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Scientist Dream Symbol – Scientists are creative. They experiment with things and are innovative. They are curious about how the world works. So, what a scientist in a dream means can be a lot of things.

A scientist helping solve a problem or sharing their understanding of something could mean you may be looking for an expert to help you in your waking life. Do you doubt yourself? Why do you have little respect for your own capacity to be right? Have faith in your intuition. You already know the answers you seek. You hold them within.

Dreaming you are a scientist can signify your own eccentricities and experimentation in life. This could be a sign you need to be more innovative. It can also warn that you need to be more open-minded and objective about something. You may need to take a step back to see things more clearly.

A scientist can also indicate that need for introspection, and look within yourself to find answers to a problem you have been trying to solve. Perhaps you have been delaying moving forward in your life because something has been holding you back. That something, may be an aspect of your personality that is preventing you from achieving your true potential.

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  1. Vimal Arora on

    I am 65 year old, retired man from IT field. I dreamt of my former colleagues doing some chemistry experiment and I was only watching not contributing. What could this mean

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