Sea Urchins Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Sea Urchin Dream Symbol – Sea urchins appearing in a dream is a sign you are weak. That your thinking is flawed and most probably comes from a place of fear.

sea-urchins-dreamsYou may be going through a time when you have manifested your worst fears into reality. Something you thought to be of little importance may surprise you and end up changing your life. You may feel shocked at being blindsided.

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  1. Annabella A on

    i usually get the sea urchin like dreams when i’m sick. my dream was a sea urchin and everything was black but i could still notice the sea urchin. as i got closer the sea urchin got smaller but bigger at the same time. like kinda the insidious

  2. I had a start fish, a gold fish, and jelly fish all in one cup, a sea urchin in another cup. I was trying to separate them because I felt like they were running out of oxygen so I called my sister to bring a plastic clear cup, she brought me a black mug. I put the jelly fish and sea urchin together, it seemed like they were fighting. I put my hand in to grab the urchin and it held tight to me. It was hard to removed, I ended up putting to much pressure and was upset I killed both.

  3. This absolutely sounds horrible and I just dreamed about it but I dreamed I had a bunch of things which I assume were sea urchins stuck on my head. I remember feeling like it hurt and they just held onto my head so tightly and I couldn’t get them off. It was awful. I do have to say I am moving soon and it’s incredibly stressful and I haven’t found a place so that’s by probably the “fear” I’m going through.

    • I was dragging around sea urchins everywhere I went, eating them. I dreamed of my worst relationship fear.. my partner abandoning me and not caring about me. I tried to hit him and hurt him but none of my blows landed and my voice wouldn’t even work to yell. Reading this page helped me see that what was being revealed to me was how these flawed thoughts and fears are leaving me helpless and creating the pain I’m so afraid of.

  4. In my dream me my mom and my daughter was in the sea.its high tide.and even its high tide im still picking a shells.while walking i found a group of sea urchin under the big tying to pick one but i cant even get one.and found one shell of sea urchin is empty or died.

  5. Francisco C. on

    Now I don’t know exactly how it happened but in my dream i think i was sitting down and when i look down at my feet I see i was barefoot and then what looked like a black sea urchin stuck in my right foot and when i go to pull it out it hurts but the sea urchin comes right off but now some of the quills stayed stuck in my heel and now look like bone.
    Then out of nowhere i don’t know who she was but some lady comes and helps me pull the rest out, So after she took them out the pain went away and suddenly i was alone again then i woke up from my dream.

    I’m having trouble figuring out what this means.

    • I had a very similar dream! The sea urchin went through my foot and my skin on my foot started peeling to the meat and my flesh looked infected or like it had cold sores on it. The person that came to my rescue was my husband though. So interesting the similarities.

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