Screaming Dream Symbol


Screaming – The sound of screaming in your dream can be vivid and alarming even if you do not see its source or know its cause. Screaming is the greatest symbol of fear in your life. You will often hear screaming in your dream if you are overly worried about others in your waking life. Parents hear the screaming of their children in their dreams. There is a promethean part of the brain that is especially active during resting hours.

During the course of evolution periods of sleep were always the most dangerous part of an animal’s life. In fact, many animals including fish, birds and reptiles actually keep an eye open while they sleep if they are fearful of their safety. Mammals also have an instinctual part of their brains active while they sleep. This is the cause of sudden bouts of terror in some people while they sleep.

In rare cases people can actually get violent in their sleep. This is all caused by that “protection” part of the brain and its insecurity during sleep. To hear screaming indicates that the part of your brain that regulates the feeling of peace and safety is off.

Additional Meanings

Hearing screaming in a dream is a symbol of fear. You may be worried about something in your waking life and fear the outcomes or consequences. What is it you fear? This also indicates there are powerful emotions you have bottled up inside. Dreaming of being unable to scream means there is something in your waking life that needs your immediate attention. Do you even know what it is that you fear? Hearing others scream may mean there is upsetting news on the way. You may need to be prepared.

Shouting Dream Symbol

Dreams that involve shouting can warn of impending trouble. When you are the one shouting, this can mean you are going through a tough time in your waking life. You may be only feeling only negative emotions. It can also signify a particular situation turning into something that is hard to deal with. It will all turn out well if your use perseverance and wisdom to deal with the situation.

Hearing someone else shouting signifies a warning of fright or anger. This is a sign there is bad news on the way and even the death of a loved one who lives far away. This can bring warnings that there are those who gossip behind your back. You may need to be more careful about who you trust. Someone’s loud shout for help is a cry for help from them in your waking life. Can you answer that call in your real life?

Shouting with surprise can mean you get the help you need from your secret love. What or who do you have hidden away? Shouting in fear can bring unexpected good news from afar. Hearing people you do not recognize shouting in fear refers to your worries in real life. It is a reminder that if you act with wisdom and integrity you will have a positive outcome.

When you shout for help in a dream someone will come to your aid. If no one comes to help, you could sink into a deep depression. This will have a negative impact on all parts of your life, especially on financial matters. Shouting in anger to someone can mean you lose the support of someone just when you really need them. This is a time where you need to foster relationships, rather than drive them away.

Someone else shouting can bring on depression and troubled times with your life partner. Hearing animals screaming warns of an impending accident. This could be you or someone close to you involved.

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  1. I keep having the baby dream.. Few days back I had a dream that I want a baby. I kept screaming and crying the entire dream. And just when the night was about to end someone came and put a baby in my arms. I stopped crying and I woke up.
    After that I had two dreams (days apart) that a baby who is very close to me is dead. I kept crying and screaming the entire time but the baby was dead. I always see my parents pushing me away from that baby (still crying and screaming) in some strange way. (My parents and siblings don’t talk to me because I want to marry the guy I like so we I haven’t talked to my mom and siblings in almost 6 months and father in last 2 months. )
    After the dream I just feel horrible… I don’t know why to do.. I keep having headaches and entire body pains… And all the time I feel like crying and screaming but have to put on a smiling face for everyone… I feel so lost…

  2. I had a dream today where I hurd a lout scream like someone getting grabed / kidnapped I hurd it 2x time it woke me up and I felt scared and startle never heard this before
    I woke upp at parnormal hours 5am. I Live next to a haunted building so I assumed that might have
    to do with that.

  3. I was taking a nap one day and just before my alarm went off and woke me up, I remember hearing this guy talk to me. And it was like his words were echoing in my head. I can still hear his voice after he started screaming at me in a gutteral tone. For some reason I was very frightened by this. It also didn’t really seem like a dream. It was more like I was just laying there in bed while this screaming voice boomed loudly in my head. I can’t really remember what he was screaming about but I do recall him saying something was my fault, everything was my fault. I do not recognize this voice either but it’s terrifying. Like I said I can still hear it and it’s been days since it happened.

    • Every night while I am falling asleep I hear somone screming loudly at me or people yelling at eachother agressively in my head. I can never remember what they are saying. It is very frightening for me and it makes it difficult to go to sleep. When this happends I am not quite asleep yet. It is odd.

      • This maybe be a case that you have a connection to the spirit world and you dont know about gf as a kid said she had people come in to her room and she said they tried talking to her.she got told to simply ask them to leave and they an adult now she is able to talk and see i would say ask them to leave in a nice way and see what happens.

    • I had something similar to this just happen to me an like 45 mins ago. It didn’t feel like a dream it felt real. What happened was I heard a lady screaming for help from a distance and then the screaming got closer and then all of a sudden it was as if she was literally next to me screaming into my ear, also it was pitch black I couldn’t see anything at all.

