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Scorpion – The scorpion is a symbol of fear and anxiety in your life. If something at work or in your everyday life is scaring you or you are nervous that something bad is going to happen to you because of an event that you will be attending, the scorpion is a manifestation of that fear. Regardless of your fear or anxiety, the scorpion isn’t necessarily a symbol of danger. Despite this, however, the scorpion can be a symbol of warning if you are actually stung by the scorpion in your dream.

Your dreams can bring into reality the symbol of the scorpion to warn you of something that is going to stand in your way in the near future. The scorpion is also a symbol of a latent poison that is slowly consuming you. 

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  1. I’m 4 months pregnant and I had a dream of eating a Scorpion but then I decided to open my mouth and turns out that i didn’t eat the scorpion the whole thing was sitting on my tounge what does that mean can some one help me out pleaseeeeeeee

  2. My partner wiki me up because I started to winter and cry in my dreams and then she asked why and I said I was stung by a scorpion and I am trying to figure out that meaning.

  3. Little background before I tell my dream. I am a wife, mother, and in my late 30’s.
    Ok I dreamed of myself being like I was 15-17 in my dream yet consciously in the dream I knew I was my age in reality. Anyhow I was in a strange house and what was “my” bedroom in the dream. I had gone in my room to change for something. I had a 9 inch tv at the end of the bed the old ones with the rabbit antennas, and bedside my bed was a small stand with a lamp and such. I was watching while I changed and had changed my pants fine. I stood up and had pulled my shirt off and as it was coming over my head I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. So I had my shirt in hand and grabbed my new shirt in my left then I saw about 3-5 yellowish about 2-3 inches long scorpions crawl out on the wall behind my stand. I screamed scorpions and took my dirty shirt and flicked it at the scorpions like how you flick a towel at someone when playing. I killed them with the shirt, but more started coming up the walls all around my bed, and a about 5-8 inch black scorpion crawled and covered my tv screen. Now as I had screamed somehow my clean shirt was in my mouth choking me preventing me from alerting others to help. I ran out of the room and found my husband and teenager even though I wasn’t married or a mom in the dream. My daughter was helping me pull the shirt out of my mouth while my husband went to see what was wrong. He came back to say there were no scorpions in there that he could find. Now I read several of these interpretations and I think I understand. See my older sister has refused to speak to me for a couple years due to childish reasons on her part I believe, or the fact I don’t worship her like everyone else around her. Well a couple days ago a mutual friend was saying how he was divorcing and I told him I was there for him. (My sis and I live in different states) He immediately messages me telling me he may be my brother in law someday. I replied I kind of had figured it out months ago from a pic of both of them together. I had sent 3 replies and nothing. Now when we were teens I had a crush on him. Also my sister has always been obessed with and defines her life by the man she’s with. He has not responded to me probably cause my sis said not to, and I have been struggling to let it go. I don’t want her to hurt him, but he’s an adult and can make his own decisions. So my husband has told me to let it go and I think that’s what the dream meant to let the past be where it is and to move on. The killing of them in the dream means I defeated my enemy supposedly. Also I read the yellow ones mean supposedly money or receiving money?? I hope this helps some people.

  4. I had a dream about having quadruplets
    I had a dream that I was pregnant and did not know it and then I started having the babies and Sis Bounds was there and she was delivering the babies and she was placing them on blankets and pillows wherever she could find to lay them. And when I had the third child I noticed that there was a white scorpion in his mouth running around in his mouth and she said get that out of his mouth or it will kill him and he started to fade and I got out of his mouth and it pricked my finger and my finger and it started to bleed . Then I started to have really bad pain in my stomach. Then I looked around and I say why am I having this pain? I started Counting the children one two three okay I’m now having one more. Then I woke up. The dream was so real it was like I was watching a video.

  5. I have a dream about scorpion to…
    It was at night I’m in my bed and a scorpion with red or brown colour ,i couldn’t move my body i try to get up but I can’t so I hit it with my leg the right one…and in that dream i was thinking what if I got stung by it and then I hit on the top of it’s body and there’s it go…i got stung by it..oh before these and its not a dream…that day I was sleeping on the floor *i was watching late night film*a scorpion crawls near to my leg so a very good luck of me ,I was swinging my leg up and down *it’s my habit *and suddenly i hit the scorpion with my leg and fast as i can i wake up and its a black scorpion!! Good things it didn’t sting me and started from that day i have never sleep on the floor of living room anymore…..

  6. i had a dream about scorpions. i was at a friends home and my boyfriend and my friend was there. then i went outside, sat in the sunlight and then just saw a bunch of scorpions red or brown in color beside me and i was trying to move away but they were coming towards me and crawling on me. then i went to find my boyfriend to say goodbye and i found him in the basement of my friends having inappropriate relations with my friend. she had short hair in this dream even though she did not have short hair at the time. i just remember walking upstairs so lost. i thought i had this dream because for a while i was thinking that she was better than me so im wondering if this has anything to do with it?

