Seagull Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Seagull Dream Symbol –┬áSeagull flies in with honesty to give you a different perspective on what worries you. Take a step back for an objective view to see things from a different perspective. The solution is in how you see the situation. Be creative and remain above the dramas occurring around you. You are already well-equipped to deal with this situation. Recall lessons from the past to help find solutions to take you into the future.

Seagull can also bring messages to declutter your life and get rid of what no longer serves a purpose. There is no point hanging onto things, including people, that you no longer need in your life. By hanging on to clutter there is no room for new opportunities to come into your life.

Seagull DreamHer messages can also be about self-satisfaction. You may feel good about how you handled a tough situation. How you did not get involved in the dramas and yet everything worked out. Remember this so you can repeat the process if you find yourself in this type of situation again. This is a lesson to help you in the future.

Seagull reminds there are opportunities in everything that crosses your path. Even in the most unlikely things, places, and people. You may feel as if you are stagnating, that nothing is happening or moving forward. There are hidden reasons for this. The universe will reveal these at the right time. Everything has its place in time. Stay positive. Stay in tune with your intuition. Everything will be revealed soon.

Seeing this opportunistic bird can symbolize your desire to escape the challenges in your life. You get a clearer perspective when seagull flies high in the sky. You see there are alternative solutions that will suit everyone. Or, you may purge negativity from around you. Everything will work out.

A seagull carrying something in its bill can mean you are wasting your potential. It is time to stop procrastinating or expecting everything to just come to you. You have the strength to cope with anything life throws at you with grace. You understand changes are the out of your control, but it is how you adapt to them that matters. Find the positive in any changes and makes them work for you.

When Seagull crosses your Path

Seagulls are the classic opportunists and may cross you path to prod you into taking an opportunity at this time. While you may be hesitant, you have all that is required to fulfil the potential and achieve success.

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  1. I had a dream that a large seagull flew down and embraced me. It then presented me with a large egg, and asked me to look after it. Any ideas on the meaning?

  2. sarah Smith on

    i had dream that this seagull was flying at me and i was frightened because it was nose bombing straight at my head. but then it turned out it was just trying to sit on my shoulder. end of dream i was almost looking fgor the seagull so i could move on.

    • I had a very similar dream only it landed on my left shoulder and started to gently poke me on my neck and shoulder.

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