  4. To add more about my son. He is an adult almost 40. He is currently in prison for horrible DUI. Someone was injured. He has been there for almost 5 yrs. and should be coming home in 2017. We are the only family left for eahother.

  5. Dreamt of what seemed to be a violent argument. It was my son crying and pleading with who sounded like my deceased father. There was noise like hitting or knocking over objects. I could not see them only hear this. In my dream instead of going to them I ran to a closet and covered my ears in fear.

  6. Nebji dosubi on

    I was having a night with out visual dreams, but I heard a really loud scream next to my ear I woke up and asked the other people in the house if they heard it but they were confused and said that they didn’t hear anything. Anyone know why it could have happened?

  7. Hello. I’m writing about the dream I had today July 10. I had went to work and came home in the afternoon and took a nap because I’m usually tired from trouble falling asleep at night. I never had a dream like this ever. In my dream it was like I was looking at myself waking up in my bed, I looked in my doorway to my room and I saw a white figure just standing there, still and I felt very terrified. I started to scream but no sound came out and I was there alone in my dream. I don’t know if the figure meant something but I was creepy and had no face but I felt like it was there staring at me and knew who I was. I also remember panicking because I kept screaming and realized I couldn’t hear myself. I have been in a gloom mood ever since I woke up. Any advice or knowledge is welcome.

  8. Hey I keep having a dream where I wake up to a girl screaming for help. And I jump up and run around looking for her and when ever I get close I wake up.

    It’s always at my house and I recently moved houses now the dream happens at this house and I always wake up angry because I can’t find and help the girl.

    I’ve had the dream 4 times now and each time the screams lead to a different place of the property

    • Just had the same dream for the first time last night, i heard a child screaming and ran to know where it was coming from. I went into someones house and a child was in bed with her sister screaming her lungs out. I had figured out that her father had molested her i tried to kick his ass but he was bigger than me so all i could do was scratch his face up. Then she was telling me that he is not her real father. I made myself wake up after that, very disturbing.

  9. i just woke up from a dream the 3rd time ive woken.up.tonight in a row its been.happening alot but.i havent usually dreamed at all in a long while as far as.i remember but im scared still even happend, i dont remember all.i dreamt cuz.honestly it took me a bit to fall asleep again i couldve sworn.i was half awake but.ive heard dreaming only happens if your deep asleep. its 2am got work at 5:30am i just want to get back to sleep,but.i got the urge to call my bf since i think i dreamt of him pr he was, i remember something happend in the dream and i was still in my bed and for some reason i was really scared and called my bf in my dream but i looked at my phone and it turned into like a camera where.i can seey bf and he can see me, he said whats wrkng everything okay and then he stopped talking becuase.i heard another voice pn the phone but it was my bf ln the camera thing watching me concerned to why i looked.freaked.out. the voice said “someone is crying” or “someone here is crying” and.i freaked out more in the dream and when i looked at my phone it was my bf anymore but another guy who looked old tired and well..dead? he was miissing an eye. was taken out all i saw waa flesh where his eye was supposed to be just one missing eye,he.didnt say anything i dontt think but he was staring at me with no emotion he just had a face of a zombie i guess you could say. it freaked me out in the dream and i think i either screamed in the dream.or as i was waking up from it, im pretty was in the dream tho, only thing is it waant a loud real scream but a soft whispering scream…but nonetheless.if pure terror cuz i woke up FREAKONG OUT

    • This did not come from your conciuosness, that scream you heard came from the old man. He invaded your thoughts while you are asleep. You could offer Him a prayer right now, or better at the Church and let a priest bless you so the ghost will stay away from you. But if He is your relative even ancestor you dont know. Then He wants you to stay away from this man. Dont contact me or ask anymore thank you

  10. OK so I was dreaming that I was hitting my Teenage son. And keep this in mind I never lay a finger on my kids. But when I was hitting him (in my dream ) I heard a loud scream sounded evil, like a tornado whistle but ugly. My heart started beating fast and I woke up scared. What was that?

  11. Timothy Byrd on

    Today (August 27th) at 3:14 I woke after a horrible nightmare all I could hear is a muffled scream of someone and it sounded so real that I ran downstairs to check on my family does that mean anything?

  12. OK so on the night of June 23rd I had a dream where all I could see was dark red blood and I could hear the screams of my family. I have 2 younger sisters and a mom and dad.

  13. My wife is 31 year old and she starts screaming with very loud sound while sleeping. (Even people next door can suspects some thing is going wrong) . This is happening like once in 3 months. I am not sure why this is happening but I am more worried now. Please advice me on the same.

    • Your wife might have a sleep disorder. If she is screaming out loud during her dream you might want to get checked up by a medical professional to rule out any other issues that might happen.

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