Sea Anemone Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Sea Anemone Dream Symbol – Dreaming of the deadly sea anemone symbolizes your preference for solitude. You like your independence. You prefer to answer to no one. When they visit your dreams it can be a warning to be wary of new situations and people. There may be many hidden tentacles attached to them that can poison your life. It may be that what you are being told is completely different from the reality.

sea-animoneSeeing a sea anemone is a warning to be wary. Not to trust in outer appearances. Take the time to find out what lies hidden before revealing your soul. They also teach lessons of patience and perseverance in reaching your dreams. You may need to be more relaxed in your approach to life situations.

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  1. Dreamt of getting stung badly by sea anemones (overall a good dream, it was just part of a dream by the ocean). Shortly after (still in the dream), I had a bad confrontation with a friend and it ended with me being very angry at him. While inside the dream, I overcame it and moved on, as the rest was a pretty good dream.

    I think the ocean part of it is from me moving back and forth btwn the North and Florida (for school)

  2. I dreamed of sea anemone images.
    First one crawling out my bedroom door disappearing into the ceiling.
    Second one was above me crawling back into the ceiling.
    Each time i was trying get my breath and scream, it was like i was paralyzed.
    When I was younger I was in a deep sleep. I felt like a heavy thing sat on my back, i felt paralyzed. I could not breath. I try to scream. It was no noise. I lived in city alway noise.
    I started to pray, i heard a loud roar and it push harder on my back. Then felt like cat was scratching me, while a force was pulling the thing off of me. I started move…then i heard my scream.
    Later found out I have scarring on lungs. Its called Fibrosis Lungs. IPF.
    Anyone can help me with these crazy dreams.
    Note I have hard time going and staying asleep. My dreams be so deep.

  3. Thank you for this dream interpretation. As I’m learning the truth about my mother by doing Emotional Freedom Technique, I had a dream that I called my mother a psychopath to her face, and I could feel her poisonous rage and vengeneance welling up inside of her, trying to figure out how to unleash at me. The sea anemone was waving its tentacles at me from the upper left corner of the door to the house my mother was in. I was wary of it and as I looked closer I kept seeing more tentacles. I am a naturally direct and confrontational person, so I think this dream was warning me to stay away from confrontation with my mother. Which is going to be really hard since I’m really angry with her now. But the dream makes sense and it’s to my best interest. The woman who poisoned my beloved cat in the guise of helping him could probably poison my life in a similar way of pretending to just be trying to help me. She enjoys humiliating me.

  4. I dreamt of walking on sea anemones of amazing salmon to pink colour beauty. I was touching them and they felt wonderful. They felt even better than they looked. They were so alive. Totally harmless and friendly.

    Then i was walking like i was floating on top of them in a green lush garden . It was turning into a city of green plants. There were also trees which was making me happy then i remembered that someone told me there were no trees in that city. So they still kept their green lush rich look but just got a bit shorter up thru the hill.

    funny i totally forgot about that anemones could be dangerous.

    It was my best feeling dream i had in ages.

    It was beautiful.

    Funny i dreamt it just before i decide to move to a new city. Miami.

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