Sea (Ocean) Voyage Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Sea Voyage Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being on a sea voyage symbolizes an emotional journey. Maybe you are cruising through life with little effort. When you dream of cruising on the sea it signifies you have an easy-going attitude to difficult situations.

Maybe you need to take things more seriously. Do you not feel the pressure when times get tough? Do you cruise through times of trouble with confidence? Cruising on a sea voyage represents your ability to cruise through problems as if they did not even exist.

It can also represent your deep reflection of your inner self. You may even be exploring the source of your problems. You may have little intention of making changes. You may just want to know what they are.

Negatively, cruising on a sea voyage can mean you are overconfident and arrogant, or too easy-going in situations that require tact and diplomacy. You may tend to expect others to cruise in and take care of things so you can achieve success. Do you expect problems to just solve themselves?

Traveling and Water

Traveling on water in a ship is a sign there are new opportunities to take your plans forward. You can work towards your dreams. Relaxing on the ship means that you feel safe and secure in yourself. You will enjoy time out with you friends and family in the near future.

This can be a dream that reflects how you deal with your emotions. Remember to focus on the positives, and what is important to you and your future. Avoid focusing on the negatives. Sailing in a ship though a storm symbolizes the tough times that are coming. Being on a big ship with a large crew signifies there is something tough you need to do at work. Traveling on water gives you the ability to make long journeys to all parts of the world. This can be a dream that foretells of your own long journey in your waking life. Ships traveling on water are a sign you can find solutions to the impossible.

Sailing a boat on the open water reflects your open, fun character. You are someone with a lot of ideas. Traveling in a yacht suggests you are a creative, talented person with the confidence to use these abilities for future success.

Seaside Dream Meaning

Dreaming of the seaside is a sign of fun, happy times. The seaside is all about your emotions. Seeing a deserted beach at the sea can mean you need to take time out for yourself. You may have been looking after everyone else and working too hard. You may need a short break to rejuvenate. This is a good time to reflect on what is important. You may need to reprioritize. This may mean you need to distance yourself from situations and people that cause you stress.

A natural beach is a sign you will soon take a vacation. This is a much-needed beak from your everyday worries and responsibilities with the sole intention to rest and enjoy yourself. Snorkeling at the seaside can mean you will have fun, adventurous times in your life.

Seeing mountains meet the seaside can mean there is something you want that will always be just out of your reach. It also indicates there will be obstacles along the way. You can work through these easily as long as you stay focused on achieving your dreams.

Experiencing the seaside at night can indicate you will soon understand what those close to you are working towards. This is a sign of personal growth. Being stranded at the seaside is a message you need to let others help you. You cannot always do everything yourself. Do not be afraid of asking for help from others.

Restaurants and bars along the seaside mean you need to get out more. Have some fun. Have you been hiding away at home for too long? Being naked by the sea symbolizes the beginnings of something new. Wearing swimwear at the seaside indicates you have no problem taking credit for another person’s achievements. This is not something you should do. You can only achieve success by standing on your own merits. Dreaming of pulling into the shore in a small boat this indicates you will ask someone for financial assistance.

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  1. Hi, my dream was I was in the ocean alongside the bow of a ship and I was pulling the ship through the water. The ocean wasn’t rough, the bow wake was behind me. I narrowly missed another ship that I was passing. What does this dream mean?

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