this huge tank and i told the land lord that i dont wamt thise seals there i want them to be free
    When i went down stairs it was also there…and those seals wanted to escape that tank aswell what does my dream mean?

  4. Meshack ASANTE on

    My wife had a dream that she was on the beach and 2 babies were on her. Suddenly a very large seal from nowhere lies on her and the babies. So she tried hard to remove the seal from her and the babies so that she and the babies could survive. And did that with all his strength. Then she wakes up. It means what.

  5. Had a dream that my front door to my home was left open, it was raining and two seals camer into my home. A few minutes later the owner, a man came looking for them.


  6. Hi there, I dreamt that I was with both my mum and my friends mum down by the water. We were chatting and then a seal approached me, I started to splash and make myself bigger to scare him off but he started to play with me, he then launched me into the air and I landed in the water by his friends where I was convinced they would eat me, But didn’t. What do we think this means?

  7. Hi I had a dream that this very large seal was chasing me and I couldn’t get away he was chasing me for ages I finally out ran him what does that mean please.

  8. Avenous Lee on

    I had a dream about an elephant seal pup, in the we came across it while on the way driving home. Is like we saw a baby animal/creature got caught in the middle of a some what mid heavy traffic , we stop the at the emergency lane and my brother go and bring it back to the car.
    At first sight of it when my brother took it back in the car , I know it was an elephant seal pup.
    In the dream , we try and look for it’s mother but fail. so we end up keeping it , like how we use to treat our family dog as family sometime is like brother or sister. But for some reason in the dream that elephant seal only need food resources is water.
    As it slowing grow mature/into an adult elephant seal , we still keep it in our family .
    The dream end at when the elephant seal is sleeping next to me like how my dog use to sleep with me.

  9. I had a dream that. There was a baby white seal swing in y bath tub and I needed to take a shower when I went in into the tub the baby white seal was sleeping so I had to remove the quails from the drain bcuz it was keeping water from going down and the bay seal said that was your brother who filled up the tub so that I can swim 🙂

  10. I dreaming of a sea lion wounded and i took care of the seal it was a male seal with his wife seal and 2 children..

  11. I dreamt I was a marine biologist and the seal was my friend, I would hook him to cameras and watch him swim under water, once I changed his route and he got hurt, it turned out he had a brain defect that prevented him from being able to comprehend that the world changes. I got him to the surface and carried him running on foot to a marine hospital, and when he went for surgery I woke up in tears. I had an overwhelming sense of guilt

  12. I have recently broke up with a boyfriend, I dreamt that I walked into my room, there was a mini seal that was standing up floating above the ground, I was in shock and was just starring at it. It then started crawling to the door I put it in a bag and it fell down the stairs. I ran down and tried to save it I opened the bag and put it on the bath but I think it was too late. I then woke up.

  13. I live with my boyfriend and he went away for the weekend. The first night of sleeping alone I dreamt about a baby seal. The baby seal jumped on my bed and cuddled with me. The seal show so much affection.

  14. I just dreamed I was in the artic saving many baby seals. Woke up with such a impression I had to look it up.

  15. I had a dream that a seal popped out of the water and bit me on a scar on my back. The seal just held me. It didn’t try to hurt me. I then woke up wide awake.

  16. In real life I’m pregnant, in my dream I was also pregnant. The dream was long and had started with my bf hanging out with his ex and ditching me. Somehow I was dd for a bunch of his friends to goto the bar. Towards the end of the dream I was trying to find a restroom. I found one that said ladies and walked in. It was like a private dancer/dinner room. The waitress was wearing lingerie. There was a dead baby seal on a platter on each table. Only a handful of People, 2 tables being couples. I sat down at what looked to be a finished table with only scraps of seal because it weirded me out. A man entered and started to say stuff. Before I knew it, all the men in the room at the tables were dead with nothing but bloody sockets for eyes. That’s when I woke up.

  17. I had a dream of me and one of my best friends were staying in an old old house that need alot of work but felt very haunted I kept on seeing a black sea lion or seal popping his head out of the ceiling why I don’t know but I didn’t sense any good from it…i also saw an elephant outside..what could this mean? Second time haveing this dream

  18. I had a dream that I was in a futuristic apartment and the refrigerator was on a pedestal and the water was leaking from the feet of the pedestal and that attracted crawfish. The crawfish attracted a seal and it ate the crawfish then threw its head backwards against me and opened its mouth and said “thank you”, like a parrot would because it can’t move its mouth like a human. It scared me then it impressed me. The seal had a glaucoma haze in one eye.

  19. i had a dream that i was given an injured seal pup and was on top of this building and couldn’t get to the water. i was walking over steel beams and could see the water under me and people but could not find a way down.

  20. Dreamt of 2 playful black seals surrounding me when I was to take a bath at my cousins’ house. I was trying to slightly avoid them with 2 chairs I carried on my side as I kept my bath things in 1 hand. I think I hit one of the two. But the seals still played around me. Then I entered the first door, thinking that it’s the bathroom door and found it’s not. The 2 seals were still there around me. Then just before I entered another door on my left, the 2 seals surrounded my right foot as if I wore them as shoes. Then I went through the door and found out a group of seals. They seemed excitedly going towards me.

    What does this mean?

  21. Juliet gallardo on

    I had this dream about where i was with an adult and some kids. We were going to a chirch at night. As we got in the church there was no light. We had flashlights. Then we started walking upstairs, but i couldnt see anything, even if i had my flashlight. And this little boy was behind me. So then a loud scream came out of my mouth. It was and evil scream. And then suddenly i fell backwards like if i was floating down the stairs. Can anyone tell me what it means? Im scared of this.

  22. moonwillow on

    I had a dream I dreamt of a seal coming out of the pond into my arms and kissing my face. So much love then I woke in the dream and waited for it to happen again. The seal appeared and we connected so beautifully. I protected the seal all the time and received much love from it…beautiful dream but so real

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