    • I JUST RECENTLY HAD A DREAM THAT MY MKM AND FATHER WAS AT MY HOUSE, i had some Chinese food mixed sith American food shich contained orange checken and french fries. As i was gathering my things together to walk off, i heard something fall from the ceiling and hit my plate. I searched and searched and suddenly i found A RED SCORPION A BABY ONE SITTING THERE NOT STRIKING TOWARDS ME OR ANYTHING. SO I ASKED MY FATHER WHAT IS THAT? He said he dont know. I looked closer i said “woah” it looks like a baby SCORPION. My mom said what?? So i flicked to a part to where I could possibly kill it but instead i fell on my work pants which was in the chair. So my father n I stood close by I picked up my work pants and shook them on the floor, the scorpion fell out and began to run a different direction. In the dream God spoke to me to step on it kill it but i was too afraid ny father and i watched it run off but then thats when i woke up. Could it be my ex girlfriend because she found out she has to serve more time in jail? Could it be she told her twin sister and maybe thats y I’ve been getting unknown calls to my phone as well as California numbers I don’t know about? I had to block every call damn near last night that I didnt know about. But I had to do what I had to do, my ex girlfriend stabbed me n not to mention strangled me because of jealousy issuses, drugs main part and alcohol. i pray no one has to go through what im going through. Asking for prayer

  7. I was awaken by a dream where I was being stung by something, in my dream I was laying in my bed I seen and actually physically felt an odd tingle numbness where i would have been stung in my dream. I uncovered my sheets and there was so many yellow scorpions everywhere. In my dream I jumped up and wanted to leave the room and get off the bed, but when I went to look at the floor…almost the entire floor was coated with many yellow scorpions. ..many were even being born from tomatoes. …which was odd.

  8. I had a dream I was driving down a dirt road, saw a scorpion crossing I turned left quickly to avoid it, saw dirt cloud, ND saw the scorpion still crawling not acknowledging me at all? Didn’t Lil it or sting me…what does this mean anyone? Did I avoid danger yet again or am I going to avoid something

  9. I has a dream where I went to the restroom with light out and my dogs were inside I carried one and felt pain in my arm I turned on the lights and there it was a red scorpion. The scorpion was bright red and it
    Sting me 2 times in my arm. What could it mean?

  10. I have been dealing with scorpions around my house, I have came very close to them and it has been bothering me a lot. I had a dream last night where I couldn’t move I was laying on the floor and got stung by 3 of them on my hands and one on my foot as I lay there holding on a scream and the massive pain I felt not being able to move. I then woke up from the dream and been trying to wrap my head around this, cause ever since I been seeing scorpions around my house I keep telling my boyfriend they are out the get me and then no long after I haven’t seen them around the house and all of the sudden I have this dream, I been dealing with terrible pains lately I am uncertain of where is coming from, maybe I am just exajarating , I am not sure.

  11. i had a dream of many baby yellow scorpions crawling in my body some of them stings me, i try to get rid of them but, i dont know why its still increasing their numbers. thank you.

  12. oluwatoyin jimmy on

    I am Nigeria, I had a dream of scorpion chasing me really fast, I was so close to the point of being stung by the scorpion when I woke up. Pls can you explain the meaning of such to me? please.

  13. I really don’t know much about scorpions or their dream meanings, I just woke up from a dream about them and kinda need to vent. Almost seven months preggo and although I’ve been having some strange dreams, none of them have included arachnids. Living on the west die of the cascade mountains, I hardly even have anything to worry about. I don’t know the last time I thought about them. In my dream I started out by finding one in my bedroom, but that quickly escalated to finding several nests in my sheets. My toddler and dog had learned quickly to leave them alone, though they hadn’t been stung. This 4-5 inch breed was covered in sharp barbs in addition to sporting their massive stinger and claws.
    It was a very vivid dream and I am scared of the critters, though other than a primal fear I have no reason to be. The dream now has me awake and I might not be able to get back to sleep.
    Thanks for having a safe place to let go of the imagery.

  14. John Sweet on

    My wife has recurring dreams about seeing scorpions. They don’t sting her in the dream, but she wakes up very frightened. We live in Arizona north of Phoenix where we have actually experienced scorpions in the house on several occasions over the 12 years we’ve lived here. Fortunately she has never been stung, and I was only stung once, and for me it was outside and not very bad, and I don’t have nightmares. What can we do to reduce the nightmares and night-terrors that occur at least once a week? Move away from Arizona is not really an option yet, but maybe will need to consider it seriously.

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