Screaming Dream Symbol


Screaming – The sound of screaming in your dream can be vivid and alarming even if you do not see its source or know its cause. Screaming is the greatest symbol of fear in your life. You will often hear screaming in your dream if you are overly worried about others in your waking life. Parents hear the screaming of their children in their dreams. There is a promethean part of the brain that is especially active during resting hours.

During the course of evolution periods of sleep were always the most dangerous part of an animal’s life. In fact, many animals including fish, birds and reptiles actually keep an eye open while they sleep if they are fearful of their safety. Mammals also have an instinctual part of their brains active while they sleep. This is the cause of sudden bouts of terror in some people while they sleep.

In rare cases people can actually get violent in their sleep. This is all caused by that “protection” part of the brain and its insecurity during sleep. To hear screaming indicates that the part of your brain that regulates the feeling of peace and safety is off.

Additional Meanings

Hearing screaming in a dream is a symbol of fear. You may be worried about something in your waking life and fear the outcomes or consequences. What is it you fear? This also indicates there are powerful emotions you have bottled up inside. Dreaming of being unable to scream means there is something in your waking life that needs your immediate attention. Do you even know what it is that you fear? Hearing others scream may mean there is upsetting news on the way. You may need to be prepared.

Shouting Dream Symbol

Dreams that involve shouting can warn of impending trouble. When you are the one shouting, this can mean you are going through a tough time in your waking life. You may be only feeling only negative emotions. It can also signify a particular situation turning into something that is hard to deal with. It will all turn out well if your use perseverance and wisdom to deal with the situation.

Hearing someone else shouting signifies a warning of fright or anger. This is a sign there is bad news on the way and even the death of a loved one who lives far away. This can bring warnings that there are those who gossip behind your back. You may need to be more careful about who you trust. Someone’s loud shout for help is a cry for help from them in your waking life. Can you answer that call in your real life?

Shouting with surprise can mean you get the help you need from your secret love. What or who do you have hidden away? Shouting in fear can bring unexpected good news from afar. Hearing people you do not recognize shouting in fear refers to your worries in real life. It is a reminder that if you act with wisdom and integrity you will have a positive outcome.

When you shout for help in a dream someone will come to your aid. If no one comes to help, you could sink into a deep depression. This will have a negative impact on all parts of your life, especially on financial matters. Shouting in anger to someone can mean you lose the support of someone just when you really need them. This is a time where you need to foster relationships, rather than drive them away.

Someone else shouting can bring on depression and troubled times with your life partner. Hearing animals screaming warns of an impending accident. This could be you or someone close to you involved.

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  1. I dreamed of someone knocking on my door late at night. I was alone and I played it off as If I had a dog with me. I tried to turn on the lights but the power had been cut. So I ran down the hall and then I hear the lady neighbor scream very loud as if someone was attacking her. Then I was saved by my alarm. I woke up shaking. I’ve been having bad dreams for the past week.

  2. My sister passed with cancer Dec, 3rd 2017 last night when I was asleep I was woken by hearing my sister crying and still continued hearing it for a few seconds after I awoke it sound like she was right beside me but sounded so far away what does this mean

  3. In my dream I sonic screamed! What does that mean?!?! In the dream I was doing the piano and violin. An eagle came in and attacked me, the teacher, and a horse. Then I asked why someone would do this. The teacher said “Mr. Chesky”. I looked up and saw him looking down. Then I sonic screamed shattering all the windows and glass. Next thing you know I jumped under the covers and cried! Please explain.

  4. Every now and then when in just a regular dream i always come across a moth or large winged bug (can’t really make it out). As I lean in to look at it I always have it fly towards me screaming at a high pitch. It always results in me waking up in a panic. Any ideas of what causes this?

  5. PrayforPlagues on

    I had a dream I was in a woman’s house walking through the hallway towards her room door on the right and further down a girl child’s room door on left. I start walking towards the room and I hear her start to scream. Then I am pushed back. I walk forward again and she screams again and I see her face. And it is like a misty creature that is not human. Ghostlike. I tell her to not let go of me because I can save her life.

  6. I had a dream now that me and my father we’re in a call and suddenly the door slammed and a hurrcane arrived and I just heared thier screams than my dream just collapsed and I woke up, what is the meaning of that?

  7. I had a dream of this new guy that I started seeing that his father that I haven’t met, was telling me that I should move locally to be with him, and other things that I forgot.
    I live 1 hr away from this guy, but I work in the city and 10 away from his house. I am 32, divorced with 2 kids and he is 25 and still lives with his parents. Also one morning when we were sleeping the father walked into his room and I covered my face with a blanket, not to be seen.
    I am wondering why I dreamed of his father, while I was at their house.

  8. last night I had a dream or my wife called me on my phone crying and then she screamed out my sons name…

  9. I had a dream two nights ago that was full of extremely loud noises. Usually when I have that it is so loud I wake up, but this time I was stuck in it. I knew I was dreaming, but I couldn’t wake up. Everything was too loud, so I started screaming and I finally woke up sometime still during the night. I had to keep twitching my fingers when I was starting to fall asleep because the loud noises came back. It sounds kind of dumb, but it was the worst dream I ever had.

  10. Malaki Garrett on

    On November 4,o had a dream where I was laying in a strange room,but it was like I was watching myself from above while my body slept. Then I heard someone pray in a room nearby. After that all I could here was screaming, then I saw something run from my body that looked like a young child. I had decided to chance the child to find out why it was there but then suddenly things went black and I found myself staring directly at it. It held a knife in its right hand but it wasn’t gripping the blade, then in its left hand it was holding an apple. It started to scream again and when I drew in close to take the knife away from the child it gripped the blade and tried to stab me. After this I woke up. I have no idea what this means I would like to know if anyone could help me out with this.

  11. In my dream,is like some people are moving closer to me just to harm me and those acting as a security for me were all sleeping in my dream that was what prompted my screaming

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